The Zhou family and the old lady got on the Zhou family's carriage, and Xie Ye and Xie Hao got on the old lady's carriage, and the two carriages drove toward the government of Xie in a very silent atmosphere.

After stepping into the mansion gate, everyone suddenly felt that Xie Guogong Mansion today seemed different from the past.

The road is still that road, and the trees are still those trees, but the faces of people passing by are smiling, which brings the atmosphere of the house a lot of joy.

Today, everyone ran into it at the snack street, each with its own guilty conscience, and they all chose not to mention it.

The Zhou family and the old lady didn't say a word on the carriage, and they finally felt more at ease in the mansion. She followed the old lady, and the more she looked at it, the more she felt something was wrong in the mansion. She casually stopped a servant and asked, "What's going on today, there is a happy event in the mansion?"

The next person replied respectfully: "In response to the second lady, the third lady stated that it is Mid-Autumn Festival, and today he issued a silver reward."

Zhou nodded, the servants were rewarded, and happiness was normal.

As she was about to leave, she heard someone continue to say: "The third lady also said that tomorrow, those who are not on duty can go home and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with their family."

Zhou was stunned for a moment, looking down at the baggage he was holding in his hands, and suddenly realized that his joy was not for the silver reward, but for being able to go home to reunite with his relatives.

There was something uncomfortable in her heart for a while, nodded to let the servant leave, and followed the old lady to the main courtyard.

Walking into the inner courtyard, when he looked up, he was dazzled by the lanterns full of trees.

The lanterns in Xie Guo Gong’s Mansion were always bright at night, but never before. There are many styles of lanterns, and the light paper is very thin, which makes the lanterns exquisitely bright. The bright white light dyed the treetops a warm color, and scattered dim halos on the ground. Along the way, all the way is shrouded by the halo of lanterns, the lanterns of various colors rotate and sway, intertwining a blurred and hazy world of light and shadow.

Zhou subconsciously followed the guidance of the lanterns, and the lantern lanterns along the way made her dazzled.

Looking at the dim light and shadow for a long time, people feel a sense of loneliness away from the mortal dust. People in the outer courtyard are returning home lively, and the inner courtyard appears extremely quiet. Zhou walked forward slowly, his heart empty, and his feet seemed empty. floating in the air.

She paused and turned around to look, not knowing when she had separated from the old lady.

It is estimated that she was stunned and walked along the lantern.

Looking at the complicated and bright lanterns last, she lowered her head, preparing to turn around and head to the second room.

Suddenly, a cheerful voice sounded.

"You help me help."

She looked in the direction of the sound source, and saw two maids spinning around Jiang Shuyao. Jiang Shuyao carried the skirt, as if to climb up the wooden ladder.

Xie Xun followed, helpless: "Let the maid hang up, you have hanged up so much, haven't you enjoyed it yet?"

Jiang Shuyao climbed up the wooden ladder in fear of the maid, and turned her head pretendingly angrily: "Why, am I not looking good?"

Xie Xun spread his arms under the wooden ladder, protecting him, and weakly speaking: "Good-looking is good-looking, but... don't you think it's too much? It's all over the house."

Jiang Shuyao took the lantern from the maid's hand, and prepared to hang it on the rattan with her feet on her feet. Turning her head, she met Zhou's eyes.

Xie Xun watched under the wooden ladder with fear, and when she saw her movement stopped, he hurriedly got up and down: "Be careful, don't fall."

Jiang Shuyao ignored him, with a bright smile on his face, and waved to the Zhou family in the distance: "Second Sister-in-law!"

Xie Xun was startled, and almost couldn't hold back Jiang Shuyao from the ladder: "Didn't you be careful?"

Jiang Shuyao handed the lantern back to the maid, and suddenly jumped down from the wooden ladder with his skirt picked up.

Seeing this, Xie Xun quickly stretched out his hand to protect him, stomping his feet with anger.

The maids were very helpless. The lady climbed so low and half a person tall, so why was she so careful.

Xie Xun breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Jiang Shuyao settled down. Then he turned to look here, suddenly changed his personality, calmly and calmly greeted Zhou's family: "Second Sister-in-law."

At the same time he said hello, Jiang Shuyao had already ran towards Zhou with his skirt.

"Second sister-in-law, hurry up, come with me." She ran over, her eyes shattered with shattered lights, brilliantly bright, smiled and grabbed Zhou's wrist, "I'll go to the second room to find you, they said you haven't come back . Why are you back so late today?"

That empty heart fell to the real place in an instant, pulling her back into the world from the dreamlike lights.

She was unprepared, and was staggered by Jiang Shuyao.

Jiang Shuyao quickly turned around, Zhou's chuckles.

"Second Sister-in-law?" Zhou suddenly laughed, and Jiang Shuya was confused.

Zhou Shi just smiled and said nothing.

Although Jiang Shuyao was puzzled, but did not ask carefully, she pulled her forward: "I have all the ingredients ready, let's wrap moon cakes to enjoy the moon tonight. Although tomorrow is only fifteen, the moon is already there today. It's full."

Zhou looked towards the sky and discovered that the moonlight was so bright, enough to depress the lanterns in the house.

"Tomorrow, Mid-Autumn Festival, in daytime, let's teach the people in the snack street to make moon cakes, and come back to eat moon cakes to admire the moon in the evening. What do you think?"

Zhou nodded and responded: "Your mother and I have not yet discussed a specific way to sell mooncakes. We make them in the daytime. Can we sell them at night?"

Jiang Shuyao said in a puzzled way: "I didn't plan to sell moon cakes. The moon cakes cost a lot of sweetness. They usually pay for the sugar. So they are reluctant to buy sugar. , Take it back and share it with your family." She smiled all over her eyes, "Give it with moon cakes, which means the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion. Let's have a good luck and not make money."

Zhou was startled slightly, and Jiang Shuyao led her to the courtyard.

There are various tables and chairs in the spacious courtyard. The tables are high or low, filled with bowls and dishes, and on the largest table is a large chopping board.

Jiang Shuyao said: "I have all the ingredients ready, let's make mooncakes together after we clean our hands." After she finished speaking, she realized that she was just paying attention to the excitement and forgot to ask Zhou's opinion, "Is there anything wrong with the second wife tonight? Just forget it if you have something."

"What can I do?" Zhou shook his head with a smile, and went to clean his hands with Jiang Shuyao.

After returning, the two squeezed into a pile of tables and started making moon cakes.

Jiang Shuya brought the big wooden basin next to it and put it on the table, which was filled with flour piled into sharp hills. Pour in the oil, honey and sugar and stir evenly. After the flour has turned into tender yellow crumbs, you can get ready.

The flour with oil and honey kneaded softly, and with your hands, slowly knead the loose pieces into a ball. This kind of "physical work" Zhou has always been rushing to do. She squeezed Jiang Shuyao away and grabbed the job of kneading dough.

Whether it's kneading noodles or watching someone knead the noodles, Jiang Shuyao is a very stress-relieving thing.

Zhou did not knead noodles like Jiang Shuyao who likes to use her body strength. Her arms have enough strength and look very light. The flour seems to be understandable under her hands, and she kneaded into a smooth dough after a short while. .

The surface of the dough is golden, glowing with oily luster, soft as jade, and it is pleasing to the eye.

Jiang Shuyao looked almost done, and said: "Okay, put it aside and wait for a while."

Zhou stopped his work, turned around and cleaned his hands again.

Xie Xun watched the excitement next to him and said, "Does the pastry skins do this?"

Jiang Shuyao said: "Of course it will not be the same."

Xie Xun nodded, looked at the dazzling array of fillings on the table, and asked, "What about the fillings, what are the fillings today?"

"There are sweet moon cakes filled with jujube paste and bean paste, and salty moon cakes with pork floss, egg yolk filling, and cloud legs. The bowl is filled with lotus seed paste and fillings made of lotus seeds, sugar, and oil. These bowls They are walnut kernels, almonds, peanut kernels, melon seeds kernels, and sesame kernels. After a while, mix them together and chop them into diced cubes. Add sugar to make moon cakes called five-core moon cakes, but some people don’t like them, but I think It tastes good."

"Five benevolence?" Xie Xun nodded, "I like this name. Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith, listen to please."

Jiang Shuyao laughed at him: "Then you will have to eat a whole piece after it is made."

Xie Xun said: "Naturally." He pointed to another table and continued to ask curiously, "Then what are these?"

Jiang Shuyao recognized him one by one: "This is sweet-scented osmanthus, this is green plum, this is hawthorn cake, candied orange peel, winter melon candy-have you tried it? Would you like to try it?"

How could Xie Xun not agree? He opened his mouth naturally, waiting for Jiang Shuyao to feed.

There were no extra chopsticks here, Jiang Shuyao washed his hands again, and picked them up directly and put them in his mouth.

Xie Xun stood in front of the table with his hands on his back, chewing and nodding: "It's really sweet. Um, not bad."

Jiang Shuyao was amused by his cold face and gluttonous appearance: "Many people hate winter melon candy."

Xie Xun frowned and was very confused: "Why do these people hate everything? Really picky." He finished speaking, savoring the sweetness left in his mouth, "One more."

Jiang Shuyao squeezed his mouth again.

His eyes were emptied and he was very satisfied with the sweetness of winter melon candy.

When Zhou came over after washing his hands, he saw Jiang Shuyao feeding Xie Xun with candy. Looking at Xie Xun's gluttonous gesture, I couldn't believe that this was the cold-faced uncle she knew.

She stood on the corner and laughed, covering her mouth, and decided to stand here for a while, waiting for their young couple to have a sweeter bite.

It's a pity that her aunt's smile was interrupted by a voice behind her before her laugh.

"Second younger sibling, I finally found you." Xu's family walked up and down from outside, really unlike her.

Behind her were the gray-headed Xie Ye and Xie Hao, Xie Li cautiously persuaded her, with short-legged twins adorned on her tail, she looked good at the show.

"Sister-in-law?" Zhou's was a little surprised, "What's wrong with you?"

The Xu family was really angry today. Just now Xie Ye and Xie Wei came back with a bruised face. She was so scared that she almost broke the porcelain cup. Before she could ask more questions, she heard the mother next to the old lady understand the cause of their injuries. Mother said it euphemistically, but Xu's words understood her meaning in a few words.

My two sons actually went to the river to have an appointment. After the fight, they bullied the son of Qian Shangshu's family together with his college classmates and asked him to go to the snack street to buy food for them.

The Xu family was a very competent mother and knew something about the disputes in the academy. He knew that Qian Shangshu's son was the best educated in the academy, so he might have a high self-esteem and couldn't deal with Xie Ye and the others. But the Xu family taught them how gentlemen were to behave since they were young, and sent them to the best college to study. When something went wrong, they actually chose to use the method of making an appointment to solve it, which really made her angry.

However, Xie Ye and Xie Yan felt that they were wronged, and kept talking back: "Mother, you have wronged us. The appointment was Qian Zhuzhu. Well, Qian Xiuzhu proposed it. It was also the one they said that the loser would agree to the other. Asking, I am willing to bet, and they lose. Why do we bully when we ask them to treat?"

The Xu family can accept that his son made a mistake, but he cannot accept that his son has to defend himself without knowing where he was wrong.

She has always been gentle and dignified, but this time she was so angry that she could make a move. Xie Li rushed over when he heard of the incident, and reluctantly stopped after several persuasion.

Xie Ye and Xie Wei saw that Xu was so angry, and they themselves felt wronged: "Mother, you are right and wrong. We didn't lie. If you don't believe you, ask your second aunt!"

Xu Shi heard the words "Second Uncle" for a moment, and realized in the blink of an eye, Zhou Shi was busy in the snack street. Even if the co-authored son learns to fight and bully the dude in Beijing, is he still embarrassed in front of Zhou?

She was not angry: "Okay, I will ask her now. Hmph, do you think she will protect you like your father? If the second sibling says you are lying, then you will kneel to me in the ancestral hall this month go with."

So the Xu family dragged a family to the third room, and there was the scene now.

Seeing that Xu's face looked like an angry face, Zhou clan asked in surprise: "What's wrong with you, so angry? It's strange that I haven't seen you blush since I got married."

The two have been accustomed to fighting each other for many years. They obviously didn't intend to ridicule, but they couldn't really change their enthusiasm for hiding needles in the cotton.

When Xie Ye and Xie Ye argued, the Xu family did not stop the fire. When Xie Liwen persuaded the Xu family to stop the fire, the Xu family did not stop the fire after such a long walk. When Zhou said, she actually stopped the fire for an unprecedented time.

She smoothly said, "I want to ask you something."

The movement here attracted the attention of Jiang Shuyao and Xie Xun. Jiang Shuyao was very surprised when he saw Dafang's family: "Why is the sister-in-law here? Come in quickly, what can you talk about!" It happened to be lively.

When Zhou heard Jiang Shuyao saying this, he followed: "If you have any questions, come in and ask again."

Xu was unable to enter the three-bedroom inner courtyard.

As soon as I entered the yard, I was interrupted. What are the tables and bowls filled with the yard?

"Sister-in-law, you happen to be here. My second-in-law and I are planning to make mooncakes." She looked at the twins and waved to them, "You are here too. I also said that I will send it to you after finishing it. Do it yourself, and make it yourself more delicious."

The twins knew that Xu was angry, so even though Jiang Shuyao greeted them, they didn't dare to jump too much, staring at Xu's face and hesitated to go.

Xu's anger was dissipated, and his anger was not so strong. Seeing the twins look like this, he was angry and funny and said: "Your third aunt asked you to go over, go."

The twins quickly jumped to Jiang Shuyao and rushed over.

Xu turned his head and asked Zhou: "Second sibling, do you know that my son is bullying his classmates in the snack street?"

Zhou knew that Xu would not let the two of them go. Originally, she planned to grab them to see Xu, but she ran into the old lady and came back and lost her mind. .

"Naturally, I took them both out."

Xu's family was a little embarrassed. He glanced at his two dumb-headed sons, and said, "Then you know the ins and outs of the matter?"

As Zhou was about to reply, Jiang Shuyao interrupted again: "Second Sister-in-law, what are you talking about over there? The dough is ready, come and make mooncakes. Sister-in-law, too!"

Zhou turned his head and shouted "Okay". As he walked forward, he said to Xu, "I don't know the details. After asking people, I can find out the ins and outs."

She walked towards Jiang Shuyao, and Xu had to follow.

"I heard that the food they brought during the examination was too fragrant. The Qian family didn’t answer well, so they probably didn’t understand Yuan. The Qian family had an uncomfortable date, and then lost, willing to bet. , I went to the snack street and bought them a street food."

Xie Wei corrected it and said, "Half a street, I haven't finished eating yet..." Xu was swept by an eye knife and shut his mouth.

Xie Ye said: "Mother, do you know now, my second brother and I didn't lie."

Xu's sneer: "So? This matter could have been resolved, you have to agree to his promise, it is reasonable not to learn from the dude's style?"

It was true that the two of them did something wrong, and he mumbled a few words and hung his head.

After Zhou finished talking, he went to Jiang Shuyao to prepare moon cakes.

Jiang Shuya took a knife and prepared to chop the five kernels. Seeing that they had finished talking, he wanted them to come together to pick the stuffing mooncakes. Only then did he see the wounds of the two elder nephews and the dusty clothes.

She asked Zhou in a low voice: "What happened to them?"

Zhou is accustomed to saying: "Fight."

Jiang Shuyao didn't think the matter was too serious. Although the two had reached the age of imperial examination, they were essentially immature teenagers, and it was normal to fight and fight.

But Xu's obviously didn't think so. She said something harshly, Xie Ye Xie Ye raised her head in surprise, and then drooped her head unwillingly.

There are four Chinese-style laws of tolerance: "All come", "Not easy", "Festival", "It's still a child".

So Jiang Shuyao naturally wanted to persuade her. She put aside the things in her hand and walked over: "Second Sister-in-law, why bother to be angry?" Although tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is barely a holiday.

Xu's heart was also depressed: "Who wants to get angry with them, but they..."

Jiang Shuyao looked at Xie Ye and Xie Ye, getting closer, and then he could see their injuries clearly, and said in surprise, "How come they were hurt like this?" One eye was black and the corner of his mouth was torn, and his face was gray. No medicine.

She forgot to ask the reason, and hurriedly shouted to Xie Xun: "Bo Yuan, go and fetch the medicine box from the room, which is on the cabinet at the end of the bed." Then she turned her head and said, "Second sister, he The two are injured like this, so let's take the medicine first. And the clothes, which are dirty and torn, should be changed first."

Xu just said: "You can only remember when you are injured."

Jiang Shuyao knew that Xu's appearance was gentle but a tough person inside, so he refused to persuade him and took Xie Ye and Xie Ye to the east wing room: "Let’s go, take care of the injuries on your face first. Are you hurt?"

Xie Ye and Xie Hao were still squeezing their muscles, their wounds were painful and silent. When Jiang Shuya asked, their noses suddenly became sore: "No, it's bruises at most."

Jiang Shuyao joked: "It's really ruthless to hit people without slapping their faces."

Xie Ye and Xie Ye were a little surprised by Jiang Shuyao’s attitude. They were holding their breath and arguing with Xu’s family. They didn’t feel that they were at fault, but Jiang Shuya didn’t ask why he did so. First he cared about their wounds, and then talked about it jokingly. Somehow, they rested somehow and began to reflect on their mistakes.

Xie Ye murmured: "They didn't please...but who knew they were so ruthless, saying it was a fight by the river. My friends and I thought they were playing around, but when we went, they got really bad. Hand hit.” That's why they couldn't hold back and hit back, and they had to get it back if they won.

Xie Xun found the medicine box. He was also very surprised to see the wounds on their faces. He opened the medicine box to get the medicine and asked, "What's the matter?"

Xie Ye and Xie Hao were very afraid of Xie Xun, so they didn't dare to twist their heads like they did in front of Xu's family, and obediently lowered their heads to repeat the matter.

After speaking, he glanced at Xie Xie secretly, and when he saw his face sinking like water, he immediately trembled, even more frightened than Xu's anger.

Xie Xun sat down opposite them and said in a cold voice, "Why is your skill so bad?"

Both Xie Ye and Xie Wei were ready to be criticized, but they didn't want to hear such words, they looked up at Xie Xun with wide eyes.

Xie Xun frowned, his expression getting colder and colder: "Why, dissatisfied? Even if your eldest brother didn't ask you to learn martial arts from a teacher, you wouldn't be able to learn martial arts at all, you would be beaten like this."

They were dumb, so shocked that they didn't know what to say.

Jiang Shuyao hit a basin of water and guessed what happened as soon as he saw this scene. It is estimated that they were two people who were confused by Xie Xun's cold face. She squeezed a smile and wrung out her veil: "First wipe the dust off her face."

Xie Ye and Xie Hao took it quickly, rubbing their faces indiscriminately, grinning in pain.

Xu came in at this time, and couldn't get angry when he saw it, and sighed helplessly.

Jiang Shuyao knew that it was time to persuade him, and walked over and said, "Sister-in-law, although they are wrong, it is too normal to be punished."

Xu did not speak.

Jiang Shuyao then repeated the fragmentary words that Xie Ye said to Xu family: "People at this age can not bear the anger. Besides, it has been like this in the past few years. You can bear it. Well, in a few years..." She changed her chin to a different position and gave Xie Ye a cold face, "Hey, it will become like that."

When the words fell, Xie Xie, who was neither serious nor serious, made Xie Ye gasp, but he didn't dare to say anything. He yelled to his throat and bit his lips.

Xu clan was amused by Jiang Shuyao's words, and couldn't laugh or cry: "Who does anyone say that to his husband?"

"I didn't say anything." Jiang Shuyao smiled, "I just think that this is what they will do at this age. Sister-in-law, don't be too strict."

Xu shook his head, his anger was completely gone: "Nothing."

Upon seeing this, Jiang Shuyao quickly started another topic: "Sister-in-law, leave the mooncakes. There are a lot of sweetness."

Xu's forehead rubbed his forehead, "No, A Zhao Ayao hasn't learned his homework for me today, I..." Jiang Shuyao was staring at this and couldn't speak.

"Sister-in-law, don't talk about other days, at least today, don't stress the children."

Xu's smile said bitterly: "I also hope that they will become useful."

"I know." Jiang Shuya patted Xu's hand, "but you still have to pay attention."

She took Xu to the courtyard, and the twins had followed Zhou to make moon cakes.

They are short and have to stand on a bench to stand at the table.

Zhou's hand held the tender yellow dough, pressed it into a pie shape, placed the bean paste filling in the center, then slowly wrapped the pie crust, and slowly wrapped the bean paste filling.

The twins stared attentively, their eyes widened, round and bright, and they looked very well-behaved.

"Understand?" Zhou Shi rolled the finished dough into a smooth ball, and put it on the palm of his hand to show the twins.

The twins nodded: "Understand."

Zhou's explanation said: "Next is the upper mold."

The twins stood on the bench, blinking, listening very seriously.

Seeing this scene, Xu suddenly felt a little soft. Maybe she was really too strict with the child, so she should relax.

Jiang Shuya took the pot with the mold and put it on the table: "Choose the pattern. There are flowers, grass, and writing. Each one is different." She took it and said, "Oh, yes, and this one. , I asked the craftsman to carve the rabbit and the tiger. I thought it would be cute, but I didn’t expect it to look scary."

They chatted about what mold to use, and Xu looked at him, smiling unconsciously.

Xie Li quietly leaned over: "Madam is out of breath?"

Xu said: "Do you think I am too strict with children?"

"Where will it be." Xie Li took her hand and said gently, "The love is deep and the responsibility is very serious. Madam raised her four children very well."

At this time, Jiang Shuya took a large mold from the basin, and raised his voice: "This is a character written by your third uncle. I think it looks good, so I made it into a mold. Make a big moon cake print. It must be pretty."

Xie Xie just finished applying medicine to Xie Ye and came out of the wing. He was a little bit embarrassed when he heard Jiang Shuyao's words: "I said I don't use that one. It's not very good."

"I think it's good." She smiled, "Tanhualang's words, how could it be bad?"

Although she was ridiculing, Xie Xun was still very useful, pursing her mouth and suppressing her smile to prevent the junior from seeing it, and walked over and said: "Then just print it yourself, don't print the mooncakes for others."

Jiang Shuyao said: "I still want to get it to the snack street tomorrow. It's not good to print other people's characters on moon cakes."

Xie Xun immediately became uncomfortable: "Do you really think my handwriting looks good, or is it easier to use my handwriting?"

Jiang Shuya hurriedly coaxed: "Of course it is really good-looking, especially good-looking. No one else can compare it. Tomorrow, let my mother see how beautiful her son-in-law's words are."

Xie Xun couldn't help it anymore, and the corners of his mouth curled up, pretending to be reserved and mumbled: "Okay, okay, I don't believe you."

Xie Ye and Xie Wei looked at Xie Xun’s expressions, looked at each other, and smirked, but they forgot that the corners of their mouths were still hurt. They grinned and gasped with pain.

The third room was lively, but Shouning Hall was particularly deserted.

After the old lady took off her hair bun, she sat in front of the bronze mirror and did not move.

She was getting older, and she fell in love from time to time. The mother took it for granted and reminded: "Old lady?"

The old lady returned to her senses and asked, "How is the big room?"

The mother said: "The eldest lady had an quarrel with the eldest and the second young master, and went to the second wife to reason, but the second wife was in the three-bedroom yard, so they all went to the three-bedroom yard. The person who inquired just now came back and said yes In the end, there was no quarrel, and everyone gathered in the yard and happily started making pastries."

"Make pastries?"

The grandmother smiled and said, "Yes, you are not surprised. In the big evening, all the old ladies and young masters in the whole house will make cakes together..." Speaking of this, seeing the old lady's face in the bronze mirror, she immediately stayed. Mouth.

The old lady saw her reaction in the bronze mirror, put the wooden comb down and sighed: "Have I punished you for so many years?"

Grandma was startled, and shook her head quickly and said, "The old lady is kind, she doesn't have it."

"Then why are you so afraid of me?"

Mother was dumb. She is a dowry girl. She has followed the old lady since she was a child. Before she got married, the old lady was a famous lady in the capital, and she couldn't find any mistakes in her behavior. Therefore, the attendants who followed naturally had to strictly abide by the rules. . After the old lady married, in order to earn performance in front of her mother-in-law and to earn face in front of the mistress of Beijing, her rules became stricter. The old lady did indeed. She was praised by the Queen Mother when she was young, and became the target of the mistress of Beijing to emulate. When she was old, she became the respected old lady in Beijing. The master treats himself so severely all his life, and the maid dare not let up.

The old lady got up, and the mother hurriedly supported her.

She walked to the window, opened the window, and the cool breeze swept into the house.

The full moon was bright and bright, and the bright moonlight poured into the house. It was cold and cold, and it was even more lonely.

"I don't like holidays very much." The old lady said.

The mother seldom heard the old lady say these things, and quickly dropped her head.

The old lady stared at the full moon, seeming to be lost in memory, and whispered, "I don’t like it when I’m in a boudoir, and I don’t like it even after I get married. Before marrying, I have to compete with my sisters in my family. Busy to run the banquet and take care of the middle-of-the-line feed, I came back very tired and couldn't have the energy to please the grandpa, so I could only watch him go to the other courtyard to rest..."

For decades, the mother heard the old lady say these things for the first time, and quickly interrupted: "Old lady."

The old lady shook her head: "How old I am, I don't care about it anymore." There was a confused look on her face, "I always thought I didn't like the excitement, why don't I always hate every festival? So you Watching me eat Zhai and reciting the Buddha, I have made Shouning Hall clean, and I can’t wait for a bit of excitement. But recently I discovered that I seem to want something wrong."

She closed the window, and the moonlight still spilled in, shining silver frost on the floor.

"It's not that I don't like the excitement, I don't like the empty excitement, especially after the excitement, the loneliness is really breathless." She walked slowly to the bed, "After the excitement of childhood When I returned to the room, my mother had to teach me what I did wrong, leaving me to face the wall for reflection; after I got married, the scene was gone, and when I returned to the room, it was still deserted. The lights in the other courtyard were very bright. Outside, firecrackers were blasting, everyone laughed, but I was empty here, and the junior ran away as if after seeing him."

"Sometimes I wonder, if I was born in an ordinary family, and now I am just a hard-working woman, would I have a caring and well-behaved granddaughter like Hu Auntie, the granddaughter and grandchildren depend on each other. Let Mrs. Shangguo admire those who pass by."

The mother felt uncomfortable, holding the old lady's hand, she couldn't say any words of comfort.

The old lady just smiled and withdrew her hand: "What kind of expression do you make? I'm just talking about it. You see, I am lying on a high bed now, and there are people waiting for me to go to bed. How many people are envious of it." She closed her eyes and whispered: "Didn’t the third daughter-in-law explain that you can return home if you are not on duty? You can go back tomorrow. I have kept you with me all these years, but I never thought of letting you go home on the holiday. I didn’t even think of that. I am ashamed of you."

The mother shook her head: "What did the old lady say..." She looked up, saw that the old lady had closed her eyes, stopped talking, and quietly retreated.

The owner of Shouning Hall has fallen asleep, but the third room is still lively.

Jiang Shuyao and Dafang's children pressed mooncakes together. Xu and Zhou were responsible for kneading the cakes, and Xie Xun and Xie Li were responsible for stealing the fillings. A group of people quickly made a large plate of mooncakes.

Zhou challenged the mooncakes to be made into a thin-crusted and large-sized appearance, and did not add strength to the five-core filling in his hand. The skin was wrapped up here, and the filling was exposed over there, making the mooncakes gnashing teeth.

Xu Clan couldn't laugh or cry, seeing Zhou's temples hanging down, and using her little finger that hadn't touched the oily surface to pick her behind her ear.

Just picking it over, the action froze.

Zhou's puzzled, looked up at her.

Xu Clan glanced at the far gate, Zhou Clan turned his head and found Xie Lang standing at the courtyard gate, seeming to want to come in.

She darkened immediately.

"What is he doing here, disappointing." Zhou's said.

Xu clan was a little bit hesitant to speak, he hesitated for a while and said: "He should have something to say to you."

Zhou clan looked at Xu clan in surprise. Although the Xu family hadn’t said anything about her and Xie Lang, they had always been on her side. How did you change your attitude today?

Xu said: "Why don't you... go and chat with him."

Zhou Shi put down the dough in his hand and frowned at Xu Shi.

Xu sighed: "You believe me once, he has important things to tell you."

Zhou did not want to see Xie Lang, but Xu said so, and she didn't want to be frustrated with Xu, so she wiped her hands with a dry cloth and walked to the courtyard gate.

Xie Lang was a little happy to see her coming, but quickly suppressed: "I have something to tell you, can we find a place to sit down and talk?"

Zhou said impatiently: "Isn't it enough to talk? It's nothing more than just nonsense."

Xie Lang smiled bitterly: "I promise, this is our last conversation."

Zhou waved his hand and stepped out of the hospital: "Okay, that's what you said. Once today is over, don't bother me in the future."

Xie Lang's footsteps stiffened, and the bitter smile on his face couldn't hold back.

The two sat down in a nearby pavilion, and Zhou immediately said, "Let’s go back and make moon cakes."

If so, Xie Lang wanted to ask her how she was doing, but he knew that Zhou would only leave impatiently after hearing this.

So he could only skip the words that had been held for a long time, took two things out of his arms and put them on the stone table.

Zhou frowned and looked at him.

He pushed the booklet on the stone table in front of Zhou.

"What's this?" Zhou's hesitant stretched out his hand and picked up the thin paper on it.

When I opened it up, the impatient expression on her face was suddenly broken, leaving nothing but surprise.

She stared at Xie Lang with wide eyes, saw him nodding, and then moved her gaze back to the thin paper again.

The three words "letting a wife's letter" are very eye-catching.

Perhaps only when she was shocked, he would have the opportunity to say something. Xie Lang was bitter in his heart. He didn't expect that one day he would even have to work hard to find opportunities to talk to her. He said: "These years, I am ashamed of you. I owe you a lot, whether you admit your mistakes or apologize, you can't make up for more."

When Zhou closed the paper, there was a sense of unreality that the dust had settled.

Xie Lang didn't dare to look at her. He pushed the booklet in front of Zhou's. This time, without saying anything, Zhou took the initiative to open it.

"Eater?" Zhou Clan read the words in the booklet at a glance, and asked in disbelief, ", are you going to Qingzhou?" Qingzhou is the most desolate place in Mobei.

"Yes." Xie Lang raised his head to look at her, his smile finally no longer bitter at the moment, "I have discussed with A Sheng, she said that she is willing to follow me to take office, trapped in Beijing, she will never see the record in the book Lonely smoke in the desert can't appreciate the different customs and customs. She really wants to go to Mobei to see. Then I will send her to Zhou's house. If she misses me, she can also be sent to Qingzhou to see me. ."

Zhou was too surprised for a while, and he did not react for a while: "Wait, compared with your current official position, the Qingzhou prefect is demoted and released. What have you done?"

Xie Lang chuckled. When she was so confused, she seemed to have returned to the appearance when she first saw her.

"This is what I asked for." The smile on Xie Lang's face dissipated. "You can follow me when you are in office in the next year, or you can go there earlier, saying that it is a peace and separation, and continue to be my wife. It’s all up to you whether you act in your identity."

Zhou Shi put down the edict, his mind was confused, and he didn't know how to reply.

"You want to go back to Mobei, but you can't leave because you have concerns. You don't have to. A Sheng will follow me, and you can too

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