The bright moon hanging in the sky gradually rounds, and Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. The moonlight is bright and clear, and the clouds are full of clear clouds. The moonlight, which is like a gauze and mist, is sprinkled on the world, and it blends with the warm light of the lanterns on the long street as bright as a fire dragon.

Lin's month is older, his belly is bulging, and he has to support his lower back to be more comfortable. But she still walks like the wind, and she moves through the crowd flexibly.

Zhou followed her and was responsible for opening a way for her in the crowd.

People in the snack street are not used to seeing this. When Lin comes, they will automatically give her a way with the bamboo bowl and greet her cheerfully: "Treasurer Lin is here to inspect again."

The new face was puzzled by this, and looked at Lin's figure and said: "What does Mrs. Lin say is that she is also a noble person. She is dangling here while pregnant. What if someone wants to make trouble and hurt her?"

"Then you can think too much." The diners touched the cold-faced Zhou next to Lin's with his chin. "Have you seen that? I heard that it is the daughter of the general's family. It's a good time. Someone made trouble a few days ago. She started a fire and knocked all the dozen people into the hospital with a bamboo pole."

The new diners took a sigh of relief and watched the backs of the Zhou and Lin fading away, rubbing their heads in confusion, "What's the matter? It's only been two years since I came back to the capital and changed my appearance."

Zhou's face remained cold, without saying a word.

Lin was a little weak, and said weakly: "Today is the last time, isn't it the Mid-Autumn Festival soon, I will come out to take a look, and then feel relieved to raise a baby at home."

Zhou snorted: "The last time someone made trouble and almost hurt you, you said the same."

Lin chuckled a few times, and quickly turned the subject off: "Then what, what did you say did you make for the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

"Moon cakes." Zhou Shi was quickly taken away and explained to her by making gestures with his hands. "It is round, with flowers embossed on it, which means Mid-Autumn Reunion."

Lin pretended to listen carefully, and his heart turned quickly, thinking about how to make a fortune with moon cakes.

The old street is bustling with lights and bustling, and the new street is the same.

The market has not been repaired yet, but the food stalls have been unified and organized, and the tents have been set up to prevent the stall owners from having nowhere to hide.

The aroma of wine is not afraid of the deep alley, the most important thing is the taste. The plump chicken soup with chicken sauce and tofu skewers gradually became famous, and the food stalls were no longer empty.

Standing on the bench, Xiao Hua skillfully scooped up a bowl of chicken juice, poured garlic water, sprinkled green onion, and moved quickly.

The diners who come and go are not surprised at this, and will not doubt the taste of chicken tofu skewers because of her young age.

Someone sat down at the table and said concerned: "Xiaohua, where is Aunt Hu?"

With a large bowl in her hand, Xiao Hua put the chicken tofu skewers at the table of the diners, and she replies as she is busy: "These few sunsets and rain, my grandmother has caught the cold, so she won't come out to set up stalls at night." At this point, she uplifted Voice, "But don't worry, everyone, chicken soup and tofu skewers are made by my grandmother, and the taste will not be bad."

As soon as she turned around, she almost ran into someone else, and subconsciously bent down to apologize without seeing anything.

Someone lifted her up, and she looked up, a little surprised when she saw the appearance of the person in front of her.

Isn't this the noble person who came here a few days ago to eat chicken tofu skewers?

The old lady is getting older, she doesn't like to be crowded, and she doesn't like to walk around. She chants and recites the Buddha in Shouning Hall on weekdays, and she doesn't even want to walk around in the courtyard.

But seeing the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, she was sitting in Shouning Hall and suddenly felt that the big room was a bit deserted.

There are four sons under Xu's knees. Two of the older ones are studying in the academy, and the two younger ones follow the master all day long and don't like to go to her. There are many children in the second room, but Xie Sheng is quiet and reticent. Every day after the peace, he looks for a quiet place to read. The concubines look cringly and upset. Xie Li, Xie Lang and Xie Xun are all working as officials and get busy. Even please Ann is gone. So she lives in Shouning Hall by herself, and only Xu Clan comes to the province every day.

She was accustomed to this desertedness, but when she saw the bright and clear moon outside the window today, she suddenly remembered the excitement of the snack street that day.

The long street was lit up, and the autumn night was warm and foggy. Looking at the bright moon, she finally summoned her to accompany her out of the house.

Xiao Hua is not very old, but she matures much earlier than her peers. When the concubine in the mansion is still arguing and crying over a bead flower, she already knows how to run a good food stall.

She took the cloth off her shoulders and wiped the already clean table quickly: "Sit down, please. What can I do?"

There are many diners today, and the old lady is uncomfortable and looks at the mother.

The mother spoke for her: "Two bowls of tofu skewers with chicken sauce, not spicy, less garlic water."

At this moment, the group of diners left after they finished eating, and the old lady suddenly relaxed a lot.

Xiao Hua brought the bowl, and the old lady took the opportunity to ask, "Is your grandmother's typhoid fever serious?"

Xiao Hua shook her head: "The doctor said it's not serious."

The old lady nodded, knowing nothing else to say.

Seeing that the nobleman had no more questions, Xiao Hua turned to other tables to clean up the dishes.

The old lady looked at her small size and kept busy.

"Did you bring money?" she asked the mother next to her.

The mother understood her thoughts at once, and sighed: "Old lady, you are kind, but..." People have hands and feet, and giving some money is a blessing in their eyes, but they can't decide in their eyes. It's a downside.

The old lady also understood her implication, and nodded awkwardly: "I am always confused."

Xie Guogong's mansion will serve porridge every winter, for her, doing good deeds is nothing more than spending money. But after many years of doing this, when I really want to help someone, I can't even think of a proper way for a while.

Seeing her uncomfortable expression, the mother said with relief: "Old lady, you are used to these things. It is normal if you don’t turn around for a while. Besides, Xiaohua said that her grandmother was suffering from a cold, and maybe she was short of medicine money. Order silver and go."

The old lady shook her head and looked down and said: "If you want to talk about money, there are several companies in the world that can compare to the Lin Family."

The mother didn't know how to answer the conversation, so she could only say: "Old lady move the chopsticks, be careful that it is cold."

Before she finished her voice, there was a sudden noise from the street.

"I'm pooh!" the boy's drake murmured, "I want to see if you have that ability!"

"Wishers accept defeat, Qian Xiuzhu, do you want to cheat?" Why is this voice so familiar?

She and the mother looked back to the street together.

A bunch of young men in brocade clothes are divided into two teams, akimbo on hips, and cursing. Isn’t that the most common dude in Beijing?

But how come there are his good grandsons Xie Ye and Xie Ye?

Xie Hao's right eye was black and blue, and the corner of Xie Ye's mouth was injured. When the two talked, they pulled the wound and grinned with pain.

"It's useless to talk about it. If you lose this fight, you have to pay for the money and ask our brothers to finish the street. It is our business whether to eat or not. You just pay for it."

The teenager standing opposite him glared at him: "Huh! Okay, I'll pay! I'll pay!"

Xie Ye wiped the black dust on his face with his cuffs: "Okay, you can remember, we can only watch when we eat!"

The teenager on the opposite side seemed to have suffered some strange humiliation. He angered: "I, Qian Xiuzhu, jumped from this roof today and was run over by the carriage. I will never take a bite of the food on the street!"

The teenagers on Xie Wei's side laughed, staggering towards Xinjie like a group of victorious roosters.

If Xie Ye Xie Ye said the most feared thing at this time, it must be meeting their parents, but this kind of thing is absolutely impossible. As for meeting the old lady? Don't be kidding, don't do it with nightmares.

If the old lady was asked to say what she feared most at this time, it must have been discovered by Xie Ye and Xie Ye. If her grandson saw her running to the street to eat snacks at night, where would she put her old face? How would those old bones in the capital laugh at her?

She quickly got up, followed the mother and hid behind the food stall.

Here Xie Wei Xie Ye led the brothers to a food stall and said happily, "This, give me ten servings!"

Qian Xiuzhu hummed behind his back: "Zhumen's wine and meat are stinky, and there are frozen bones on the road. If you don't eat and eat cleanly, you are not worthy of being a gentleman."

"Okay, it's crooked, we won't be left."

The owner of the food stall received the money and shoveled out the potstickers in a smooth manner.

The pot stickers are slender and look like dumplings, but the bottom is fried, the color is brown and shiny and shiny.

They didn't leave either, and sat down in front of the food stall, preparing to eat as a family.

The yellow and white pot stickers are crispy and attractive at the golden bottom, but the white noodles that have not been fried are very soft and tender. After the tough and crispy skin is bitten, the stuffing inside immediately flows out of soup.

The pot stickers that had just come out of the pot were hot, and the delicious soup poured out unexpectedly, so that the hot teenagers shrank their necks and breathed.

There is very little meat in the pot stickers, but the filling still absorbs the mellow and sweetness of the broth. The steaming vegetarian filling is soft and fragrant. It is chewed together with the crispy skin with oil and gas. The soup is neutralized and the aroma is tangy , Endless aftertaste.

They gobbled up the pot stickers and set off for the next house.

"Here, come ten copies! Three money, pay the silver!"

Yaowu's prestige looks very irritating, especially the teenagers who pay the bills behind them are also full of wounds, some of their clothes are still torn, and they can only watch them eat after them.

"I don't know which bastards." A diners passed by, muttering.

Xie Hao and his party ate from the street to the street, and finally held up, lazily saying: "I'm full, take a break and continue."

The teenagers on the opposite side were a little happy when they heard the first two words. When they heard the latter, they immediately jumped up: "Forget it!"

"I can't hold it, what's the matter, how can I curse people, what about the demeanor of a great talent?"

The word "great talent" poked the other side's sore spot, and he slapped the table: "You are deceiving too much!"

As soon as he stood up, the teenagers behind him also stood up, looking like they were about to fight again. The owner of a nearby food stall quickly asked for a report from the steward, and the steward was reporting to Zhou. When Zhou heard that there was a trouble with the dude, he rushed over.

When I got here, I pushed aside to watch the lively crowd. Before I walked in, I heard people crying.

Zhou's heart shuddered, and it seemed that he was hit hard.

She quickened her pace, and just as she squeezed into the center, she heard a drake crying: "You are too bullying. Everyone in the township exam is eating steamed buns. Just you and you cooking noodles. I'm so hungry, how can I concentrate on answering the questions? ?"

"Then you can't blame us." Xie Ye's voice sounded, "Besides, didn't you have an appointment, we also agreed, what else do you want?"

The crying voice became a little louder: "We lost! I not only lost the understanding, but also lost to you in the fight, oooooo, you are too much."

Zhou looked at the "troublemaker" in front of him, and didn't know what to do for a while.

The other party kept crying, and Xie Wei was uncomfortable: "You usually rely on your schoolwork to do well, and you walk sideways in the academy all day. Our brothers have been angry with you for so many years and haven't said anything. You are greedy. If we didn’t answer the paper properly, can we still rely on us if we lose the understanding of the Yuan? Besides, we may not be able to solve the Yuan in high school. How to say it is like we robbed you."

The other party cried out of breath: "Uuuuuu you are, you not only snatched my Xieyuan, but you also refused to let me eat it."

Xie Ye muttered: "Who won't let you eat it, here, let's eat." He pushed his job in front of the crying boy and threatened pretendingly, "Okay, cry, cry, cry again, be careful we beat you— —Ah!"

Xie Ye and Xie Hao had their ears pulled, bent over and screamed, and shouted, "Who is it?!"

Zhou's face was expressionless: "It's me."

Brother Xie Ye was stupid, and the classmates were stupid, even Qian Xiuzhu, who had been crying, stopped sobbing.

Xie Ye, who had threatened to beat someone just now, became so behaved: "Second uncle."

The Zhous were unmoved, and grabbed them to go out: "Follow me back to see your mother."

"Don't." They hurriedly told mercy, "Don't, mother will be very angry if she knows it. In case something goes wrong, let grandma know--"

Halfway through, the three of them are stupid.

The old lady was standing on the street, about to slip away quietly, and as soon as she reached the middle of the road, she met them.

The snack street a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival was just a busy time. Amidst the peaceful and cheerful bustle, the four people looked at each other and the atmosphere fell into weird silence.

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