Regardless of whether Xie Xun had a way to offer recipes to the emperor, the Lin family was planning to open a shop selling cooked sauces, a bit similar to chain stores in later generations.

With a new job, Jiang Shuyao and Zhou are busy again.

However, Zhou was not as energetic and energetic as he used to be. He often started to lose his mind after rubbing the dough.

This state is not like when she just started to indulge in emotional injuries, but a deeper sense of melancholy.

Zhou did not want to talk, Jiang Shuyao would not deliberately ask, just try to use other things to attract her attention.

New recipes, new ingredients, new cooking methods... often encounter these, Zhou will come out of the state of melancholy, and concentrate on learning.

And for some reason, she always subconsciously wants to learn some hot spicy recipes.

On this day, when Zhou was practicing Jiang Shuyao's mutton bun in the third room, a maid rushed in.

The maid panting and saying something in Zhou's ear, before she finished speaking, the porcelain bowl on Zhou's hand fell to the ground, making a harsh, crisp sound.

She lifted the skirt and rushed out without thinking.

Jiang Shuyao was taken aback, and hurriedly stepped forward to ask the maid: "What did you tell her?"

The maid was also stunned, and hurriedly explained after hearing the words: "The maidservant didn't say anything. The maidservant just said that the master uncle has entered Beijing, and now the grandfather of the country is entertaining him."

"Master uncle?"

"General Zhou." The maid said, "General Zhou Da came to Beijing to report on his duties."

Before they clarified the situation, Zhou had already rushed to the main courtyard.

She has been married to Beijing for seven years and hasn't ran so happily in a long time.

The delicate bun was scattered, and the skirt of the collar was wrinkled.

She stood at the gate of the main courtyard, slow to move.

The maids looked at her curiously, saw Zhou's look different from the past, and secretly wondered if she was going to make another big trouble today.

Zhou straightened the bun, smoothed the folds, and looked down at the shadow on the ground for a while.

The high-bun and Hua skirt was tall and beautiful. She looked at the shadow and felt strange.

Suddenly, there was a rough and loud voice that was rarely heard in Beijing: "Okay, don't give it away! Lord Guo take care!"

The people in the capital, even military generals, are also handsome Confucian generals. How can they be like the people in front of them, tall and mighty, full of beards, like a **** bear.

As they walked, the maidservants who were passing by shrank away, and they were just saying goodbye. The big slap of the puff fan waved like he was about to hit someone.

When Zhou saw this scene, he couldn't hold back a squirt and laughed, smiling and tears suddenly falling from his cheeks.

"Big brother," she called.

General Zhou Da paused, and fixed his eyes on Zhou who was standing not far away.

His eyes became wider and wider, and he said in disbelief, "Little girl?"

After Zhou married and entered Beijing, his contact with her parents gradually diminished. Jingcheng and Mobei are separated by thousands of miles, and the letters go slowly. The Zhou family is not a cultural person, and it is difficult to send her misses on the letter paper, so she can only send her some Mobei soil rituals. But the capital is prosperous, and the food and clothing are better than Mobei. There is no shortage of the earthenware they sent, so afterwards they didn't even send the earthenware.

The two years when the Zhou family was married were when the ghosts were obsessed. General Zhou came to Beijing to report to her and wanted to see her. He dragged some big and small things and was secretly mocked by the people in the capital. Zhou was angry and annoyed. Suppressing the temper, abruptly hold back.

They are incompatible with the capital in terms of appearance and temperament. The Zhou family never cared about this before, but now the baby girl of the Zhou family married in the capital, so she has to think about it.

General Zhou Da asked the scouts who followed him to inquire about the news. Hearing that the little girl was ridiculed by the ladies at the banquet, he guessed that they had made her ashamed and angry.

General Zhou Da looked at the dusty carriage he was dragging, and sighed silently. The younger sister should not want to see him.

Sure enough, he went to visit Xie Guogong's mansion, and Zhou did not see him in the future.

Now that a few years have passed, he learned the lessons of the last time, came quietly and walked quietly, but he didn't expect that the moment he stepped out of the threshold, he saw Zhou who hadn't seen him in seven years.

Feeling timid near the hometown, let alone facing relatives whom I haven't seen in years.

"Brother, are you leaving?" Zhou asked.

General Zhou Da scratched his head, not knowing how to answer. When he opened his mouth, he was full of Northland accents: "Don't be in a hurry, we will leave tomorrow."

Xie Guogong came out from behind and was a little surprised to see Zhou, but he has always been kind-hearted, so he said: "You brothers and sisters haven't seen him for a long time, don't rush away, General Zhou Da. It's better to sit in the house for a while. , Brother and sister narrate and talk."

The eldest brother Zhou family naturally wanted to talk to the younger sister, but he was afraid that his younger sister was unwilling but couldn't openly refuse, so he said: "No need..."

Zhou stopped his words first: "Brother. You stay, just sit for half an hour."

Xie Guogong did not disturb his brothers and sisters and gave them the hall.

Brother Zhou sat back on the guest chair. The chair is exquisite in workmanship, made of huanghuali wood, carved and magnificent, but it is really small. He has a martial shape, sitting on it, very awkward, and feels uncomfortable.

He raised his eyes to look at Zhou's opposite, with a little relief in his eyes.

The little girl is not the same as him. She looks decent and dignified, no different from the young lady who grew up in a deep boudoir, and she doesn't see the shadow of that fierce girl at all.

"Brother, how is your family all these years?" Zhou asked.

Brother Zhou was relieved when he heard this question, at least he could answer this question. He smiled and said: "It's all good, all good. Life flies so fast, I'm going to be a grandfather soon, but your sixth brother that stinky boy hasn't got married yet. He hasn't gotten a shape all day after 20 to 5. Hidden mother, lived in the border town. You said that the horse is fattened by the sheep in this autumn, and the barbarians can't come. He really looks like a mother to believe in protecting his home and the country." He patted his forehead, "Yes. Yeah, the sixth one asked me to bring you the dagger. I said it was snatched from the second prince of the barbarians the year before. I kicked him with one kick. I said that our younger sister is now the second lady of the government of Xie. Gifts must be given with pearls, hairpins and gems. What do you think of giving daggers, that kid..."

Seeing Zhou's expression was wrong, his voice became smaller and smaller, and the last word reached his throat and swallowed hard.

He didn't know what he said that caused Zhou's displeasure, and rubbed his big palm on his leg: "Little girl...Don't be angry. The sixth man said that next time the barbarian comes again, he will hit their palace. , Grab all the gems and everything, and give them all to you.” At this point, I feel that this act of robbing my sister and sending my sister sounds like a bandit. I can’t get on the stage. I raise my head and look at the right side, for fear of letting someone down. After listening to the joke Zhou.

Zhou's head dropped lower, as if he couldn't catch his breath. After a while, he held his breath and said softly, "Have you eaten your big brother? Are you hungry?"

Her topic changed suddenly, and Zhou's eldest brother was taken aback, and answered honestly: "Not yet, isn't this about going back to eat with the brothers."

Zhou nodded, pulled his palms with his fingers, ignoring his words to go back, and said, "I have been learning cooking these days. I just made food, and it’s still hot now. If you don’t dislike it, I’ll bring it to you. Taste it, look good"

The eldest brother of the Zhou family smiled: "Little sister, you can speak decently now." After finishing speaking, he took Zhou's words, "It's all right. The eldest brother has lived for so long and hasn't eaten your cooking. I went back and told them about the matter, and they would definitely not believe it." According to Zhou's fierce temperament, the Zhou family had no hope of learning any cooking skills.

Zhou nodded with a smile, got up and walked out of the house.

She didn't wait long before she came back, followed by a maid holding a pan.

After Zhou took a big bowl from the plate, the maid saluted and retired.

Brother Zhou looked at the large bowl in front of him, staring in surprise, "Well, why does Xie Guogong have such a big bowl?"

Zhou couldn't help laughing: "This was bought by my third younger siblings. The third younger brother is too appetizing."

The Zhou family eldest brother nodded dumbfounded, and sighed secretly that the noble family was not as delicate and expensive as he thought.

At this time, a mellow and fragrant salty scent penetrated into his nose, and he returned to his senses and looked at the bowl.

The bowl is filled with white and tender minced bun, reddish-brown minced mutton, the vermicelli is crystal clear and moist, like a soft net that entangles the bun and the meat, the center is dotted with green garlic seedlings and parsley, the soup is clear and rich, and the surface is floating With clear and thin oil flowers, the fragrance is overflowing.

The tip of his nose shook, and he said uncertainly: "This is mutton?" He smelled the freshness of mutton, mellow and long, but without the fishy mutton that is common in mutton. The aroma is rich in layers, with a hint of spicy in the fresh, and the spicy aroma of spices in the fine smell.

Zhou pushed the small dish containing sugar garlic and chili sauce in front of him and explained, "This is mutton steamed bun. But I have broken up the bun in advance, so it’s more convenient to eat. My younger sister said, this bun is too easy The diners break it by themselves, break it into the size of soy beans, and then serve the soup to the diners. Or the'single go' way of eating, the steamed bun and the soup are served in two bowls, and the steamed bun is broken into the soup and eaten. Drink a bowl of rich and mellow fresh soup in the future."

At this time, the eldest brother of the Zhou family realized that his little sister seemed to really calm down and learn the cooking skills. Anyway, from the perspective of the appearance and fragrance, this bowl of soup would not be bad.

He raised his head and glanced at Zhou's, who held his face and looked at him expectantly.

The soft and mellow noodle soup is surrounded by mist, blowing away the mist, and the fresh and mellow aroma is blowing, making people feel refreshed, and the laziness is all scattered in this warm steam.

He picked up the spoon expectantly and scooped up a spoonful of mutton soup bun. The finely chopped buns are pliable and pliable. The particles are small but not scattered, soaking up the soup, they are soggy and not melted, and the grains are fragrant. The crystal clear fans hung on the side of the spoon, swaying, soft and smooth to the point of breaking, dripping lamb soup. With such a large spoonful of soup, it’s hard not to make a snoring sound of eating.

As soon as the warm lamb soup was soaked in steamed buns, the Zhou family was shocked by the rich and mellow soup. The savory flavor of lamb is extremely strong. It scurrying around in the steamed buns and vermicelli, the thick layer of lamb soup instantly opened people's appetite.

The clear soup is delicious, the lamb is cooked soft and rotten, chewing tender, big chunks, fat but not greasy, the oil is boiled out, you can clearly feel the thick and plump layer of mutton on the surface. After swallowing into the abdomen, the savory mutton soup in the lips and cheeks still reverberates. The skin of the steamed bun is soaked softly, the vermicelli is still chewy, the soup is wide and fat, spicy, fresh, and salty, with a long aftertaste.

This layer of freshness and warmth made people reluctant to devour it, but slowly savoured this bowl of fragrant mutton soup along the side of the bowl.

The essence and soul of the mutton and lamb bone are all incorporated into the soup, which is very time-consuming. The freshly slaughtered lamb is slowly boiled with dozens of spices, until the bones are boiled. The lamb is boiled and the juice is thick. The soup is ready to cook.

The eldest brother of the Zhou family snorted and snorted, this is the fan and the soup, it is hard to pay attention to elegance.

"If you still have this sugar garlic, just eat it." Zhou's discomfort and depression suddenly disappeared when he saw him eating happily. It's no wonder that Jiang Shuya likes to watch people eat meals that he cooks, especially those close to him, watching him eat freely, and he feels very happy.

Brother Zhou felt that his eating was not good, but he couldn't stop it, nodded embarrassedly, and put a chopsticks into the mouth.

The sugar garlic is crisp, sweet and spicy, it dilutes the mutton taste in the mouth at once, and it is a good way to remove the fishy and greasy. With a piece of sugar and garlic, the Zhou family thinks he can have another bowl of mutton bun.

Later, the steamed bun was soaked for a long time, and the mutton soup was thoroughly sucked. The vermicelli was broken into pieces, and it became thicker when stirred with a spoon. Like porridge, it was piled up in the bottom of the bowl.

A large bowl of mutton was soaked in steamed buns, and the soup at the bottom of the bowl was completely drunk. After eating, the stomach was warm, a thin layer of sweat appeared on the forehead, and the limbs were stretched.

Brother Zhou held his belly and sighed comfortably.

"Little girl, you are really good. Back when you said martial arts, our elder brothers thought you were playing around, but when you finish your studies, you can single out all the little **** in Mobei; now you say you learn cooking , I thought you were just making a soup, but I didn't expect to make lamb a fairy."

Zhou shook his head and chuckled, "Where is my skill? It is the craft I learned from my younger siblings."

The eldest brother of the Zhou family only then realized that he tasted something. He scratched his head and muttered inexplicably: "Brothers and sisters? No, right...Isn't it the most important thing in this capital city? Cook?"

"How come, the capital is still the same capital." Zhou clan lowered his head and said softly, "It's just me that has changed from beginning to end."

Brother Zhou's thoughts were rough, and he didn't notice Zhou's emotional sadness. He patted his thigh and said, "I'll just say it." He was eating happily, and people let go. He slapped his lips and exclaimed, "This lamb bubble The steamed buns are really delicious. I feel warm after eating them. They are not at all like ours in Mobei. Our lady in the house made them too mutton, and the ones on the street are even worse. When I ate mutton in Mobei, I thought I almost vomit when I eat. I must try the delicacies of the capital when I come to Beijing. I didn’t expect it to come to the capital. The best thing to eat is lamb."

He ordered some chili sauce between his chopsticks and put it into his mouth: "And this, it's this smell, it's numb and hot, and when it is served with hot soup, the whole body is warmed up. It is more vigorous than drinking soju." He put down his chopsticks. , "Little girl, what kind of sauce is this? Or else take a bottle of eldest brother back, so that the winter will not be so difficult. I am thinking about shochu all day--"

He stopped abruptly and looked at Zhou at a loss.

Zhou's tears kept falling down, hit the tabletop, and suddenly shattered.

A rough and accustomed big man with cheeks squeezed his voice subconsciously, and cautiously leaned over and said, "Little, little girl, what's the matter?"

Seven years later, it was no different from when she was a little girl who coaxed her to cry.

Zhou randomly wiped his eyes with his cuff: "It's nothing."

Big Brother Zhou seemed to be used to her words. Nothing would mean something. He quickly said: "It's my brother that is wrong, what did my brother do wrong, my brother changed it, don't cry, my mother has to beat me again when she sees it." I don’t know how many times I have said this sentence. I remembered that this is the capital city after the words fell.

He placed his big fan-like palm on the top of Zhou's head and rubbed it twice stiffly, so gentle that he didn't look like a hand full of scars and thick calluses.

When the palm of his hand touched the cold pearl hairpin and the neat high bun, the Zhou family's eldest brother suddenly realized that this is the capital city, and the time that used to be is long gone. He sighed: "You are all a mother, and you are still crying."

Zhou Shi also felt embarrassed and wiped his eyes again, for fear of tears.

"Big brother, don't talk nonsense, I didn't cry." When I heard the word "Mobei", the tears couldn't be suppressed and flowed out. Now that I calmed down, I started to feel ashamed again.

She forced the appearance that nothing happened, and wanted to reveal it in a hurry.

The eldest brother Zhou took his hand back and remained silent for a long time, and finally sighed softly, "My Xiaoqi must have been wronged a lot over the years."

In places like Beijing, he can be scared for several years once he comes.

Can’t run horses at will, can’t go to battle to kill enemies, can’t compete in martial arts shirtless, can’t laugh and shout...

He originally just sent a sentence with feelings, but didn't want Zhou who had just covered his tears and suddenly jumped into his arms.

The Zhou family was stunned, his arms froze in a daze, not knowing what to do.

He looked down at the person in his arms, just like the little girl who was crying and crying with his brothers when he got married seven years ago.

It's just that that little girl, crying, her voice can make people's ears hurt for several days.

Today Zhou's just buried her head and made no noise. Only after seeing her violently shaking shoulders did she know that she was crying.

I don't know how many hard nights and how many tears it takes to learn to cry without making a sound.

Brother Zhou put down his stiff arms, and then gently hugged her, gently patted her back.

No matter whose mother or wife she is, she will always be the jewel in the hands of the Zhou family.

Zhou hadn't cried happily for a long time, and stopped after a while.

The Zhou family dared to speak only after seeing her stop, his sword eyebrows were inverted, he slapped his slap, and the porcelain cup ping-pong on the table rattled: "Who is angry with you! Isn't that guy Xie Er!"

Zhou did not speak, and the Zhou family eldest brother knew the answer.

"I said that those little white-faced scholars don't have a good thing, not to mention the noble sons raised by a big family." At the beginning, the brothers of the family were reluctant to marry the Zhou family, but in her favor, only Xie Er was in her eyes. .

No extra complaints could be said, and Zhou's eldest brother's distress Quan turned into anger towards Xie Lang.

He stood up and tied his cuffs angrily: "Looking at I didn't peel the skin of that kid, I said it nicely at the beginning, but now my Xiaoqi is wronged." Regardless of the reason, regardless of the matter, as long as Zhou's Crying, it's someone else's fault, it hasn't changed at all for so many years.

Zhou hurriedly grabbed him, and said helplessly: "Big Brother..."

"I knew you were going to stop me, oh, what do you think of that kid? Isn't it just a better face, a better mind, and a better reading?" He didn't want to sit down anymore, "I have to beat him today That's fine."

Zhou couldn't stop him, so he could only say: "You beat him, what should I do?"

Brother Zhou was taken aback for a moment: "What should I do?"

"Am I still in Xie's house?"

He blurted out: "Of course I won't stay, go back to my natal family with my eldest brother!" He realized that Zhou is not like an ordinary woman who can easily return to her family's family. Her family's family is far away in Mobei, even if she comes and goes. It took months.

He paused and rubbed his head anxiously: "Why did he bully you?"

Zhou was silent for a few breaths, and finally spit out two words simply: "Concubine."

The anger that had just poured down from the Zhou family came back, his eyes widened in disbelief, "He dare?! I must break his leg today, no, no! You go, you follow me back to your natal family, Whoever loves to live with him, our Zhou family daughter can't suffer this grievance!"

He pulled Zhou's and walked out, and was slid away by Zhou.

"Brother, there is no such rule."

Although he was so angry, he could barely suppress the fire and stand still and listen to Zhou's words.

"Who said that if you marry a daughter of the Zhou family, you can't take a concubine? Does anyone say that if you marry me, you have to love me for the rest of your life?" Zhou's eyes looked down, "Besides, go, how can it be so easy? I am a maid, the second wife of Xie Guogong's mansion, and a seven-year-old daughter. After I married and entered Beijing, everything will not tolerate my waywardness."

The word "daughter" made Zhou's eldest brother calm down in an instant. Yes, if Zhou had no daughter, he would return to Mobei with Li, but now he has a daughter. After a woman is married, she can rely on her natal family the most. If the Zhou family reconciles with Xie Er, the niece is easy to get angry when she is married.

He was a sturdy man who was stomped by Zhou's words.

"What can I do then?" He squeezed his fist and gritted his teeth. "Or I'll beat him up."

Zhou laughed helplessly: "Big brother, no need. You see, I am also living happily now. I can learn cooking every day, cook, practice martial arts, get along with my daughter in free time, and never see him, even I'll save the trouble."

Brother Zhou frowned and said nothing.

"It's just that I haven't seen my family for many years, and I always have some willful thoughts. I want to cry when I am wronged. After I cry, I'll be fine." She cheered up again, "I made a lot of sauce a few days ago, and you bring it home. Try it. There are also some bacon sausages and other things, and take some back. After a while, the Lin family caravan will go north, and I will let them pass more."

She has a lot of words, but she can’t say enough: "There are also recipes that I thought about myself. They are not so delicious, but they can be eaten fresh. I will let people pick them up. You go back and let the cooks try. You and brother As for us, you should also drink less wine. Don’t fool me by warming up your body. I'll give you chili sauce and mix it with the soup at that time. Keep it warm after drinking."

Brother Zhou said gruffly, "I see."

Zhou cried and escorted him out. After the brothers and sisters gradually walked away, Xie Lang walked out of the corner and stood still and looked at the empty yard entrance, silent for a long time.

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