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Ancient Foodie Survival Guide

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Jiang Shuyao passed through and became a vicious lady with a flamboyant appearance and gaudy clothes. She married the most charming young man in the capital by relying on a scheme.

The husband disliked her, mother-in-law loathed her, brother-in-law despised her, Jiang Shuyao wanted to cry without tears.

However, there is nothing in the world that cannot be solved by a hot and spicy meal. If there is, then add hot pot, iron plate barbecue, skewers, milk tea, grilled chicken wings, custard wrap, shrimp dumplings, fried chicken, hot and sour noodles, curry rice, hand cake, fish cake stew, mashed potatoes, preserved eggs, lean meat porridge, and shrimp porridge.

After a period of time:

Picky mother-in-law: Shuyao is indeed a filial child.
Sisters-in-law: Younger sister-in-law is really cute.
Stern eldest brother-in-law and second-brother-in-law: Hard work, sister-in-law.
Looking at the people who have been defeated because of food, Xie Xun hates the iron for not becoming steel. Jiang Shuyao’s mind is very cruel and bad, I will… definitely not eat it… so fragrant!

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Short Title:AFSG
Alternate Title:古代吃货生存指南
Author:Coke Ginger Soup
Weekly Rank:#2500
Monthly Rank:#2070
All Time Rank:#2223
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Carefree Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Cooking, Female Protagonist, Slow Romance, Transmigration,
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19 Comments on “Ancient Foodie Survival Guide
  1. Can someone recommend me something like this??? My foodie soul really love it. Kalo bisa tolong rekomendasikan cerita lain tentang makan kayak gini ya... suka bgt soalnya... thx be4

  2. The feast MLnya meh. Selir bejibun, anak banyak, sampe maid boleh dowry aja diembat. Coba transmigrator meet reincarnator. Udah slsai diterjemahin.

  3. Actually you translate using incomplete half chapters web. You can refer using this web instead http://www.sxy8888.com/dushu/1415/

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