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I am a physical training, specializing in physical training, people in the world are called “bulldozers”!

I have pushed an era horizontally and established a supremely brilliant family.

Breaking the law with force is actually talking about me!

After I sat down, my body was indestructible for thousands of years, but was picked up from the coffin by a group of unfilial children and grandchildren, using my body to prevent disasters and destroy the enemy…

“The old ancestors are here, and the Red Whale Gang is here to kill you. The elders can’t stop them. Use your old body!”

“The ancestors forgive me, the Heavenly Sword Sect is here again, and the patriarch was beaten to vomit blood. You have to use your old body to block it!”

until one day……

“It is too troublesome to dig out and bury the remains of the ancestors every time. Why don’t you make the ancestors sacrifices to become the battle puppets of our race!”

“For the sake of the family, I believe that our ancestors are alive in the sky and will forgive us…”

“I can’t forgive!”

This group of unfilial descendants should fight!

this day.

I was so angry that I came back to life, and opened the coffin board…

This is an old ancestor who has been dead for thousands of years and has made a significant contribution to the cultivation of human civilization.

He was so angry that a group of offspring and grandchildren opened the coffin and died. After resurrection, they continue to shine and make contributions and educate future generations to respect the old and love the young together for the human universe.

A positive energy story of peaceful hard work.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:AWOM
Alternate Title:老祖宗在天有灵
Author:Desktop Computer
Weekly Rank:#1121
Monthly Rank:#1517
All Time Rank:#1982
Tags:Army Building, Body Tempering, Clan Building, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Mind Control, Resurrection, System Administrator,
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  1. Its a harem, he picked up al the women who was inlove in him in his youth days They were not dead just so u know and author make those women alive Anyway author can bluff lol And thats a good news for me as a harem lover Also his family from the earth has been reunited with him when he sent his descendant in earth. Author cares about his women so they were not forgotte A pity chapter release was not regular everyday sad

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