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America’s Road To Fame

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At the beginning, he became the most famous prodigal in America. Facing the danger of going bankrupt, how could Chen William turn the corner and become a big shot in the fame and fortune circle?

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Short Title:ARTF
Alternate Title:美利坚名利之路
Author:Stubborn Bronze Saint
Weekly Rank:#569
Monthly Rank:#494
All Time Rank:#2676
Tags:Absent Parents, Businessmen, Cheats, Family Business, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Netori, Playboys, Pregnancy, R-15, R-18, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Sexual Abuse, Showbiz, System, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Anyone know story novel like a 300 Sparta who his wife cheated or get cuck by someone in politic? And mc like slave and cuckold for a while like similar to dog and then die reincarnate and be a gay, please I need recommend novel like that

  2. Anyone know the name of the Chinese novel where Mc got reborn as son of some dead general in ancient china with a system (mostly not used) and he started gathering merits and became the emperor. He also started technological advancements like TV, calculator. Etc. Also started stock market and the like. After which he started concurring other nations and elevated china to another level. He started Olympic games. He found that his system at last gave him another plane to concur.

  3. Like a "silicon valey" become a king after that the story just tell pregnant and pregnant.... If not he cuck a wife from her husband

  4. Alguien conoce la novela en la que reencarna como William I o II y decide utilizar los recursos del imperio Alemán para centrarse en desarrollar la carrera aeroespacial? Creo que está en esta página.

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