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A gunshot changed the fate of a salted fish. America 1929, this is the worst era, but also the best era.

Giant crocodile? No, I am only responsible for feeding giant crocodiles!


This train goes to ‘Elysian Pure Land’, the whole journey is high-speed and elegant, the scenery is beautiful, please board the passengers to fasten their seat belts!

- Description from soxs


Short Title:ALL
Alternate Title:美利坚传奇人生
Author:Moon wolf
Weekly Rank:#4005
Monthly Rank:#2296
All Time Rank:#1178
Tags:Adopted Children, Arms Dealers, Army Building, Business Management, Fellatio, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Marriage of Convenience, Politics, Pregnancy,
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17 Comments on “American Legendary Life
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  1. what can i say?? mc is a lucky bastard with no real talent. this mc is a fucking "Chinese NANNY" ... he is helping chinese people in US here and there even though he didnt even have the obligations to do so. if he was investing in something, his chinese compatriot is the first priority. he even give them a large sum of money when he was succesful in investment.

  2. whats worse in this novel is mc wants all of his company named after china (ex: chinese consortium) or chinese words like shang blahblah building even the miller beer brand was change to qingdao beer... fucking delusionist author trying to glorify china. this novel is good if not for chinese shit that author want to add in this western theme novel.

  3. the most failure in this novel is mc was reincarnated as chinese so he was troubled and exluded in america bc of his skin color.... so what you will see in this novel is how the mc will overcome this and become a true big shot. welp in reality thats the most ridiculous thing here because we know that theres no way a chinese can become the pillar of US when he bias toward china. capitalis was no fool to let a yellow skin hold a ground in us and government will not allow hin to hold a security service (private army).

  4. almost none of the companies of Mc are named after Chinese. McDonald, KFC, hawkeye, Osborne, skunk. most are American or puns from marvel.

  5. Author is quite a bit nationalistic but mc does not tolerate chinese taking advantage of him either. Chapter 555 he found out that because of black gangs being formed inside company both white and chinese started forming gangs and getting lazy. He punished al the way to the top. Even yan yan's her cousin.

  6. Worst part for me is that almost every female is only 6/9 year old historicaly. They all have 10 years added just so mc can fuck all famous hollywood stars that appear after ww2 before the war started, even his wife. Only maryline monroe is only 2 years older and became his foster child. ❓❓❓

  7. Not impossible, as long as he is American ... It's just only Chinese would think of the whole nation when they cross over or got the system. I read worse. There was a novel where Mc has the power to blow the galaxy, somehow nervous in front of the "supreme leader"...wtf?!! There are systems that were handed over to the country... Unrealistic... Even in their dreams, they are bound by the so called patriotic gene ... But, it's understandable, as they are supervised and blocked if they can't taunt the national power...

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