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Become famous as early as possible, make money as early as possible, and enjoy the joy of life in America with both fame and fortune.

America, Hollywood, business war, entertainment, celebrities and movies.

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Short Title:AFF
Alternate Title:美利坚名利双收
Author:White Number Thirteen
Weekly Rank:#234
Monthly Rank:#182
All Time Rank:#8088
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Economics, Male Protagonist, Modern, Modern Day, Modern World, Movies, Urban,
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8 Comments on “American Fame and Fortune
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  1. Hay algo que no tiene sentido en esta novela, como es posible que en todos los eventos nunca hay policías, eso es imposible, siempre hay policía cada vez que haya un evento y mas aun siendo Hollywood pero en esta novela nunca hay y siempre llegan tarde :P

  2. Once again I lament at the lack of basic compassion by these Chinese authors. Around 190th chapter, author wrote a plotline of MC exploiting a school shooting (10 kids dead) to get famous. I can't read past this point, it is not my cup of tea. Anyway, so far I haven't read china numbawan shit, But author obviously is throwing shades at America in the story. Every single character introduced so far is either slut, pervert, greedy, or a asshole in the story. 30% of the story is sleeping with the women, 10% is movie making, 60% is using tricks to get the role or promoting a movie. There's better option on this site.

  3. Esta novela me gusta. El prota no se deja por nadie y el contraataque es fuerte, como debería ser. No es princeso, ni tímido, ni ingenuo :D

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