Gao Fei's expression on Transcending the Protoss put a lot of pressure on everyone at the scene, as if thinking about how everyone had no chance of winning.

Tony Stark said solemnly: "By the way, Goofy, didn't you say that the molecular man who exploded the multiverse tunnel before was created by the Transcendence Protoss?"

"That's right, Molecular Man is a masterpiece that surpasses the Protoss. They exist in every multiverse and can share the same consciousness. Once they explode, the entire universe will be destroyed..." Goofy said.

Tony Stark squeezed his chin nervously: "These beyond the Protoss can easily make a monster of a single universe level, and they can easily destroy a group of universe gods, killing the captain of the universe and throwing his body to the On Earth, the Tribunal of Life was beheaded again... What chance do we have? We're just here to be cannon fodder."

"Don't be so pessimistic, Tony, we don't have no chance at all, even if it's only one in a few hundred million, we have to seize it, don't we?" said Mr. Fantastic Reed, who is an optimistic person.

At this time, Doctor Strange flew to Gao Fei's side and asked in a low voice, "Goofy, can you use the Time Stone to restore the scene of the previous battle? I think we also need to see what the Transcendence Protoss is like. "

It was Strange's job to use the Time Stone to restore history, but his Time Stone was "borrowed" by Goofy and never returned. When I think about this, Doctor Strange gets angry. Damn it, I would borrow it and snap my fingers and return it when I finish it? Goofy is a big liar!

Goofy considered Strange's suggestion, raised his hand and tried to use the Infinity Gauntlet to restore the previous battle scene. The time gem alone was not enough to restore the scene, and the help of the Reality Gem was needed.

"I do my best," Gao Fei said in a low voice, clenching his fists and starting to recover.

The surrounding environment suddenly changed, as if the reality had been directly modified, but in fact these were just illusions, and the changes in the environment had no effect on everyone.

The behemoth lying on the ground - the Court of Life stood up with a cry, and everyone saw the process of his battle with the Transcendence Protoss.

The three Transcendence Protoss - they are humanoid creatures that are much smaller than the Court of Life, and only look slightly taller than Thor and Hyperion. They wear steel armor and look a bit like insects - constantly releasing energy to attack life Tribunal, and in the end successfully decapitated the Tribunal of Life.

But Goofy's restored picture is discontinuous, and the picture quality is also very poor.

Gao Fei shook his head and said: "Sorry, because the energy involved in this battle is too great, both the Tribunal of Life and the Transcendence Protoss have an energy level beyond the multiverse, so the power of me and the Infinity Gloves alone cannot restore the whole picture. Only a few snippets can be seen."

Strange expressed understanding: "It's okay, these snippets are enough to get the key information."

Since Goofy uses the time gem to backtrack, the battle scenes are all upside down. After the life court is resurrected from the dead, it disappears at the end of the universe after a battle, and then the captain of the universe who fought with the Transcendence Protoss before appears in the picture.

"My multiverse and I will fight to the last moment, you can't erase us." Captain Universe said in a deep voice.

"We can erase everything! We will prove our courage and strength!" Beyond Protoss said with a sneer.

Thor said solemnly: "Prove their courage and strength? Is this why they keep killing?"

However, at this time, Gao Fei was thoughtful. He always felt that this sentence was somewhat familiar, as well as the extreme character that surpassed the Protoss.

At this time, the screen changed again, and everyone witnessed the fall of Atlan. Beyond the Protoss raised his hand and sent a strange energy beam toward the city-state of Atlan in the distance. Then Atlan seemed to fall into a vortex. Shrinked into a ball, and then exploded with a bang.

Not even debris was left at the location of the explosion, only a huge crater remained.

Goofy's friends—Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal... all died with Atlan, perhaps unaware that death was coming.

"This is too terrifying, this is really too terrifying..." Hyperion said in a deep voice, "We simply cannot defeat such a powerful race."

Human Torch Johnny also nodded in agreement: "Beyond the Protoss is indeed very powerful, I don't think we have any chance of winning if we join forces..."

"Don't be in a hurry to admit defeat, at least we still have a chance." Thor encouraged morale, "Let's take a closer look at these clips, maybe they have some flaws, I think no one is invulnerable, even if they surpass the Protoss, they will definitely be able to. Is there a flaw?"

Strange agrees with Thor's view: "Yes, I think they must have flaws."

At this point, the picture in front of me shows the scene of surpassing the Protoss descending to the moon-they emerged from a space-time crack in the universe, as if they were bugs probing out of the flesh.

This time, only three Transcendence Protoss came out, and it seems that there are countless Transcendence Protoss at the other end of the space-time crack, but the three Transcendence Protoss have already beheaded the most powerful guardian of the multiverse-the Court of Life, which makes everyone not. Dare to imagine what kind of disaster they will cause to the world in front of them once they all surpass the Protoss and invade the multiverse.

Peeping into the mysterious different dimension that came from beyond the Protoss, the superheroes finally fell silent, and even Thor, the **** of morale, and the optimistic Mister Fantastic became frustrated and desperate.

"It seems... the Transcendent Protoss who descended on the moon are only a very small part of their group, maybe just a vanguard..." Tony Stark said with a frown, "but this very small part has already decapitated the strongest in our multiverse. Great Court of Asylum Life, right? So we're screwed..."

"Tony..." Strange said in a low voice, wanting to stop Tony Stark from spreading panic, but just after saying a word, he didn't know how to stop it, because what Tony said was the truth after all, beyond the gods The strength is indeed much stronger than this multiverse.

And just when everyone was silent, a faint light suddenly flashed at the end of the universe in the distance, and then a long and narrow crack appeared, as if a complete eggshell had been knocked open.

Seeing this crack, the superheroes changed their faces.

Tony Stark pushed Gaofei with his elbow, shook his head and said, "Goofy, don't look back at these scary visions again, I don't want to see these terrifying transcendental gods again."

However, Gao Fei sternly denied: "No, Tony, I have closed the Infinity Gloves, the crack in front of me is not an illusion, but beyond the Protoss really coming."

"What?!" Tony's tone was a little panicked, and he gritted his teeth and made up his mind, "Damn, since you will die sooner or later, why don't you try to fight against these monsters!"

Human Torch Johnny said with a look of fear: "But I don't want to die, I haven't got married and have children yet..."

"This is an inescapable war for us. If we don't resist, we can only perish faster!" Dr. Strange said solemnly, "No matter how powerful they are, no matter which dimension they come from, we must rise up to resist, even if it is To die, we have to die with dignity!"

Doctor Strange's words inspired many warriors on the scene. Among them, Thor again played the role of the pioneer. He picked up the hammer and roared: "Let them feel the wrath of the gods!!"

Hearing Thor's roar, Hyperion immediately followed him and rushed out. Since the gods were mentioned, the Eternal Protoss, who had been fighting with the Norse gods, was of course not to be outdone.

"I will fight alongside you!"

Hyperion said in a deep voice, the thermal vision light in his eyes irradiated directly toward the crack in the distance, and at this moment, the first transcendence God Race came out of the different dimension.

"Stupid guys, are you trying to resist higher creatures?"

That Transcendence Protoss is as shown in the illusion, like a big bug wearing mechanical armor.

He actually used his body to carry Hyperion's thermal vision light and rushed forward, and Hyperion's attack did no harm to him!

"This... this **** guy!"

Hyperion was shocked and quickly raised his hands to release energy, but the speed of surpassing the Protoss was too fast, he reached out and grabbed his head before Hyperion could react.

Two big fierce hands held Hyperion's head, and his thumbs pressed down on his eyes. Hyperion's thermal vision light was directly blocked by Transcendence Protoss' fingers, and his eyes were also directly under the abuse of Transcendence Protoss. Blind!


Hyperion let out a painful scream. He didn't expect that he really had no resistance in the face of Transcendence Protoss.

At this time, Thor, the Thunder God, swung the hammer in his hand to attack the Transcendence Protoss, but the powerful Thunder Hammer did not cause any substantial damage to the Transcendence Protoss' head.


With a disdainful expression on the face of beyond the Protoss, he threw down Hyperion, whose eyes had been pressed, and turned to look at Thor.

"You're not that powerful, why do you think you can stand out to your companions?" Transcender asked with a sneer.

"Because I am the God of Thunder!!"

Thor roared loudly, and his solid muscles swung a heavy thunder hammer towards the head of the Beyonder again.

Although he knew that this move might not be able to cause substantial damage to Transcendence, he couldn't back down, because they might be the last line of defense in this universe, and they had to do their best to stop Transcendence Protoss.

It's a pity that the Beyonder didn't wait until the Thunder Hammer smashed into the head of the Beyonder, and the Beyonder stretched out his hand and grabbed Thor's arm.

Thor only felt an unprecedented force coming, and his hand could no longer move.

"This... how is this... possible?"

"Damn, this **** monster!"

Thor struggled to escape from the shackles of the transcender, but he couldn't shake the transcendence's hand.

"You are too weak…"

The Transcender sneered and twisted his hand sharply.

Just listen to the click, and then the blood splashes! Thor's right arm holding the Thunder Hammer was torn off by the transcendence, and fell to the ground under the gravity of the moon.


Mjolnir smashed another huge crater on the surface of the moon, and Thor's arm was still firmly gripping the handle of the hammer.

In less than a minute, Hyperion was blind and Thor was disabled!


Seeing that his comrade-in-arms were in danger, Tony Stark couldn't care about his own safety. This time, he didn't even care about playing the BGM, and rushed directly to the transcendence in mid-air.

"Another weakling..."

Transcender said disdainfully, and slapped Iron Man with a backhand.

His movements were as simple as slapping a flying mosquito, and Iron Man really couldn't bear his slap.


Mark's armor was damaged and scrapped in an instant under the attack of the Beyonder, like a pile of scrap copper and iron falling from the air. Tony Stark had multiple fractures all over his body, and fell to the ground and fainted instantly.

"Tony! Tony!"

Mister Fantastic called out Tony's name nervously, but Tony couldn't give any response.

The situation in front of him is so desperate, just one transcendence is enough to destroy all the superheroes in front of him.

"Goofy, what should we do?"

At this time, the invisible woman Susan walked up to Gao Fei and asked.

Unexpectedly, Gao Fei did not answer, but said to the transcendence floating in the air in the distance: "Call out all your fellow clansmen, and let me meet you guys who are inconspicuous."

"What?!" Susan Storm was dumbfounded, "Goofy, what the **** are you doing?"

A transcendence is about to destroy us, and you want them all to come out?

Gao Fei ignored Susan's questioning at all, but continued to say to the transcendence: "Come on, call the other transcenders out, you are not my opponent alone."

"What?" The transcendence in mid-air showed an angry look, and then raised his hand and an energy beam blasted towards Gao Fei!

It was the same energy beam before that wiped out Atlan directly on the moon!

This time his goal is to fly high!

"Goofy, be careful!" Seeing the power of this beam of energy, Mr. Fantastic Reed hurriedly reminded him.

Goofy clenched his fists and used the Infinity Gloves to directly confront the energy beyond the Protoss.

The six Infinity Gems on the Infinity Gloves flashed different rays of light. These rays of light gathered together and headed towards the energy beam that surpassed the Protoss. Unfortunately, the energy beyond the Protoss was too strong, even the Infinity Gloves could not stop it.

"You are too weak…"

Transcender said with a sneer, the energy beam had already hit Gao Fei before he finished speaking.


The left half of Gao Fei's body was directly turned into fly ash under the bombardment of energy, and the right half of his body barely survived under the protection of the Infinity Gloves. Gao Fei, whose strength had reached the super-universe level, was still unable to resist the attack of the Transcender. Like a kite hit by thunder.

"Gao Fei!" The invisible woman shouted Gao Fei's name loudly. She was expecting Gao Fei to recover quickly as usual. After all, Gao Fei had the blessing of death and the protection of the desperate virus.

But this time Gao Fei disappointed her. After being hit by an energy beam that surpassed the Protoss, Gao Fei was unable to recover for a long time.

Doctor Strange said with a solemn expression: "The transcendence's ability has surpassed the multiverse and surpassed death, so even the curse of death cannot reverse the damage the transcender caused to Gao Fei. Now he...he may be in danger."

"Damn, there must be another way!" Johnny of Human Torch gritted his teeth and said, "He won't fall down so easily!"

Strange looked at the distant universe and said firmly: "It doesn't matter, we will all sacrifice today, this is our duty and destiny!"

At this moment, the surrounding light lit up - the second group of superheroes who came to support had arrived, and it was Goofy's daughter Carrie who brought everyone here.

However, as soon as Carrie appeared, she saw a scene that was unacceptable to her - half of Goofy's body was blasted into slag, and the whole figure was kneeling on the ground of the moon like a broken sculpture.


An angry Carrie raised her head and rushed towards the transcendence, her fists releasing endless energy.

"Oh? Are you still not giving up?"

The Beyonder smiled coldly, raised his hand and wiped it lightly, erasing Carrie's attack.

"Damn monster!" Carrie did not hesitate, and turned into a planetary devourer to devour the transcendence forcefully.

But the Transcendent remained motionless in front of Carrie's devouring power, completely unaffected, and at this moment, the space-time crack behind the Transcendent suddenly began to widen.

"Oops, the cracks in time and space are getting bigger and bigger, and other Transcendental Protoss are coming!" Mr. Fantastic said with a frown, "Our multiverse is really going to perish..."

"Damn, do we really have no chance of winning?" The Stone Man asked in a low voice.

The invisible woman shook her head gently: "Really, there is really no chance of winning..."

At this moment, Doctor Strange's eyes are still staring at Goofy's direction. He hopes to see Goofy perform a miracle and heal the serious injury on the left side again.

Thor, who had broken an arm, also struggled to climb towards Gao Fei, and shouted in a deep voice: "Stand up, Gao Fei! Stand up again! You are the guardian of the Nine Realms, you are the father of the gods!! "

However, Gao Fei's eyes have dimmed, and he really has no sign of resurrecting again. The undead body, which has never been killed, has completely failed at this moment...

Beyond the Protoss, really beyond everything.

And in the blink of an eye, there were already more transcenders in that space-time crack—two, three, five, ten...

They keep pouring into this multiverse, like parasites.

The young girl Carrie stood at the forefront of the entire front alone, constantly outputting energy to resist the incomparably powerful Transcendent Protoss. When she found that no matter how hard she tried, she could not defeat these ugly-looking humanoid parasites. For the first time, Carrie, who had never met an opponent, felt helpless and hopeless.

Looking back at her father who had always stood behind her, at the man who had helped him and encouraged him again and again since she was a little street child, Carrie's eyes gradually became wet.

The undead monster, who has been on the front line in the face of danger and has never been defeated by bad guys, is now kneeling on the icy ground of the moon, half of his body was blown up, his eyes are empty, and he looks like a sculpture with no spiritual energy. Stone sculpture.

"Dad, stand up quickly..."

"Dad, you can help me..."

"Look at so many enemies, Carrie can't beat her alone..."

Desperate Carrie bit her lip and said aggrievedly, tears couldn't help but burst out of her eyes.

At the same time, there are more and more Transcendental Protoss in the space-time gap in the distance, and the number has exceeded the superheroes present.

Mister Fantastic and Doctor Strange exchanged a deadly look, they were both ready to go to extinction with the entire multiverse, Thor with a broken arm and Hyperion who was blind also stood up again, and they have to continue to fight !

But at this moment, Gao Fei, who was half-kneeling on the ground, suddenly lit up his empty eyes, and Skye, who was standing not far away, first noticed this.

"Wait... Officer Goofy! Officer Goofy isn't dead yet!"

Excited, Skye started calling Goofy Sergeant Goofy again, even though he had stepped down from the NYPD for several years.

Hearing Skye's shout, Carrie hurriedly turned her head to look at the surface of the moon, and at this moment, half of Goofy's body suddenly began to grow, and the fragmented parts that had been bombarded gradually recovered!

At the same time, Gao Fei's throat moved, and a long, dull sound came out.

"Phew... Counterattack... Start!"

Hearing Gao Fei's voice again, Carrie burst into tears with excitement: "Dad! Woohoo... You're not dead? Are you dead?"

"Of course!" The half of Gao Fei's body that had been knocked out in the process of speaking had grown back, and he shook the blood on his body and grew up from the surface of the moon, "Silly girl, you seem to have forgotten that your father is immortal. !"

"But..." Reed looked at Goofy in shock, "but it stands to reason that the strength beyond the Protoss is above death, and the curse of death has expired. How did you come back to life?"

"Yeah..." Doctor Strange was also shocked, "Even after the Life Court was beheaded by the Transcendent, it couldn't be resurrected. Why are you able to resurrect?"

Gao Fei smiled lightly, looked up at the Transcendence Protoss that was pouring out from the cracks in time and space, and said with a smile, "It's the power of faith."

At this time, Gao Fei stepped towards Thor, reached out and gently wiped the wound on Thor's torn right arm, Thor's broken right arm was immediately reattached, no different from before it was torn off.

Gao Fei walked past Hyperion again, wiped Hyperion's eyes, and the blind eyes immediately regained sight. Hyperion shouted excitedly: "I can see! I can see!"

At this time, Gao Fei took off the Infinity Glove on his right hand and threw it at his daughter Carrie: "Then, Carrie, I'll give you a weapon. Although it's not very easy to use, it's better than an empty fist!"

"Okay, Dad!" Carrie wiped her tears, took the Infinity Gloves and put them on her hands.

The transcender saw Gao Fei's sudden increase in strength, and asked dumbfounded: "What the **** is going on?"

Gao Fei didn't answer him, but looked behind him, and looked at the countless Beyond Protoss behind him.

One of the gigantic Transcendents was clearly their leader, and his armor was adorned with two ivory tusks.

"Ivory King! We meet again!"

Gao Fei jumped and flew towards the Transcendence Protoss. The place he passed by, the Transcender didn't have time to fight back, and when Gao Fei approached their bodies, they were directly turned to ashes.

Gao Fei, who had not been able to withstand a blow from the God Race before, suddenly became stronger, and with a wave of his hand, he crushed the Beyond God Race to powder!

" this amazing?" Reed said in shock. "Why is this?"

In the process of speaking, Gao Fei had already come to the ivory king, and the transcendence standing in front of him was the ivory king who once penetrated into a different dimension in the pocket universe.

The ivory king who fell into the different dimension is no longer bound by time and space, and he and his surviving people spread branches and leaves in the different dimension.

After infinite time of evolution and transformation, they have formed a brand new species - beyond the Protoss.

Their energy is far beyond the real universe, and they can even erase one universe after another with ease.

But because they were still the race created by Goofy, and in the last battle, Goofy buried deep fear in their hearts, so even if they changed from the sons of the earth to the Beyond God race, the species had turned upside down. Changes, but they still continue to provide Goofy with faith.

As Goofy said - awe is also a belief.

But when the children of the earth, or beyond the gods, lived in different dimensions, their beliefs were cut off by the different dimensions and could not contribute to Gao Fei, so their beliefs would not have any effect on Gao Fei.

And when they invaded into the multiverse from a different dimension, their beliefs were continuously transmitted to Gao Fei's body through the cracks in time and space.

The stronger the God-beyond, and the more the God-beyond, the stronger Goofi will be, and the more his ability will be improved.

This is also why when there is only one Transcendence, Goofy is not his opponent, but when all Transcendence Protoss descends together, Goofy instantly becomes stronger.

That's why Goofy asked Transcender to call all his accomplices in the first place.

Now that surpassing the power of the gods, he has injected the continuous power of faith into Gao Fei's body, and absorbed the power of belief beyond the gods, and his ability has reached an unprecedented level in an instant.

Single universe level, super universe level, multiverse level?

Gao Fei ignored all.

How strong is beyond the Protoss? Goofy is only stronger than them, stronger than them all combined.

Because Beyond the Protoss has become Gao Fei's power bank, and the source of his infinite divine power!

Looking up at Gao Fei, the leader who surpassed the Protoss, the Ivory King showed a shocked expression on his face.

In the process of the barbaric growth in this different dimension, the Transcendence Protoss has completely forgotten their identity as the son of the earth, and they have almost forgotten the God of Creation, Gao Fei, who almost wiped them out.

They just want to destroy everything, surpass everything, and thus prove their ability.

But now, everything is back to square one, and they have met the **** who hindered them in the first place.

"After all, we meet again... God of Creation." The ivory king said helplessly, and at the same time he felt all hopeless, "Maybe you destroyed us directly many years ago, and things will become simpler."

Gao Fei nodded in agreement: "I didn't kill you completely back then, which gave you the chance to disrupt the universe. Now I won't make the same mistake again. Goodbye, son of the earth, my worst creation."

Speaking of which, Goofy snapped his fingers.


Without the blessing of infinite gloves, Goofy can destroy the entire Transcendence Protoss with only his own divine power.

The ivory king had no intention of resisting at all. He knew that everything was in vain. The deterrence that the God of Creation once caused them still applies. He knew that he and his people were powerless to resist all of this.

Immediately afterwards, all the Transcendental Protoss turned to ashes in an instant under the snap of Gao Fei's fingers, and their bodies became cosmic dust and dissipated in space.

At the same time, Gao Fei's divine power also declined rapidly, and finally returned to its original level. Without surpassing the God Race to provide him with the power of faith, Goo Fei's strength could only be greatly reduced.

But it's all over, and Goofy doesn't need these overflowing powers anymore.

Watching the once mighty Transcendence Protoss be wiped out, Thor asked in disbelief, "We really... succeeded?"

Next to Hyperion, he didn't forget to complain: "It's not that we succeeded, but Gao Fei succeeded."

Reed and Susan hugged each other excitedly. The stone man next to him wanted to hug the Human Torch, but was avoided by the Human Torch.

Tony Stark, who fainted on the ground, woke up at the moment, and shouted through clenched teeth: "Beyond the Protoss... I have fought with you!!"

Carrie, who exhausted all her strength, happily ran to Gao Fei and hugged her father tightly.

"Dad, Daddy! You're amazing! How did you snap your fingers to kill these guys? Also, why are they so afraid of you? Listen to them call you... God of Creation?"

Gao Fei rubbed his daughter's head with a smile, and said softly, "This is a long story, but it can't be explained clearly in a few words."

"Then go home and tell me! You haven't told me a story for a long Carrie said with a smile.

"Of course, I will tell you the complete story, but this story is very long, and it may not be finished in a day or two. Do you have the patience to listen slowly?" Gao Fei asked with a smile.

"There are some!" said Carrie happily. "I want you to tell me from the beginning, not to miss every detail."

"Okay, let's start from the beginning..." Gao Fei agreed repeatedly, his eyes turned to the magnificent blue and blue planet in the distance.

At this moment, he seemed to vaguely see the bustling Brooklyn intersection eleven years ago, and the figure of the Asian young man squatting under the traffic light...

That stubborn young man who wanted to go home inadvertently changed an entire multiverse.

Now he has become the most powerful shelter in the entire universe, and he has gathered a group of sincere comrades beside him...

Time flowed through him like water, converging into a river called memory.

(End of the book)