Before the Ivory King and his White Emperor arrived at the altar, the other four godslayers had already attacked Goofy.

Swordsman, Warrior, Dragon Slayer, Iron Hunter…

Each of the godslayers was like a small hill that could move, and their huge bodies chased after Goofy.

Gao Fei didn't pay attention to them at all. With a light wave of his hand, the space in front of him was split open. These huge steel giants fell into the split space in front of him, and then emerged from the plain in the distance, losing their balance and leaning forward. fell to the ground.

"Damn God of Creation, he's teasing us!"

The ivory king who was sitting in the white king's central control room roared angrily, and at the same time ordered loudly: "Counterattack! Attack him before he reacts!"

But the White Emperor is so huge and clumsy, how easy is it to attack Goofy at the speed of light without reacting?

When the white emperor raised his right arm carrying the gun barrel to aim at Gao Fei, there was a high-pitched dragon cry in the distance.

"hold head high!"

"hold head high!!"

The dragon, loyal to Goofy, fluttered its wings, shooting scorching flames at the stout arm of the white emperor.

The fire burned on the metal arm of the white emperor, but it was not able to immediately destroy the cannon made from the bones of the gods. The ivory king smiled coldly and said in a deep voice: "Bomb these guys to death for me! "

In front of the White Emperor, the giant dragons that originally covered the sky were as small as a group of inconspicuous sparrows. The White Emperor fired an energy cannon and easily smashed the three giant dragons in front of them into pieces before the **** of creation. The ivory king who showed his strength was complacent and asked with a sneer, "Did you see it? God of Creation, our son of the earth will never be slaughtered by you again!"

However, before this sentence was finished, when Gao Fei waved his right hand, the giant dragons in the air that had been bombarded into wreckage by energy suddenly revived in situ, and the fly ash scattered by the wind reassembled into their huge bodies.

What shocked the ivory king was that the reassembled dragon was obviously bigger than the previous dragon. If the previous dragon was compared with the white emperor, it was just a sparrow to provoke hunters, then the current dragon has gone from Sparrows turned into eagles, they are very fierce!

"hold head high!"

"hold head high!"

The dragons roared angrily, spitting out the steel machine that scorched the Ivory King. The Ivory King was shocked, and at the same time recalled a sentence - the God of Creation seems to have the ability to bring the dead back to life.

He remembered what his fathers and grandparents had said before, that the God of Creation has the ability to bring back the dead, but he didn't dare to believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

"I need support! Other godslayers, where are you?!"

asked the flustered Ivory King aloud, beginning to feel fear.

The swordsmen, warriors, dragon slayers and iron hunters who were banished by Gao Fei from the battlefield hurriedly staggered back and slashed towards Gao Fei with the long knives in their hands.

The four huge steel warriors shook the earth as they ran, and the mountains and rivers in the distance even trembled with their pace. He was speechless in shock, but Gao Fei, who was floating in mid-air, completely ignored these huge robots.

"Son of the earth, if you think that a weapon of this level can kill a god, then you are too naive."

Gao Fei stretched out his finger and swiped in the air, and the steel and iron bones of the swordsman were instantly shattered. His body was brutally torn apart by Gao Fei, and the metal parts flashing coldly cracked everywhere at this moment.

More than a dozen children of the earth driving the knife-wielding man fell to the ground from the central control room and fell to the ground, but Gao Fei did not want to revive them.

Looking back at the warrior, Goofy repeated his old tricks and waved his hand lightly, the warrior's drive mechanism was immediately paralyzed, his huge body stopped in place as if frozen, and then starting from his right shoulder - the entire huge steel The body began to turn into ashes and drifted away in the wind...

Then Gao Fei jumped up, grabbed the dragon slayer's huge head and pushed it towards the steel hunter. The two giant machines collided with each other. Neither of them had a chance to attack, and the control system was directly confused.

In the end, Gao Fei moved to the front of the White Emperor in an instant, kicked open the door of the central control room, Gao Fei looked into the eyes of the Ivory King, and asked with a sneer, "Is this the result you want?"

"This this…"

The Ivory King's tone was hesitant.

Of course this was not the result he wanted.

He originally thought that with these five powerful godslayers, their sons of the earth could rub the **** of creation on the ground.

But he never imagined that the reality was so different from his expectations.

When the ivory king looked at Gao Fei, when he looked at the God of Creation, he truly realized the gap between him and the gods, and at the same time, a strong fear flooded into his heart, occupying most of his emotions.

Meanwhile, Goofy actually receives a Faith from the Ivory King—a special Faith, most of which is about fear, or awe.

"I never thought that fear could become faith."

Gao Fei smiled and shook his head.

But after all, the ivory king is a creature he created, and the belief of the ivory king will also provide a source of energy for Goofy.

It's just that Goofy has decided to exterminate the Son of Earth species, and even if the ivory king now provides him with faith, it's too late.

"I once rescued you and saved you from the fate of extinction over and over again, but your performance has disappointed me, and it is your fault for this step."

Goofy shook his head slightly towards the Ivory King, then raised his hand to release a beam of energy.

This powerful energy blasted the Ivory King and other controllers directly into the White Emperor's energy chamber, blasting them into the divine drive that powered the White Emperor.

Gao Fei originally just wanted to destroy all of this, but what he didn't expect was that his energy and the energy in the divine power drive device had the same root and the same source. Although the collision of these two energies caused an explosion, the explosion did not completely destroy it. Son of the earth.

Perhaps the son of the earth should not die, or perhaps it was just a coincidence that the collision of two energies ripped apart space and time, opening a dimension completely independent of the multiverse.

The ivory king and the warriors in his central control room fell into this strange dimension at this moment, which allowed them to survive.

In this strange dimension, the concepts of time and matter are different from the original universe, and in the process of being exiled, the consciousness of the ivory king has been confused.

He has forgotten his name and origin, his country and his people, the only thing he remembers is one thing - I want to destroy the gods, I want to surpass everything...

"I want to destroy the gods, I want to surpass everything..."

"I want to destroy the gods, I want to surpass everything..."

With such obsession, the ivory king completely fell from Goofy's pocket universe into another dimension...


three months later.

Solar system, Earth.

A dark blue shadow is flying towards the earth from the direction of the moon, like an asteroid that has lost its way.

In the defense system of the earth, the first to discover this dark blue shadow is the first line of defense of the earth, and it is also the steel Great Wall outside the earth - the Azure Watcher.

Captain Bruce Banner of the Azure Watcher received a warning signal and immediately analyzed this strange "invader".

"Is it an asteroid? Or some superpower? Can it detect the state of life?" Bruce Banner nervously asked the artificial intelligence system on the Azure Watcher.

"Sorry, Captain, no signs of life have been detected," the AI ​​replied immediately. "We can't be sure he's some kind of psychic."

"Then it's an asteroid, or other interstellar debris." Bruce Banner immediately concluded, "Analyze its potential danger."

"Okay, Captain." The artificial intelligence replied obediently, and the calculation results were given a few seconds later.

"Considering its current speed, superimposed gravitational acceleration and the air resistance provided by the atmosphere, the final calculation shows that once the UFO landed on the earth, it would cause a destructive force equivalent to the combined explosion of three hydrogen bombs."

"Understood..." Bruce Banner nodded lightly, "Then shoot it down immediately!"

"Received!" The Azure Watcher received the order, and then immediately fired at the strange flying object in space.


A dazzling beam of light was emitted from the side of the space battleship, and the last one caught up with the UFO, and then successfully hit the target, including the UFO in a bright light.

However, after just three seconds, the strange and inexplicable blue shadow pierced out of the cannon fire and continued to fly towards the earth.

"Oh, Captain, we're sorry to see that the Azure Watcher's energy blaster can't do any damage to this UFO..." the artificial intelligence said in a frustrated tone.

"Damn, I saw it too..." Bruce Banner's expression was solemn, and at this time, the blue shadow had already crossed the sniper area of ​​the Azure Watcher and flew towards the earth quickly.

"You have to contact the people on the ground as soon as possible..." Bruce Banner picked up the communicator and broadcast the number urgently.

At this moment.

New York.

on the streets of Manhattan.

Tony Stark was driving the unreleased Audi concept car through the crowd when his phone rang.

"Hello, Bruce, how is life in space? I guess you must be lonely..."

"What? UFO? Can the Azure Watcher's energy cannons be blasted? It's equivalent to three hydrogen bombs when it hits the ground?"

"Then why are you calling me? You should contact Gao Fei for this kind of thing!!"

"Huh? He didn't answer the phone? Damn... Can this guy be reliable at critical moments..."

Hanging up the phone, Tony Stark hurriedly called Goofy urgently, as Bruce Banner said, Goofy didn't answer the phone.

"Isn't this guy in the pocket universe again?"

Tony Stark was very familiar with Goofy's life rhythm, and immediately turned around and drove towards Goofy's apartment.

"I'm going to get him out!"

This Audi concept car has excellent performance, and Tony Stark has been speeding up with a little acceleration, but soon Ultron's call came in, and the situation seemed to be more serious than he thought.

"Mr. Stark, Dr. Banner should have told you about the UFO. It is now falling towards New York and is expected to land in twenty minutes..."

Tony Stark looked up at the sky after hearing the words. He could already see the meteorite-like UFO, which caused a dazzling fire when it streaked through the atmosphere, and also attracted the attention of the citizens.

"Look! Meteor!"

"You can even see meteors during the day!"

"Make a wish, make a wish..."

"Meteor Meteor, please bless me with a salary increase in the second half of this year..."

"Ultron, have you contacted your father?" Tony Stark asked Ultron, "Let him stop this UFO, this thing seems to be very powerful, even the energy cannon of the Azure Watcher failed to destroy it."

"I'm in Manhattan now, and I'm going to find my dad right now, huh? Wait..."

Before Ultron could speak, a figure had appeared from the direction of Gao Fei's apartment, and galloped towards the UFO that kept falling in the atmosphere.

Tony Stark called up the telescope function of his multifunctional glasses, locked the figure and looked at it, and found that it was Goofy, jumping from the window to Goofy in the sky.

"This guy got out of his little world." Tony Stark smiled, "Let him solve the next thing."

"Okay, Mr. Stark, goodbye." Ultron hung up the phone decisively, and even made Stark feel a little ruthless.

In the blink of an eye, Gao Fei had come to the sky and merged with the falling blue shadow. He directly passed through the fiery flames surrounding the blue shadow, and came into close contact with the blue shadow. color shadow.

Tony Stark looked at Gao Fei with admiration, and said with emotion: "It's good to have an immortal body. You can go straight to anything you do, without thinking about the consequences at all..."

"Looks like I have to find time to meet death too."

Before he finished speaking, a blue light flashed in front of his eyes. Gao Fei, who was still high in the sky, had used teleportation to come to Tony's car, scaring Tony to slam the steering wheel and apply the brakes.

squeak-! !

The Audi in the galloping state made a harsh sound, and the tire left a long scratch on the road. Tony Stark broke out in a cold sweat and scolded angrily: "Damn it! Goofy, you are trying to harm me. kill me?"

"What are you afraid of, I can modify the reality anyway." Gao Fei smiled lightly, "Keep you alive. I just want to test the performance of this car."

"You don't need to test this..." Tony Stark said angrily, then looked at a blue figure in Goofy's arms, and said in shock, "Wait... Who is he?"

Gao Fei put down the blue figure in his arms and said in a deep voice, "He is the UFO, or - he is a corpse."

"Although I've never met this guy, I suspect he should be Captain Universe."

"Captain of the universe? Is that the eternal messenger? The guy at the single universe level? Is he dead?" Tony asked in shock, "What the **** is going on?"

"I don't know, I just came into contact with him." Gao Fei said, "According to common sense, with my current ability, I can easily reverse a person's life and death, but I tried it just now, but I can't reverse him. ... This shows that his ability is at least at the level of a single universe, plus his costume... I have basically decided that he is the captain of the universe."

Tony frowned at what Goo Fei said, wiped the cold sweat that had just oozing out of his forehead and said, "But he actually... died? A guy at the level of a single universe... If he died, he died? He was in the universe. Attacked? So who threw his body on Earth?"

Goofy said: "I can try to contact him, maybe I can still touch his soul now."

Having said that, Gao Fei reached out and grabbed the wrist of Captain Universe's remains, and then entered the soul world instantly.

Although Captain Universe is not dead on Earth, he may still be able to reach his soul.

The thick fog around him gradually rose, and Gao Fei came to this confused soul world. He reached out and grabbed the soul scepter out of thin air, and then used the soul scepter to emit a dazzling light.

"Come on, Captain Universe, please meet me..."

"I can sense your presence, I know you haven't gone far..."

"Come to me, let's meet, okay?"

With Gao Fei's whispered call, a blue figure gradually lit up in the distance - Captain Universe, who appeared at the end of the soul world.

Gao Fei's figure flickered, and in a blink of an eye, he came to the soul of Captain Universe. The two finally met, but this time the meeting was separated by yin and yang.

"Hello, Captain Universe, what exactly happened?" Gao Fei asked in a low voice, while waiting for Captain Universe's answer.

The soul on the other side seemed to be still in a state of panic. He took a deep breath, then grabbed Goofy's arm and said nervously, "They're here!"

"Who's here?" Gao Fei asked subconsciously, but he guessed the answer as soon as the question came out.

"It's beyond the Protoss, right?"

"Yes!" The soul of Captain Universe nodded heavily, "Beyond the Protoss is coming... They are coming..."

"They slaughtered a group of gods in the current universe. They came to the moon, and the country on the moon, Atlan, was directly wiped out by these cruel guys..."

"I went to the moon with the Tribunal of Life in an attempt to stop them, but... we failed. Their attack was completely beyond our knowledge, and we were completely unable to defeat them with our abilities..."

"Goofy, we're going to... lose."

After saying this, Captain Universe's soul began to gradually dissipate. After all, the place of his death was too far from the earth, and it was very difficult for him to insist on delivering the news to Gao Fei.

After Captain Universe's soul dissipated, Gao Fei also withdrew from the soul world and returned to the real world. Gao Fei conveyed the bad news to Tony.

"The Transcendence Protoss really came. They had landed on the moon before, Atlan was wiped out by the Transcendence Protoss, and the captain of the universe and the Tribunal of Life were also killed by the Transcendence Protoss." Goofy said.

"What? Atlan was wiped?"

Tony hurriedly tried to contact Atlan's Black Bolt, but no one answered.

"Damn! There are so many powerful Inhumans living in Atlan, don't they even have the ability to resist? Can't they even escape? Also... Azure Watchers should be able to capture the information of the moon, why? Dr. Banner didn't receive any signal at all?" Tony said anxiously.

Gao Fei shook his head: "No way, the strength beyond the Protoss is far beyond our cognition range. They want to erase Atlan, and there will be no traces at all..."

Tony clenched his fists depressedly and asked again, "By the way, what is a life court? Is it a court?"

Gao Fei shook his head and said, "No, the Life Court is a figurative existence responsible for overseeing the balance of all reality. It is the most powerful guardian of our multiverse... You can regard him as the strongest combat force in the universe at present."

"Then the strongest combat power in this universe was killed on the moon by the Transcendental Protoss? Is that so?" Tony Stark's voice trembled.

"That's it." Goofy nodded, "At least that's what Captain Universe said."

"Damn... Then aren't we doomed?" Tony asked.

Gao Fei's expression also became solemn: "Tony, there are many dangers in this multiverse, and we will always encounter some opponents that are far stronger than us. This is inevitable..."

"It does look like this." Tony shrugged. "After defeating so many foreign invaders, it is very lucky to be targeted by Beyond Protoss, isn't it?"

Tony then asked, "So what do we do now? Goofy, are we going to the moon?"

"Of course." Goofy said, "In any case, we have to try to keep the battlefield outside the earth. Even if we don't have the ability to defeat the Transcendence Protoss, we have to try."

Having said that, Gao Fei turned on the communicator and contacted Ultron.

"Ultron, help me contact the superheroes near New York, we need to go to the moon immediately, the sooner the better."


After two hours.

Dark areas on the lunar surface.

The place where the Inhuman city-state Atlan was originally established has become a huge crater, with no trace of life surviving on the surface. It seems that Captain Universe is right. Beyond the Protoss really directly erased Atlan.

And outside the Atlan crater, there is a huge, golden humanoid remains.

The corpse looked like a golden metal wall laying across the surface of the moon, and the surface of his body was covered with deep ravines.

"This is the Court of Life?" Tony, wearing an Iron Man suit, asked in a low voice.

"It should be him." Gao Fei used the lower gravity on the moon to gently float into the air, overlooking the giant in front of him. He is the combination of all the realities of the multiverse. Each gully represents a real possibility..."

"I have also heard of the Court of Life. He is the most powerful being in the universe." At this time, a guy also covered in golden floated to Gao Fei's side. He was the Eternal Protoss living on Earth - Hyperion .

On the ground, Thor, the **** of thunder, took a hammer and walked to the body of the Court of Life, then reached out and poked at the remains of the cosmic power, nodded and said: "Well, his body is indeed strong and unusual, stronger than the vibranium on the earth. As strong as our metal urlus in Asgard..."

Then he looked at the front of the torso of the Court of Life, shook his head and said, "But it seems that those beyond the Protoss directly cut off his head? Damn, what is the origin of these monsters? Why do they have such powerful abilities?"

"I don't know either..." Goofy shrugged, "I only know that they come from a different dimension completely independent of the multiverse, I don't even know their intentions, they seem to be keen to destroy everything, they seem to be like I want to prove something, keep killing, killing..."

"They also like to choose gods to start with. Captain Universe said that before they came to the moon, they slaughtered a group of cosmic gods with their own hands."

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