Gao Fei's pace looked very light, but it was extremely fast, and in a flash, he walked from the foot of the mountain to the ridge, and approached the habitat of the salamander.

The hunters behind him are persevering and follow Gaofei all the time. This is the characteristic of the son of the earth - perseverance.

When they want to investigate or kill a target, only death can stop them.

However, these nimble hunters were completely left behind by Goofy, and these guys found that no matter how fast they accelerated, they could never catch up to Goofy.

"Damn, why is he so fast?"

"He really is a monster!"

"He must be a monster, this **** evil!"

Although they were sure of Gao Fei's identity, these hunters did not give up chasing, they still pursued closely, and they were not afraid at all.

Gao Fei was too lazy to pay attention to them, he was on his own way, and he was about to come to the ridge, but the hunters behind him began to remind him for some unknown purpose.

"Be careful, the salamander's territory is ahead!"

"Go any further and you will die!"

"With your current outfit, you are no match for those salamanders at all."

Gao Fei was amused for a while - just now he thought of me as an evil spirit and a monster, and wanted to kill me quickly, but now he is worried about my safety.

But after a little pondering, Gao Fei can actually figure it out.

The Son of Earth tried to kill him to prove his strength, and if Goofy was killed by the salamander, then the Son of Earth would have no way to kill him to prove his strength.

At this moment, a deafening roar suddenly came from the ridge. It was the salamander that had sensed the presence of the intruders and was using its roar to drive them away.

Although the son of the earth was well equipped, he quickly prepared for battle under the roar of the salamander.

"Be careful…"


Before he finished speaking, three adult salamanders emerged from the ridge. They looked at Gao Fei with their big scarlet eyes, as if testing the condition of their prey.

The son of the earth hurriedly found a cover to hide, and then searched for the best angle to hunt salamanders.

At the same time, they began to sympathize with Goofy, because Goofy, who was unarmed and didn't even wear armor, was obviously no match for the salamander. Once the salamander spewed flames, it could burn Goofy to ashes in an instant.

"This guy is dead..."

"It's over, wait for him to turn into a pile of ashes."

"This hateful monster, let the salamander clean him up..."

However, at this moment, the salamander on the hillside had come to Gao Fei's side, but to the surprise of these hunters, the salamander did not attack Gao Fei.

On the contrary, these cruel monsters not only did not attack Gao Fei, but docilely crawled at Gao Fei's feet, as if they were loyal pet dogs, waiting for their master to feed.

The children of the earth are dumbfounded - when did the murderous salamander change?

However, Gao Fei smiled. He didn't expect the salamander, which is not an intelligent life, to be so humane.

Presumably, these reptiles sensed the distinctive aura of Goofy, and could even perceive that Goofy could change their fate, so they crawl at Goofy's feet, praying devoutly for Goofy's gift.

And there is no doubt that the salamander clan during this time is indeed too difficult.

The newly born elves are obviously their natural enemies, and the children of the earth can slaughter them at will after mastering the flames and metal tools - the original kings on the continent have now become pitiful creatures hiding everywhere, and they really need the protection of gods in order to continue. survive.

Fortunately, these reptiles meet Goofy today, and Goofy is here to fix an increasingly unbalanced world.

Looking down at the salamander, he couldn't help shaking his head and laughing: "Even these monsters with undeveloped intelligence know that they have basic respect for the creator, but the son of the earth is just asking for it..."

Before he finished speaking, the hunters who were hiding in the distance stood up and shot at Gao Fei and the Salamander. The sharp crossbow arrows flew towards Gao Fei and the Salamander.

Goofy's body is surrounded by the protection of Asgard's divine power, and naturally he will not be shot by these arrows, but these three salamanders are not so lucky - two of them are closer to Goofy and are also shot by Goofy. The Asgardian power of Asgard sheltered it, but one was far away from Gaofei, and its body was directly pierced by the sharp crossbow arrows of the Son of Earth.

With a puff, blood flowed.

Several hunters immediately became excited - although they did not understand why Goofy was able to withstand their crossbow bolts, at least one prey was hit, and this was victory.

The salamander shot in the distance showed a painful expression on its face, but it did not fall to the ground in despair and waited to die, but struggled towards Gao Fei and crawled over.

Gao Fei couldn't help laughing: "What a smart guy, it seems that I underestimated your IQ."

The hunters of the Son of Earth were puzzled—why did this strange monster crawl to the side of the strange person.

Under the onlookers of hunters, the injured salamander finally climbed to Gao Fei's side. It looked up at Gao Fei eagerly, with a desire for survival and a sincere prayer in its eyes.

Although it can't speak, it seems to say to Goofy - merciful Lord, please save us, please save us!

Gao Fei did not refuse the salamander's request, because this request was precisely the purpose of Gao Fei's arrival to Blue Star this time. He stretched out his hand towards the salamander and wiped it lightly, the sharp arrow stuck in its stomach. disappeared.

With another backhand swipe, the wound on the salamander's stomach suddenly healed. Except for the blood stains on the salamander's belly, there was no trace of injury anywhere else at all.

The salamander, which was on the verge of death in one second, stood up alive the next second. It looked at Gao Fei gratefully, and then gently rubbed its huge head against Gao Fei's body.

And the hunters in the distance are simply stupid - who is this guy? Why does he have the ability to bring the dead back to life?

One of the hunters rolled his eyes and came to a "reliable" conclusion.

"I see! He is the **** of salamanders! He is the protector of salamanders! He appeared in the salamander habitat, the salamanders are very close to him, and he can bring salamanders back to life... Doesn't this mean that, Is he the protector of salamanders?"

Another hunter nodded quickly and said, "That's right! He is the **** of lizards!"

Hearing this, Goofy couldn't help laughing - what **** of lizards, what protector of salamanders, is your imagination so mediocre, children of the earth?

He smiled lightly, too lazy to care about the son of the earth, and once again stroked the salamander next to him with his palm, directly modifying its genes at the microscopic level.

The salamander felt that its body was suddenly being controlled by someone, and at first it trembled in panic, but when it looked back and saw that the person controlling it was Gao Fei, this rather psychic guy suddenly calmed down and let it go. Goofy modification.

"What a smart guy..."

Gao Fei couldn't help sighing, this salamander seemed to be able to distinguish other people's intentions towards it, and it was precisely because of the salamander's trust that Gao Fei was very careful in the process of modifying it.

First, its limbs were changed to make its legs stronger, and then its head was modified to expand its brain capacity.

The salamander's originally huge head was pinched longer by Goofy, and at the same time two hideous bone tentacles protruded from the end of the head. Next, Goofi made a big fuss on the salamander's back and pulled out a pair of broad and handsome The membrane wing is coming!

"The children of the earth hunted you too much, which made you almost extinct, but if you are given wings, I don't think the children of the earth will be able to drive you out."

Before he finished speaking, the original salamander had been transformed. Its size was now two to three times larger than before, and its wings could almost cover the sky.

The salamander, whose brain was also strengthened, became more intelligent. It quickly mastered the use of its wings, and glanced back at its newly acquired equipment. The salamander walked to the top of the mountain excitedly, and then gliding up.

"hold head high!!"

The huge salamander fluttered its wings and hovered gracefully on the ridge. This scene made the children of the earth terrified - the fire-breathing monsters had almost wiped out them, but now these monsters suddenly learned to fly!

Seeing that the salamander has been improved to be so mighty, Gao Fei showed a relieved smile on his face.

With these cute little guys, the children of the earth can finally get their limits.

Thinking of this, Gao Fei raised his hand and modified the second and third salamanders. Goofy's modifications to them were different, but they all undoubtedly improved their survivability.

The hunters hiding in the distance were already scared away by the changes in front of them, and they all fled towards the mountain.

"The **** of lizards has come, and our disaster is here!"

"He tampered with the lizards, he modified these horrible monsters with his demonic power!"

"We must tell the children of the earth about this disaster, and we must prepare for defense immediately..."

Gao Fei looked at these fleeing hunters, smiled lightly, and said to them: "I am not the **** of lizards, I am your creator, the creator of this universe. Now these salamanders are no longer lizards. , you might as well call them... dragons!"


The hunters who fled finally escaped, and the fire-breathing dragon soaring in the sky did not take their lives.

But the children of the earth are destined to be unable to escape the ravages of the dragon, and their era of ruling the continent has finally come to an end.

When they were still addicted to siege and war, the salamanders had already undergone a qualitative change overnight, from a reptile that could only crawl on land to a giant dragon that could soar for nine days.

These behemoths descended upon the city of the Sons of Earth without warning, and then sprayed flames to set fire to the houses they had worked so hard to maintain.

The appearance of the giant dragon is simply the worst nightmare for the children of the earth. They never expected that these powerful salamanders could fly into the sky. At this time, these proud, arrogant, and self-proclaimed children of the earth are the masters of the continent. It was only then that they discovered that they were completely powerless in the face of such a monster that soared for nine days.

They can only suspend the war, suspend the claim to nature, abandon the cities and houses they have built, and hide in places where no dragons can fly.

They returned to their desperate lives again, looking for places where they could not be ravaged by dragons to recuperate.

In just a few decades, the number of children of the earth has plummeted by 70%, and correspondingly, the sea clan has revived and the children of elves have left the depths of the jungle and returned to the mainland.

For Gao Fei, the worship value that Blue Star can provide has gradually recovered, and his power of belief has become stronger and stronger.

However, the indomitable sons of the earth did not sink. They lost their territory, lost their cities, and lost most of their citizens, but they did not lose their fighting spirit, nor did they lose their own technology.

Although they retreated to the remote mountains, they were always thinking about counterattacking back.

Since they can defeat the salamander, then they must be able to defeat the dragon - this is their simplest idea, and it is their determination.

At this moment, a prince of the old country took the initiative to stand up and gather the remaining sons of the earth together.

And because this prince likes to decorate himself with the teeth of a giant beast - ivory, the children of the earth appropriately call him "the ivory prince".

Under the leadership of the Ivory Prince, the children of the earth regrouped in the mountains.

"The dragons are not invincible." The ivory prince kept encouraging the morale of the people. "They are just salamanders with wings attached. Since we can defeat the salamanders, we have the ability to defeat the dragons."

"But venerable Prince of Ivory, these dragons are the work of the Creator, and my grandfather once witnessed the coming of the Creator, and with a wave of his hand he could come back to life, and with a wave of his hand he turned the salamanders into these flying dragons... "

"The birth of the giant dragon is a punishment from the creator. The creator is dissatisfied with the stubbornness of our sons of the earth, and we are dissatisfied with our endless demands from nature." A son of the earth said.

"What about the creator? The creator let our son of the earth die, will our son of the earth die?" The ivory prince turned to look at the son of the earth and asked in a deep voice.

His cross-examination was immediately supported by other compatriots.

"The creator let us die, shall we die?"

"The creator let us die, shall we die?"

"The creator let us die, shall we die?"

But there are also god-fearing factions among the children of the earth. After all, their ancestors tried to kill salamanders to prove their bravery, but in the end they were almost completely wiped out by salamanders.

"Prince Ivory, how can we provoke the gods? Now our goal should be to save our lives, not to fight the gods..."

But the ivory prince shook his head resolutely: "No, of course we have to challenge the gods! The gods can create dragons to destroy us today, and tomorrow they can create other species to destroy us! The gods will not die for a day! Our sons of the earth will not be peaceful for a day!"

"Only when we slaughter the gods with our own hands will the peace and happiness of the children of the earth come!"

Speaking of which, the Ivory Prince clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, "We want to kill God! We want to kill God!"

The children of the earth were encouraged by the speech of the ivory prince, and shouted after him: "We are going to kill the gods! We are going to kill the gods!"

At this moment.

The creator of Blue Star, Gao Fei, did not have time to carefully observe what the children of the earth were saying.

The birth of the giant dragon has successfully restrained the development of the Son of Earth, and the next thing needs to be adjusted by Blue Star.

at the same time.

Other planets in the pocket universe also have the germination of life. Goofy must speed up the flow of time to breed these new lives. After all, the more lives he has, the more beliefs he can acquire.

It's just that once the speed of time speeds up, the time on the Blue Star will also develop accordingly.

The ivory prince who united the sons of the earth became the ivory king, and then died of old age, and his son succeeded him again and became the second ivory king...

The son of the earth has also evolved from fleeing everywhere to find a specific habitat, re-cultivation and recovery.

The stabilized children of the earth flexibly used the previous technology, and specially developed a huge bed crossbow that can shoot and kill fire-breathing dragons. Under the protection of the bed crossbow, they can finally re-establish city-states, mine ores, and continue to climb the technology tree.

Stimulated by the giant dragon, instead of being discouraged, the children of the earth at this time became more aggressive.

They know that the biggest threat right now is not only from those flying dragons that can soar in the sky and blow flames to destroy a city, but also from the creator **** who can bring back the dead and modify salamanders at will, so the slaughter giant The sons of the earth after the dragon did not stop there, they still have a grander goal - to kill the gods!

Five hundred years later.

The son of the earth invented the steam engine and promoted the industrial revolution.

Seven hundred years later.

The son of the earth went deep into the jungle, discovered the existence of elves, and fought fiercely with the elf king Kasas at that time, and both lost.

A thousand years later, the descendants of the sea tribe were unfortunately stranded and rescued by a certain son of the earth in Binhai. The two fell in love for a long time, and they gave birth to a half-blood child with the blood of God.

Thirteen hundred years later, the son of the earth and the elves signed a peace agreement.

After 1,700 years, the technology of the children of the earth and the magic of the elves merged with each other, and a new energy source, the divine power drive device, came out. The discovery of this energy has completely changed the pattern of Blue Star, and it has also raised the combat effectiveness of the Son of Earth to an unprecedented level. The Son of Earth can use the divine power drive device to power the huge mechanical equipment, which makes their ambitions expand again.

They used the bones of God to create steel warriors as high as mountains and indestructible. Each steel warrior needs more than ten sons of the earth to sneak into the central control room on his chest. These steel warriors can easily level a city. A fist can shatter a mountain.

The ivory king named these mechanical warriors "Godslayers". His goal was to drive such warriors to destroy the God of Creation. He devoted his entire country and spent three generations to build five "Godslayers". ", and after the Godslayer was built, the Ivory King began to challenge the gods.

He built an altar on the tallest mountain in the middle of the continent, and dispatched his men to point at the sky to fight day and night.

He condemned the God of Creation, and condemned the God of Creation for sending down dragons to slaughter them. Although the elves and sea clans discouraged them, the Son of Earth and the King of Ivory remained stubborn.

"Our sons of the earth are the greatest race between heaven and earth, and we can surpass everything!"

"The God of Creation can't limit the pace of our transcendence, he can't stop us!"

"Does he think that if he brings disaster to us, he can stop our steps? Our sons of the earth will not give up easily..."

"It's time for revenge, it's time to count the guilt of the God of Creation, and then put him on the final judgment!"

Of course Gao Fei heard the battle of the sons of the earth, but he never had time to pay attention to them.

The style of the children of the earth is very familiar to Gao Fei, and they like to prove themselves by killing the strong.

Back then, the Sons of the Earth did everything possible to slaughter the salamanders, which is the best proof, but now they have changed the target from salamanders to Goofy.

They drove the towering "God Killer" to provoke Gao Fei in every possible way, looking forward to Gao Fei's arrival.

"These creatures are destined to be unsuitable as vessels for providing faith. In this case, why don't I end all this?"

Gao Fei looked at the restless son of the earth on the blue star, shook his head and sighed,

"I bred high-level creatures on Blue Star to collect beliefs, not to be idle. Since they can't meet my expectations, why should I keep them?"

Thinking of this, Gao Fei drove the space gem, he came to the pocket universe again, and descended on the very rich Blue Star that had already developed.

Gao Fei satisfied the demands of the son of the earth and landed precisely on the God-killing altar set up by them, and the priests who guarded the altar were shocked when they saw that the God of Creation really came here.

"Look! Look!"

"What is that? Is it a person? He descended from the sky and came from within the ethereal space!"

"It's the God of Creation! It's really the God of Creation!"

"The God of Creation is here! The God of Creation heard our fight, and he has come to fight!"

The priests rushed to tell each other, and informed the ivory king in the kingdom of this important news, and the ivory king quickly took his own guards and personal soldiers and boarded the most powerful "god killer" - the white emperor. control room.

The white emperor is five hundred and thirty-one meters high, like a lighthouse standing on the edge of the coast. When he stepped forward, the whole earth trembled.

And the other godslayers next to the altar—the swordsman, the warrior, the dragon slayer, and the iron hunter, their drivers also entered the cab one after another, and drove these behemoths toward Gao Fei.

At this time, Gao Fei was floating above the altar, quietly observing these giant mecha monsters attacking him, he shook his head lightly, and said disappointedly: "Do you try to kill a **** just based on these? ? Son of the earth, your abilities still haven't matched your ambitions..."

Before he finished speaking, Gao Fei raised his hand, stuck out his index finger, and sent a bright light toward the sky.

And as the light bloomed, a high-pitched dragon roar suddenly sounded in the Ang! "

"hold head high!!"

The giant dragons who were driven to the ends of the earth by the son of the earth sensed the call of the gods of creation, and soared toward the kingdom of the son of the earth again. city-state.

The guards in the city-state saw these giant dragons attacking, and they started the bed crossbows on the city wall to shoot at the sky. However, these giant dragons seemed to be blessed by some kind of divine power. turned into ashes and completely dissipated...

Flames ignited from the city, and the pained wailing of the children of the earth rose and fell one after another. The ivory king who was rushing to the altar saw this scene and gritted his teeth to speed up the process under his feet.

"The God of Creation is coming, and the end of the son of the earth is coming. Unless we succeed in killing the gods, we can stop all this!"

The ivory king knew that he had no way out. After all, he personally attracted the God of Creation to this land. Now this will be a last-ditch battle. The outcome of the war directly determines the survival of the son of the earth!

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