In southern New York, Brooklyn is a straight, spacious, but dirty, dilapidated street.

At night, the commercial streets, office buildings and residential buildings in the distance light up with dim lights.

A young Asian man, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, sneakily squatted beside a crossroads outside East Fulaibash. He has been on the street for more than four hours.

His name is Gao Fei, he is an unemployed young man, and he did not belong to this world originally.

Eighteen hours ago, Gao Fei woke up from his dream and found himself in a completely unfamiliar world. At the same time, a memory that did not belong to him appeared in his mind - this is America, which is the same as a certain western country in his original world. In addition, there are many "celebrities" known to Goofy in this world.

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Norman Osborn…

The characters that originally appeared only in comics and movies have become real characters in this world, and Goofy has also become a member of this world.

Not only that, but Gao Fei who came through is also bound with a "superhero system", and Gao Fei can upgrade by acquiring other people's "worship points" or "admiration points" (), thereby improving his own various items. Attributes.

It seems that traveling with the system is a very exciting thing, but Gao Fei collapsed.

As a senior otaku, he doesn't want to travel, let alone travel to the Marvel world that destroys the world at every turn!

Gao Fei just wanted to go back to the world that belonged to him, sit on the sofa of his own house, open a bottle of Fat House Happy Water, and watch the superheroes on TV fight, instead of being a superhero himself!

So Gao Fei decided that he had to go back! Go back to the original world!

Fortunately, there is no such thing as an invincible way. There is a bug in the "superhero system" - after the death of the host Goofy, the host can return to the original world before crossing.

However, this is a system full of positive energy that conforms to the core values ​​of Archaeology. This system strictly prohibits all behaviors that are harmful to the physical and mental growth of the host, which means that the host must never end his life by means of self-discipline, self-mutilation, etc. , and even smoking, alcohol abuse and other bad habits that are detrimental to physical health are unenforceable.

Once the host has a tendency to harm itself, the system will automatically take over the control of the host's body.

In the same way, actively picking quarrels and provoking trouble and endangering the personal safety of others is also explicitly prohibited by the system, which means that Gao Fei cannot instigate passers-by in the Marvel world to kill him, thus forcibly dying.

Under the constraints of the superhero system, Goofy can hardly find a way to kill quickly, but as a system full of positive energy, all self-sacrificing behaviors are allowed by the system.

That is, if the host is protecting others, public safety, or collective property, then he can do his own harm—in other words, you can't kill for no reason, but you can Sacrifice for righteousness.

In the "simple and simple" Brooklyn area, it is too simple to want to die heroically. This task is not challenging at all. For example, this crossroads in front of Gao Fei is a good place to die heroically.

On one side is East Frybash, a famous black district in Brooklyn, and on the other is the famous dirty nightclub "Dark Frontier" in the southern district. Drunk driving, drug driving, and unlicensed driving abound, which makes this intersection in front of you known as "Death Crossing". " is notorious for the nickname.

In the first half of the year, a total of 19 traffic accidents occurred at this intersection, of which two people were killed on the spot. A considerable part of the Brooklyn police force was deployed here, but unfortunately, the results were limited.

No police car has come to station tonight. The unruly prodigals around him have completely liberated their nature. In Gao Fei's opinion, this "junction of death" is the door for him to return to the real world.

The hazy night is like a deadly bell. As the night gets darker, the nocturnal animals in the city gradually begin to lose their senses.

Subwoofers roared in the hustle and bustle of the nightclub in the distance, vulgar cursing sounds were heard from time to time in East Fuleiba, and the hurried passers-by on the sidewalk looked around cautiously, and the native Brooklynites knew that this was the brink of hell.

Gao Fei stared intently at the intersection, waiting for a speeding fast car to rush out.

"Come on, come on, where have all the bikers gone? When did Brooklynites be so law-abiding? I'm so disappointed!"

The hard work paid off, and Gao Fei's nearly five-hour wait was not in vain. With the two beams of LED headlights moving from far to near, a violent engine roar suddenly came from the streets of the southern district. The sports car gallops with exhaust!

At this time, there were four pedestrians passing by on the sidewalk. Two of the white aunts were alert to the danger and took small steps to dodge to the side. A black young man was tall, and left the danger in two steps. In the area, a young nurse with earphones was left, who knew nothing about the speeding car, and was still walking around on the edge of death.

Gao Fei's mouth curled into a smile: "I just like your spirit of not being afraid of death!"

"Boom boom boom..."

The sound of the engine became more and more restless, and the yellow sports car ran through the red light and headed straight for the crosswalk. If nothing else happened, the nurse would soon be sent to the sky.

At the critical moment, Gao Fei jumped up like a cheetah, he walked around the crowd in front of him in three steps, and jumped to the nurse on the sidewalk with his feet.

"Be careful!"

The nurse was first shaken by the headlights of the speeding sports car, and then saw the high flying like a hungry tiger on the opposite side. The two completely different shocks in both directions caught her off guard, and she threw away the leather bag in her hand in horror screamed.

But her cry only lasted for a short second, and soon she was pushed out by Gao Fei. At this time, a harsh brake sounded, and the yellow sports car braked urgently, and two deep black tire lines were drawn on the ground. , and then "bang" knocked Gao Fei to the ground.

Gao Fei rolled around twice, and the surroundings were dead silent.

After a while, a terrified scream broke out from the crowd.

"It's fatal!"

"Someone was hit and killed again!"

"It's really the intersection of death..."

"Call an ambulance!"

But about half a minute later, Gao Fei, who was knocked into the air, struggled to get up.

"Damn, he didn't die..."

Gao Fei only felt that his left elbow was in great pain, it should be broken, and 80% of it was still shattered, but his consciousness was very clear, and he had no intention of dying - obviously, he failed to sacrifice successfully.

Depressed, Gao Fei turned his head angrily and walked towards the yellow sports car that ran a red light and hit someone.

At this time, the driver of the yellow sports car timidly climbed out of the car. With so many people watching, it is not a good idea to hit and run.

This is a strong middle-aged Hispanic man with the smell of alcohol on his body. Obviously, he must have just had a good drink in "Dark Edge".

"How did you drive?" Gao Fei, regardless of the severe pain in his left arm, rushed up and picked up the middle-aged man's collar.

"Yes... I'm sorry, I..." The middle-aged man's attitude was not bad, he wanted to apologize with a big tongue.

But Gao Fei's next sentence abruptly gagged all his words back into his mouth.

"...How come you can't even kill someone?!"

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