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Goofy can’t get out of the Marvel world, and only death can force him to quit.

But the stupid system does not allow Gao Fei to die for no reason, only Gao Fei is allowed to sacrifice heroically for justice!

So in the Marvel world, there is an undead monster that provokes the villain everywhere!

“Loki, you are too weak!”

“Chitarui, shoot at me!”

“Dormammu, I’m here to die!”

” Thanos, snap your fingers!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ACSG
Alternate Title:美漫生存指南
Author:I'm burning my head in the village
Weekly Rank:#5642
Monthly Rank:#5971
All Time Rank:#3948
Tags:Fearless Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Racism, Slave Protagonist, System,
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67 Comments on “American Comic Survival Guide
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  1. This novel was good because if the MC wanting to die to traverse back according to the System but only heroically sacrificing himself (not deliberately) but something strange always happen to save him from dying. Later at the 170+ chapters, the novel become stupid and all passerby, Heroes (Vigilants) and government IQ dropped to almost zero. The thing about the Superpower Registration Act (Paranormal Registration Act) destroyed the novel, since he stayed as a police officer the author decided to had a Registration Act for superpowers User (Mutants) to apprehend anyone that didn't register as criminal just to make a fight and give MC "Worship Points", that dumb plot destroyed the whole novel just to satisfy the author and the readers (Chinese) satisfaction by destroying, acting as Police (Criminal) and ...... (D*MN I'm writing everything in my head i don't know what e la se to add...)

  2. Really want mtl translate this novel,it for faloo American Comics: Containment Foundation from Scratch https://wap.faloo.com/1217861.html

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