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Do you long for golden thighs?

“No, I long for big legs!” Ye Hua thought without thinking.

“I’m afraid it’s not a salty fish that is not intelligent? With my golden thigh and my golden thigh, it is easy to go to the top of life. You have everything you want.”

“It makes sense, then … I long for the golden thigh!” Ye Hua stroked his chin and answered with a little thought.

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:ATG
Alternate Title:全能科技巨头
Author:Zhaoling Siyu
Weekly Rank:#3940
Monthly Rank:#3911
All Time Rank:#2754
Tags:Male Protagonist, Modern Day,
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8 Comments on “Almighty Technology Giant
  1. Mc just think about technology, But never think about what produced those technology. Mc want to makes chip. But think who can supply it to him. And in case they failed to supply it, mc think that it will cause a lot of trouble. See it? Too stupid. Can mc just make a new one? Ask those countries for supply? why don't he just make a new one? Why need to ask them for supply? Wasting too much time. It need to cross the sea, what happen if the sea are not calm? Then the ship broke down and sink? And what if they deliberately cause trouble? Don't he think about it? Mc already make them troubled by his holographic. Shit. Yea. Suck. Mc want to make his island, technological island, but he never think about creating those production line. Stupid. Just acting like he new everything. But mc obviously just stupid.

  2. See this what stupid mc think. "And now or in the future, a small market may only have tens of thousands of tablets. What should I do? At this time, if a large-scale investment by a manufacturer raises a question, can you make money back? If you are the boss I will definitely hesitate, and this hesitation will be a big problem. I said before that no link can be dropped, and the hesitation of the entire semiconductor industry will be disturbed. This will hinder technological innovation. At this time, I What the coastline company has to do is to sell decisively and leave the house early to find a home." Too stupid, that's what happen, because those company are not his own. It better if mc has his own. Don't need to think to much. Suck. Mc can think abiut those problem, but he can't even solve such simple things. Just because he so obsessed with following other doing things, mc don't want to create a new one. Then making a lot of sh*t excuses. Don't he even think, if he order those things from those countries, would they raise their price higher? And what if they raise their price? Then would mc consider creating his own? It would be too late then. Mc brain only think about difficult things, he never thinks about simple things. So every solution mc comes up with, all are difficult solution, never ever have any simple solutions. Rewrite the novel(Don't mind), I just want to kill that mc, and replace him. Such simple thing but mc make it so difficult. Stupid f**k.

  3. Even when mc got all those knowledge, mc still stupid. All he things are what technology to do, Not the things to make them. And mc don't even have a research center. And, mc does not look like a boss at all, he has all the technology, but he the only one that can make it, why mc don't think to attracted talents from various university, to do research for him? He can just give it to them one by one. And when he has to make a nee technology, he can just give it to them to try it. This not, mc only does it himself, no one cna help him, waste. And mc just waste money buying an island? For starter, it would be better to buy an entire building. Stupid.

  4. And I really don't understand. Why would mc so obsessed to follow others style? Because he buy aristocratic villa, because he has money? he needs to be like that? Suck. Other rich people don't even be like him. Even when other mcs buy billions of villa, they just eat like usual. And, it better to stay at his house before he bought the new one. Because no one can disturbed them, even cooking can let the two women do it for him. Now what? Let the maids do the cooking, and let the two womens more deteriorated. No longer do the laundry for him. Even when he want to do those ****, only in bedroom or bathroom. And mc, only do things without thinking so much, after he do something, would mc think what would happens later. Stupid. And mc has a lot of knowledge of technologies, why he only thinks of holographic for his company? And mc want to commercialized those. Why don't he think how to simplify it? Make it smaller? How to attach to phone, or make a new phone? New Chips? What? Tsk. And Mc don't have any of those things at all, why? Because he don't even think to buy those production stuff. Make it his own specialty. Mc only think about building, when the headquarters finished, how much is it etc..

  5. And 1 more thing, why mc soo obsessed with resign ? Just because those old thigs are already resign and living leisurely, and money going in? Do he think that he the same years as them? Suck. Mc just started the company, and already thinking about resign. Stupid. If he resign, then what about those technologies in his brain? Just throw it away? Waste. Mc resign, just to follow others, and living leisurely, and money kept coming, but mc don't even think how hard they work to get to where their now. All mc knows are from novel, too stupid. Did he thinks his world are the same as the those novels?

  6. Don't care about me, I just like to comments. If mtl have comment section below their chapter, it would be nice. This novel is good, just mc are too obsessed with things that he only know from novels, not from real life situation. Aihh , mc can just live leisurely, why he need to follow those decaying people in novels. Tsk.

  7. zZz, even business, mc always like to follow others style of doing things. zZz. Other do this to gain fame. Mc follow along. When they to that, mc follow along too. Too Stupid. Mc already have a lot of technologies in his head, why he need to follow other examples in doing business? Others mc, when they have technology, they did their own, not follow others. What other said, they just ignore. This mc not. When other critique, he compromise, Don't even know what to do. Huh

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