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Lu Shan had dropped a Upgrade Box in an online game, but he never thought that while using the soul binding function of the equipment, he would actually bind this Upgrade Box to his soul.

Thus, in the real world, Lu Shan possessed a cheating tool that could be called heaven defying … Orange juice + carrot juice + pumpkin juice + tomato sauce can be synthesized into life potions.

The effect of the Life Potion was to recover HP, regardless of cancer, love or missing arms or legs. As long as the HP was restored to full health, even people who were about to lose their life would be able to recover in an instant. Wild chrysanthemum + lily + rose + jasmine can synthesize mind medicine.

Spirit Potion could increase memory and thinking abilities. As long as one had enough spirit potions, even idiots could become Edison.

An old jacket with ruby + sapphire + emerald. It could increase Agility, Strength, Spirit, Gaga

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Short Title:ALS
Original Title:全能升级系统
Author:Yi Long
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Urban Life
Weekly Rank:#501
Monthly Rank:#345
All Time Rank:#132
Tags:Action, beautiful heroine, Betrayal, Character Development, Cultivation, Destiny, Harem, Identity Crisis, Martial arts, Modern Day, Murder, Nightmare, Revenge, Second Chance, Special Abilitie, Teamwork, Tragic Past, Trap, Tsundere, Urban, Weak to Strong,

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  1. Filho da puta que coloca 2500 cap na capa vai tomar banho, vim aqui todo animado para ler um romance longo aí eu olho quantos capítulos tem 0 já fico putooo.

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