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Han Ze’s biggest wish in his life is to have a child. However, in the interstellar era with low fertility value, this wish is very slim, and his life has not been realized at the end of his life.
After his death, due to his obsession, he was bound by the almighty dad system, traveling through different planes to be a father to those children who were in urgent need of help.

Patriarchal Dad (Completed)
Upstart Cheating Dad (Completed)
Abuse Dad (Completed)
Playful Daddy (Completed)
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Content Labels: Ability System Fast Passing Through Books
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Short Title:AD
Alternate Title:全能奶爸[快穿]
Author:Blue Sky
Weekly Rank:#1757
Monthly Rank:#1777
All Time Rank:#6374
Tags:Childcare, Family, Male Protagonist, Quick Transmigration, System, World Hopping,
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12 Comments on “Almighty Dad
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  1. This story is not bad. At first i thought just give it a try and it was awesome. In this story mc is interstellar person and he badly wants to have a child . But it got literally impossible to have one for interstellar’s gene problem. Then i guess mc got a system as he is constantly world hopping. And i don’t know why there was some problem with the system that i didn’t understand like his elder brother manipulating the scenes behind .🥴 I really love all arcs. As mc truly gets into character it was really a funny thing.And our mc saves all child from suffering . It is really a heartwarming story . 🥺 Anyway i like it. Don’t know whether you’ll like or not. You can just give it a try .😊 Hey,it’s my first time writing a review. So there may be some error.Forgive me if there any. ❤️❤️

  2. Should I read this? I usually see good reviews from these bland-not well thought hopping novels. There was one previously where MC is good husband. But honestly it made my head hurt.

  3. Try: 1) After the Boss Retires, He Becomes Obsessed with Raising Cubs; and, 2) Boss, he likes being a father. I want to recommend I'm a big villain and Analects of a Righteous Father but I got bored reading those. You can try them though~ but I highly recommend the first two!

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