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Alliance of Beauty Men and Heavenly Masters

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With a sound of “Boom”, a lotus fell from the sky and leveled a mountain.
Is it time travel? Is it crossing robbery? Or was Gongdou in the sky kicked down from the heaven by some fairy concubine? who knows?
Is it a fool? Is it a cannon girl? Or a magic stick? who can guess?
The imperial court set up the Ninth Gate and Eight Heavenly Dragon Guards in Da Nei to investigate supernatural events and difficult cases in various places.
Lin Tingjun, the god of Babu, came to investigate the matter of the fire falling from the sky.
However, Lian Youyou, a hot-mouthed girl, was stuck to her, her dead skin and rotten face was so sticky.
The white-haired wolf demon on the mountain, the noble son who turned into a butterfly disappeared, and the palace ladies who disappeared mysteriously…
A series of supernatural cases may seem like monsters acting as monsters, but they are actually humans acting as monsters.
The difficult and miscellaneous cases are definitely caused by people, and they are caused by demons and ghosts.
Is it someone playing tricks? Or a ghost? Is it a monster? Or be a monster? who cares?
Just as long as the people who eat melons express excitement!
After checking, why did Lin Tingjun and the other eight gods have their own goals and stories? Then who is she, Lian Youyou?
The ancient dimensional monsters are ready to move again, eyeing the earth!
Divine matters, demonic matters, monster matters, and human affairs are not as important as Lian Youyou’s protecting the earth!

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Short Title:ABMHM
Alternate Title:美男天师联盟
Author:Eight-faced demon fox
Weekly Rank:#6564
Monthly Rank:#7821
All Time Rank:#9137
Tags:Beast Companions, Carefree Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Confident Protagonist, Cultivations, Demon Lord, Demonic Cultivation Technique, Demons, Devoted Love Interests, Fantasy Creatures, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Ghosts, God Protagonist, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Monsters, Overpowered Protagonist, Polyandry, Powerful couple, Reverse Harem, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Underestimated Protagonist,
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  1. This novel is great, highly recommended. I like female mc, she is so strong, plus there is lot of handsome male leads. It’s true harem.

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