In the lonely space, there is an endless darkness, but in this darkness, dotted with sparkling stars.

However, in this space, such a scene appeared, on one side was a space filled with glittering stars, on the other side was a completely dark world.

And in the middle of these two pieces of space, there is an extremely huge python, which is so huge that there is no way to describe it with words.

And look like this, as if the completely dark world behind it was caused by it, it swallowed all the stars in that world into its own belly.

This is actually the case.

If you look closer, you can see that this huge giant python is opening and closing its mouth, and every time you open and close, it will swallow a star.

Whether it ’s a planet or a star, it ’s all swallowed in one swallow. At this time, there was a dark horizon in front of it. The light seemed to disappear there, but there was a divergence around it. Large red light.

This is a black hole.

Black holes are very terrible objects in space. Because of their immense mass, their own gravity is extremely huge, twisting the nearby space to the extreme, and the light cannot escape.

No matter what kind of planet or star touches it, it will be torn apart by its gravity.

Is near, near.

The python was very close to the black hole, and the space around its body seemed to be twisted, and even its body showed slight signs of distortion, but he did not move, and continued to move towards nothing. Before, finally, it came to the "territory" of that black hole.

The expected separation of flesh and blood did not appear, but the black hole in front of it began to collapse at this time, and finally turned into a strong energy, which was swallowed into the belly by this giant python.

This injection of energy seems to have caused something. Only the body of the giant python swelled up like a balloon.

Was originally a huge python, and at this time it looked even bigger.

This giant python is the Fang Yun who escaped to the earth universe.

In the face of Hao Meng in the late period of the Lord of the Universe, Fang Yun had no chance at all. He could only escape. At the beginning, he thought he could compete with the master of that world, but he did not expect that he was still after all. Poor ability.

So relying on the space passage left by the big turtle, he fled here.

When he thought of the big sea turtle, Fang Yun's heart was tight. He fled here and did not rescue the big sea turtle. He didn't know how the big sea turtle is now.

And now that he has fled, then the Metaverse Alliance will face the invasion of the Hessian Empire. The strength disparity between the two sides is too great. Fang Yun is very sure that the Metaverse Alliance is not an opponent of Heisenberg.

I just do n’t know, what is the current meta universe alliance like?

Thinking of this, Fang Yun's heart inevitably fell. He looked up at the dense celestial body in front of him, and his heart was awe-inspiring, and then he swallowed those celestial bodies again.

Now his breath has reached the mid-term of the Lord of the Universe, only to say that Fang Yun feels that this realm is not stable enough. Now that so many years have passed, what should happen has happened long ago, and what he needs to do now is to ensure that Foolproof, Hao Meng must be killed in Hessen.

"Hao Meng of Hessenburg has endless years, and he is often sleeping, but every time he wakes up, it will cause a **** storm and will order the Heisenberg empire to kill other civilizations. For his cultivation. "

Fang Yun has studied the cultivation methods of people in that world, and he can get energy from the universe. However, after reaching that state, if he wants to improve cultivation a little, it requires extremely majestic energy and wants to draw from the universe. This is more difficult, so it is necessary to artificially create a variety of rich energy.

As if he had devoured all kinds of substances, Hao Meng now wanted to practice. He must have engulfed others in order to make progress in cultivation. And when he devoured, he must not have devoured a little bit.

Every progress in his cultivation means that countless civilizations have been sacrificed into blood.

The reason why he did n’t kill all the civilizations in that universe all at once was that he was raising pigs, usually for not consuming too much energy, so he was always sleeping, waiting for the right opportunity, he would Wake up, kill some blood food and start practicing.

Fang Yun doesn't know if Hao Meng will fall into a deep sleep after cleaning some civilizations like before, but he thinks another possibility is bigger.

Because of his appearance, Hao Meng's behavior may not be the same as before.

This is indeed the case.

The capital of Heisenberg, Hao Meng sat on the king's special seat, below him, kneeling down a large circle of people, all of whom were in power in the Hessian Empire.

The powerful existence of the past, now in front of Hao Meng, unreservedly exposed their most humble side, and even some people were trembling slightly because of inner fear.

"How is the situation now?"

Hao Meng lazily looked at a middle-aged man in front of him and said ~ ~ The middle-aged man is a person he chose to report all kinds of intelligence to him. After hearing his question at this moment His body shuddered violently, and he even responded with congratulations: "The five empires have gone to three of them, and the remaining two have expressed their willingness to return."

After hearing the words, Hao Meng narrowed his eyes and looked at the middle-aged man, saying, "Did I not say that? I don't want to drop the general, the remaining two, just slaughter me directly."

The middle-aged man's heart shook, his face was pale, and sweat beaded on his cheeks, even if their Hesenberg was enough to be arrogant and wild on weekdays, but compared with the present in front of him, it was still Is incomparable.

For so many years, as long as they were the enemies of the Hessian Empire, all of them were directly slaughtered, and even some neutral civilizations have fallen into a fate of slaughter.

Now they have been emptied out of a large area near Hessen. To be precise, in the entire universe, the civilization destroyed by this Hao Meng is very rare.

Middle-aged man knows that Hao Meng's killing is heavy, but he doesn't know that his killing is so heavy.

Although he had no mercy on those five empires, but he wanted to slaughter the five empires, and the consumption of the Hessian empires was also very serious. After all, the man in front of him usually hardly shot ...

But at this time, the middle-aged man did not dare to say anything at all, and had to be respectfully commanded.

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