"Captain Floating Bamboo, Rukia is my friend. We will certainly not embarrass her if we go to the world this time, but the crime she committed is very special. It is not up to us to decide how to deal with the 46th Central Office. Yes." Ye Feng said meaningfully.

"Well, I understand, no matter what, I will ask Yefeng-kun to take care of Rukia more in the future."

Ukitake Shiro nodded.

He understood the meaning of the night wind.

There is a clear division of labor among the various teams of Seireitei.

The ninth division is the prison division.

There are only two aspects where Night Wind can help.

on the one hand.

Because of friendship.

The night wind can stay in this world for a while.

Investigate the affairs of Rukia carefully.

on the other hand.

After Rukia was captured back to the Soul World.

Regardless of the final sentence.

She will definitely be taken into prison under the responsibility of the ninth division.

But Ye Feng is the warden of Seireitei.

and so.

It must be fine to give Rukia some special care.

"Don't worry, I have a foreboding that Rukia's affairs may be more tortuous, and I hope Captain Float will be psychologically prepared. After all, we can only do everything we can to obey the fate." Ye Feng said meaningfully.

after all.

The entire 46th room in the center was controlled by Aizen.

Rukia's process is doomed.

Ye Feng didn't want Ukitake Shiro to have too much hope and then disappointed, hoped and disappointed again.

after all.

His bones are too weak.

Can't stand the toss.

"Don't worry, Mr. Yefeng, I'm already mentally prepared." Fuzhu gave a weak, wry smile, then sighed again, saying: "Rukia is a poor child, I hope destiny can treat her well!"


After sending away Ukitake Shiro.

Ye Feng took Matsumoto Ranju and left the ninth division to go to this world.

Open the crossing gate.

The two are about to do something to cross the boundary.

Luanju is also very cooperative.

But just when Ye Feng was about to insert the key into the gate of crossing.

He suddenly stopped what he was doing.

A slightly playful smile turned around.

"Captain Kuchiki? You will come to me too. This really makes me feel a little surprised." Ye Feng turned around and looked at Kuchiki Byakuya walking out of the corner, and asked: "Are you also like Captain Driftwood? , Do you want me to let her go in the process of capturing Rukia?"

Facing Ye Feng’s question.

Kuchaki Byakuya kept an indifferent expression and walked slowly in front of Yefeng and Matsumoto Ranju.

He looked at Ye Feng with indifferent eyes, and said lightly:

"Vice Captain Yefeng, Rukia violated the rules of the Soul World. You only need to follow the rules. I don't have anything to add to this, just like I said at the captain meeting."

Although Kuchiki Byakuya was also a middle-two boy when he was young.


After adulthood.

Kuchiki Byakuya has become a rigid person who abides by the rules.

Even if he didn't want Rukia in his heart.

Even if he looks like to save Rukia.


The shackles of the nobility controlled him.

Let him not be able to follow his own heart.

and so.

Such people don't look at the superficial beauty.

But in fact.

It's also painful.

"Oh? Isn't it this?" Ye Feng raised his brows and asked: "Then why are you looking for me?"

"Rukia's power of death was taken away by humans. I hope you can help me get Rukia's power back. Humans are not worthy of Rukia's power." Kuchiki Byakuya said lightly.

"That's it, I can promise you this, but what can you bring me?"

Ye Feng shrugged.

Although he abolished Kurosaki Ichigo, it was just a matter of convenience.


Ye Feng is not a person who helps others for nothing.

after all.

He recently suffered a very serious unfair treatment after helping others in Dahuang.

This makes Ye Feng very sad.

"As long as the deputy captain of the night wind is willing to help me, my family will owe the deputy captain of the night wind a favor. What do you think." Kuchaki Byakuya said indifferently.

"Oh? Kuchuki family's favor?" Ye Feng smiled indifferently, and said: "Yes, if there is nothing else, Luanju, let's go."

Ye Feng grabbed Luan Ju and stepped into the crossing gate.

to be frank.

Ye Feng is not particularly cold with the favor of the so-called Kuchuki Family.


After all, Ye Feng had to sign in in the Soul World.

In the future.

The ghost knows where the system will let him sign in?

If Kuchuki's family can be allowed to owe him a favor, some things are easy to operate.

For example.

What if the system asks him to sign in at the female bathhouse of Kuchiki's house?

By the time.

Wouldn't it be difficult to deal with the night wind?

and so.

This favor can work.


Off boundary.

There is a turbulent flow of terrifying souls everywhere here.

After the two entered the boundary.

Matsumoto Ranju broke free from Ye Feng's hand in a panic.


"Hey, Mr. Yefeng, can you please don't do anything to me, but I..."

Speaking of which.

Matsumoto Ranju was suddenly speechless.

What she wanted to express was probably that she was a big girl.


Luan Ju thought about it again.

She seems to be no longer?


Yefeng is the one who picks flowers!


Even so.

Then you can't do it casually, right?

after all.

One has physical contact.

Matsumoto Ranju will involuntarily think of the pleasant things that happened to them in the Great Wilderness!

Thought of this.

Matsumoto Ranju started sulking himself again.

She was obviously forced to be helpless!

But why does she feel happy physically and mentally when she recollects those things?

So angry!

"Anyway! Don't touch me casually in the future."

Matsumoto Ranju closed his eyes angrily.


She suddenly felt her mouth blocked by the night wind.


"Are you going to gan!!!"

"How can you... how can you do such a thing to me..."

Matsumoto Ranju was stunned.

Although it feels a bit sweet just now.

Just like Nongfu Lingquan.


This is too sudden, too bold, right?

To this.

Ye Feng shrugged helplessly.

"Didn't Miss Duan say that the girl closed her eyes just because she wanted someone to kiss her? Did I remember it wrong?"



"Who is Miss Duan? You really are a scumbag!"

that's it.

In embarrassment.

Ye Feng took Matsumoto Ranju and crossed the corridor of the boundary.

Go to the end of the tunnel.

The door opened.

The colorful lights caught Matsumoto Ranju's eyes.

"Wow, so beautiful."

at this time.

The sunset fell.

The neon lights in the city have already risen.

Those shining light **** make Matsumoto Ranju feel very beautiful.

Meng turned the heart of her over 100-year-old girl.

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