​For this arrangement of the old man Yamamoto.

Ye Feng called good fellow in his heart.

after all.

Ye Feng didn't want to disturb Ju's life.


Since God will do so.

What can he do?

After all, he is the night breeze in the mountain, and he is not the sun in the mountain. He can't go against God's will?


Hisugaya Toshiro, Broken Bee, Ichimaru Gin.

The three of them always feel that something is a bit wrong.

Especially Ichimaru silver.

He felt a little uncomfortable on the top of his head.


Back to the ninth division.

Ye Feng arranged the ninth division's team affairs daily.

The prisoners who have not finished the trial were all arraigned.

after all.

Go to this world this time.

The night wind does not necessarily come back so soon.

Although it was easy to catch Rukia back with the strength of Night Wind.


Rukia is his friend after all.

Ye Feng was still a little repulsive about this matter in his heart.

after awhile.

The door of Yefeng's office was pushed open.

Matsumoto Ranju came in.

Meet old acquaintances.

Both of them feel a little complicated.

"Xiubing, you should go out first. I will talk to Deputy Captain Luan Ju about something alone." Ye Feng ordered.

"Then... okay..." Hisagi Xiubing glanced at them meaningfully, and skillfully helped Ye Feng tidy up the desk, and then left the office obediently.

"Sit down." Ye Feng smiled and shrugged, looking at Luan Ju and said, "Don't be restrained here."

"Yeah, yeah, how can I be restrained, I've never been too small." Matsumoto Ranju looked at Ye Feng with beautiful eyes, and smiled lightly: "By the way, I heard that you were almost at the captain meeting today. It's a showdown with Captain Broken Bee? Do you want to be so overwhelmed?"

Matsumoto Ranju closed the office door.

Beautiful eyes flashed.

Sit across from the night wind.

Matsumoto has a charming face and a sweet smile.

The dressing style is as mature as ever.

just like.

She really put down everything that day.

"It's not that I can't let it go, it's Broken Bee can't let it go." Ye Feng shrugged, and said disapprovingly: "After all, there are many beautiful girls on Liuhun Street, and I won't be short of girls. Hanged from the tree."


When Matsumoto Ranju heard this, he gave Ye Feng a blank glance.

But then.

She gazed at the Ye Feng and said, "Just brag, I have heard that since the last time we came back from the Great Wilderness, you have never left the Seireing Palace, how can you linger? Looking for a pretty girl in the street?"

"Oh? Are you so concerned about my whereabouts? You even asked about it specifically?" Ye Feng looked at Luan Ju with a slightly playful smile.

Ye Feng did not leave Seireitei.

to be honest.

After Ye Feng came to the world of death, although there were not many opportunities to touch the girl.


He would not go to places like Liuhun Street to consume.

Because he is a serious man.

Not an old-fashioned critic.

"What! I don't have one! Our juvenile squad is a patrol squad, and occasionally check the entry and exit records of Seireitei. This is a very daily thing.

Matsumoto Ranju's pretty face turned red.

Eyeballs flutter left and right.

He didn't dare to face Ye Feng's slightly teasing gaze.

to be honest.

This is a guilty conscience.

She has been watching Ye Feng all the time.

"Ah, it turned out to be like this." Ye Feng smiled faintly: "I thought you had any thoughts about me. If you don't, then I'm relieved."

"What? Don't worry about what? Am I so bad? If I have an idea for you, would you still dislike me?"

Matsumoto Ranju stood up a little unhappy.

Keep your hands on the desk.

Lean forward slightly.

Watching the night wind.

To this.

Ye Feng's face showed approval.

Look at the great scenery in front of you.


"That's not true. If you really have an idea for me, I would actually welcome it."


"Xiubing even helped me clean up the table."

This situation and situation.

The style of painting is quite charming.

It is an old driver like Yefeng.

If you change to someone else.

At this time, it's probably already out of control.

in fact.

In this atmosphere.

Matsumoto Ranju also panicked.

She hurried back and tightened her collar.

But strength does not allow it!

"Okay, don't talk about the mess, hurry up and talk about business." Matsumoto Luanju sat back in his seat, looking at Ye Feng with a complicated mood and asked: "When will we leave? I haven't had a long, long time. Been to this world."

Matsumoto Ranju carefully calculated it.

When she went to this world last time, this world had not yet entered modern society.

"No hurry, wait a minute, I think Captain Fuzhu will definitely come over again." Ye Feng said.

in fact.

be honest.

Ye Feng felt that Ukitake Shiro was indeed a good captain.

He has always taken care of Rukia very much.


In the original drama.

After Kurosaki Ichigo makes a big trouble in Shuangshan Hill and rescues Rukia.

Ukitake Shiro and Kyōraku Chunsui stopped Yamamoto Motoyanagisuke Shigekuni together.

If it is not the inversion of blue dye in the end.


Ukitake Shiro would definitely become a sinner in the corpse soul world.

and so.

Ye Feng's impression of Ukitake Shiro was very good.

Not much effort.

Sure enough, Ukitake Shiro came to the ninth division.

"Vice Captain Yefeng, Deputy Captain Luanju, how are you." Fuzhu Shiranu walked into Yefeng's office and sat down beside Luanju with great anxiety.

"Captain Ukitake, are you here for Rukia's business?"

Ye Feng smiled and handed Floating Bamboo a glass of wine.


Ukitake Shiro shook his head with a wry smile.

"Sorry, Ye Feng-jun, my body is not good enough to drink."

"Then... okay." Ye Feng glanced at Luan Ju and said, "Lan Ju, don't help me to make a cup of tea for Captain Floating Bamboo."


Matsumoto Ranju was taken aback for a moment, then got up to make tea.


She slandered in her heart: What is this guy doing! I am not his deputy captain! Arrange my work so skillfully?

"Ah...Thank you both."

Fuzhu Shiro took over Luanju and helped her make tea.

But the expression is still bitter.

Not in the mood to drink tea at all.

"Two, regarding Rukia's matter, I think there must be something hidden behind the scenes. I implore you to help and investigate clearly, and don't rush to catch her back." Ukitake Shiro looked at Ye Fenghe solemnly. Luan Ju said.

"Ah, don't be so polite, Captain Fuzhu, we will definitely investigate carefully, please rest assured."

Matsumoto Ranju smiled softly.

Although the friendship between Ranju and Rukia is not particularly deep.


Everyone is a member of the Women's Reaper Association.

It is also necessary to help each other.

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