"About Rukia."

"I think it should be investigated in detail before the final conclusion is reached."

"Maybe there is something hidden behind this incident."

Although Broken Bee doesn't have much affection with Rukia.


She still said something fairly and justly for Rukia.

"I think Captain Shattered Bee is right. This matter should be investigated first."

Ye Feng followed and nodded.


His behavior drew the broken bee's eyes.

"Deputy Captain Yamanaka! Although you are just an acting captain! Can you be independent! Can you not always follow the opinions of others!"

Broken Bee stared at Ye Feng.

Of course I am right.

But are you sure of it?

I am the contemporary owner of the Feng Family.

The captain of the second division!

at last.

Such an attitude of Broken Bee made Ye Feng feel a little unbearable.

Just a girl.

At every turn, he opened his teeth and claws.

Are there any rules?


Ye Feng retorted unceremoniously:

"Smashed Bee!"

"I think you should reflect on yourself first!"

"Isn't it because of you and me that something unspeakable happened during the Great Desert?"

"Do you have to keep targeting me like this?"

"Otherwise, let's talk about the matter in front of everyone today and let everyone comment together?"

"See if I am wrong?"

In the eyes of the night wind.

Men and women are equal.

He detoxifies the broken bee.

This in itself is a simple act of bravery.

There is no such thing as an advantage.


The female death gods of the Gotei 13 team also formed an organization called the female death **** association.


You can’t say that men and women should be equal, and on the other hand, you have unfair views of men on certain things, right?

Is this really appropriate?

and so.

Ye Feng felt ashamed of it.

It will be honest.

The voice of the night wind fell.

Gengmu Jianba's face showed a beeping look.


What is Ye Feng talking about?

What can't be said?

He didn't feel as if anything wrong had happened?

Hisugaya Toushiro also frowned meaningfully.

He had previously asked Luan Ju about what happened to them in the Great Wilderness.

According to Luan Ju's description.

Ye Feng has never been alone with Broken Bee.

Luan Ju has always been with them.

and so.

According to Luan Ju's description.

They shouldn't have anything too outrageous?

What is the truth?

"Vice Captain Yefeng...you...you don't want to talk nonsense...how can we have anything that can't be said!"

this moment.

Broken Bee was completely scared!

If Ye Feng really told the public what happened that day in the Great Wilderness.


Wouldn't her high-cold personality collapse instantly!

How can she see people in the future?

this is too scary!

She was stunned by Ye Feng!

"Yeah, yeah, originally I thought there should be nothing wrong, but Captain Broken Bee's explanation, I think you are a little bit wrong." Jingle Chunshui shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm really curious about what happened." Ichimaru Gin smiled and stroked his chin.

At this moment.

The atmosphere at the meeting began to become weird.

A peaceful smile appeared on the corners of Mao Zhihualie's mouth.

She is ready to eat a big melon.

Ai Ran Soyousuke also looked at Ye Feng and Shattered Bee with elusive eyes.

Although he has not examined Broken Bee's body like Mao Zhihualie.


He has found some clues.

He seemed to gradually understand Ye Feng's preferences.

This is a very good thing for Aizen.


To defeat the enemy, you must first understand the enemy.

An enemy without desire and desire is obviously the hardest to defeat.

He thought Night Wind was such an enemy.

But obviously.

Night wind is in demand.

Then he has weaknesses!


At this time.

The captain finally couldn't help but go crazy.

He slammed the crutches towards the ground forcefully, and made a dull loud noise.


"Can you stop digressing!"

"Don't you realize the seriousness of Rukia's matter!"

The old man Yamamoto interrupted the torn behavior between Yefeng and Broken Bee.

Pull the main line back.

To this.

Ye Feng did not resist anything.

On the contrary, he glanced at Broken Bee a little strangely.


Just after he just finished the broken bee.

Broken Bee's favorability for him has risen by a bit.

It has reached eighty points.

Yefeng has also added Broken Bee into his mirror projection.

Although the ability of the broken bee, the night wind is not particularly needed.


This phenomenon shows a truth!

The attribute of Broken Bee is likely to be...

Thought of this.

Ye Feng carefully recalled the scene that happened in the Great Wilderness that day.


He nodded meaningfully.

It really is that kind of attribute!

It makes sense.

You can train it well.

See this scene.

Broken Bee was a little angry in her heart.

That spit in my heart.

What are you nodding at me?

Are you thinking about those messy things again?

Just like you in a dream?

Thought of this.

Broken Bee gave a vicious look at Ye Feng


This time.

Ye Feng did not choose to give in.

He also gave Broken Bee a very terrifying look.

Faced with such a clash of eyes.

Broken Bee couldn't help swallowing.

Turned his head away.

No longer go to see the night wind.


Ye Feng clearly watched Broken Bee's favorability for him once again increased by 1 point!

This is a stone hammer!

Ye Feng felt that the 87 points of Broken Bee were gone!

The little red heart next to her head in the night wind projection system.

Already faintly salivating.

Burst is just around the corner.



Under the leadership of Yamamoto Motoyanagisuke Shigekuni.

The Captains of Eat Melon finally successfully completed the discussion on the Rukia incident.

The conclusion is simple.

Although the secret behind Rukia's behavior needs to be investigated.


How to deal with Rukia is the responsibility of the Center 46.

And their job is to capture Rukia back to the Soul World.

This glorious task.

Captain Yamamoto assigned it to the warden night wind of the Soul World.

In addition.

After all, Yefeng's seat on the bright side was only a deputy captain.

and so.

Team captain Yamamoto Motoyanagi Shigekuni looks a little more secure in order to be clear.

He arranged for Matsumoto Ranju, the deputy captain of the Juvenile Division, to go to the world to perform this mission with Ye Feng.

after all.

The two of them have worked together before.

It can be considered familiar with each other.

It should be tacitly coordinated.

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