Favorability before being locked by the system.

The mood of the girls is bound to fluctuate greatly.

This kind of experience is far more attractive than girls who have a good impression.

and so.

Ye Feng knew exactly what he wanted.

this day.

The boring night wind came to the prison of the ninth division.

He arraigned two long, fairly good female prisoners as usual.

Interrogation to the key point.


The night wind's system rang.


"Please sign in next to Rukia Kuchiki when the travel disaster invades the Confession Palace. There is no time limit for this sign-in mission."

Listen to this beautiful sound.

Ye Feng couldn't help but raise his brow.

Good guys!

This mission actually limited two preconditions?

It should be regarded as a more complicated type of sign-in.

"Travel disaster invasion? Confession Palace? Rukia?"

Ye Feng pinched the chin of a female prisoner in front of him.

Thinking about it.

He has been thinking about Broken Bee and Luan Ju in his mind recently.

I really forgot to take care of Rukia.

and so.

From the check-in task this time.

The main storyline of Reaper is probably already triggered.


Ye Feng decided to send Hisagi Shubing to the thirteenth division to investigate.

"That...Vice Captain Yefeng...you stay here to interrogate...is it really okay?"

Hisagi Shubing swallowed.

Although Yefeng has shown a very good level in torture.


Hisagi Shubing always felt that the night wind was too wild.

I feel a little uneasy about him.

I don't know if this idea is right.

"Xiubing, what can I have? You go to the thirteenth division and ask about Rukia's situation, go early and return early."

Ye Feng waved impatiently.

Isn’t it just interrogating two prisoners?

What can be wrong with this?

What about it?


not long time.

Hisagi Shuhei returned from the 13th Division.

as expected.

Rukia has been out of contact for nearly a month.

"In other words, it hasn't been more than a month." Ye Feng felt his chin and thought, secretly said in his heart: "I remember that Rukia was in this world and seemed to have been stranded for about two months. In other words, the task should be paid. Early?"

Although the task this time is generally more cumbersome.


The task itself is not difficult.

after all.

The Confessional Palace itself is the site of the night breeze

He just waited until Rukia was captured by Kuchiki Byakuya and returned to the Soul World, and then waited until Kurosaki Ichigo rushed to Seireitei, and then he could sign in at the Confession Palace.

and so.

It is not difficult.

Just need to wait.



Rukia is Ye Feng's friend after all.

And Ye Feng is the warden of the corpse soul world.

and so.

Ye Feng felt that he still had to intervene manually as much as possible, at least, to make Rukia live happily while "waiting for death" in the confession palace.

Speaking of happiness.

Ye Feng thinks that he is very good at making girls happy.

Thinking about it.

Ye Feng's thoughts are about to go around daily.

At this time.

The messenger of the first team suddenly came.

"Yefeng deputy captain, the captain has an order, please rush to the first division as soon as possible, and temporarily hold a captain meeting." The transmission officer respectfully said.

"Oh? Meeting again? What kind of moth is it?" Ye Feng asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Well... I am not particularly clear... Anyway, I don't think the captain's face is too good... I am afraid that something will happen."

The herald's eyelids twitched.

be honest.

The missionary officer's understanding of Yamamoto Motoyanagisuke Shigekuni.

This time.

It's definitely not trivial!


The captain's face could not be so ugly.

"All right, I will arrange the two prisoners first, and they will go over immediately afterwards."

Ye Feng shook his head.

To say that the technological development of the corpse soul world is obviously not slow.

All kinds of black technologies are available.

But why can't the Technology Development Bureau build something like a telephone bug?


Not only is it convenient for everyone to communicate.

There is no need to be drawn to a team for meetings at every turn.

Can definitely improve work efficiency.

such as.

You can do other things while having a meeting.

How convenient!


Come to the first team.

The entrance of the venue.

Ye Feng happened to meet the second division captain, Broken Bee.

The broken bee was as cold as usual.

There was an expression on her face that others owed her without knowing how much money.

After the two met, they raised their brows at the same time.

Broken Bee gave a cold snort to the night wind.

Ye Feng looked at Broken Bee and shook his head.

"Captain Broken Bee, haven't we all already said it? What happened that day is just a dream. Why should you be full of hostility every time you meet with me?"

To this.

Ye Feng was quite speechless.

Once you have said it, just assume that nothing has happened.

He did it all.



The Broken Bee is always aiming at the night wind because of that day.

Is this really good?

"Shut up! What dream! What are you talking nonsense!"

this moment.

The Broken Bee suddenly yelled Ye Feng as if someone had stepped on its tail.


Ye Feng looked at the overreacted Broken Bee and couldn't help sinking into thought.

He didn't understand what happened to this girl.

Got gunpowder?

in fact.

The word Broken Bee most wants to hear now is the word "dream"!


She has been repeating the dream of the same season in the past few days and nights!

This makes her very upset!



She did not resist at all!


Still a little catered...


Broken Bee's performance in her dream made her unacceptable after waking up!

Flight of the Bumblebee.

Particularly wild!

Broken Bee thinks that it is absolutely impossible to be her!


Pushed open the door of the meeting room.

The night wind swept away.

The captains of the other teams are basically there.

He and Broken Bee are tied for first place again.

I don't know if it is because the other captains are too active in the meeting, or because their team is really idle.

"Ahhhhhhhh, have the Vice Captain Night Wind and Captain Broken Bee have an appointment every time recently? Why do they always arrive together at the last time?

Ichimaru Gin looked at them with a smile.

Quietly teased.

"How is this possible! Can't you see that every time the two of them meet, it seems like they are about to do it? Obviously, they don't agree at all."

Toshiro Hisugaya curled his lips disapprovingly.

If not for so many people in the venue.

Just by their tempers.

Dong Shilang felt that these two people might be able to do it on the spot.

"Speaking of it...the two of them really seem to be a little bit wrong, especially after returning from the Great Wasteland."

Ukitake Shiro touched his chin.

He felt that Ichimaru Gin and Toyo Shiro seemed to make sense.

The status quo is so weird.

The truth is so unclear.

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