"Congratulations to the host for signing in successfully and gaining the ability: Miniature Shuriken Throwing Proficiency!"

In a small forest in Konoha Village.

An indescribable force swept through the night wind.


A lot of information about the miniature shuriken throwing technique appeared in Ye Feng's mind.

so far.

Yefeng has gathered all the shuriken throwing skills of all sizes.


This didn't make Ye Feng happy at all, but it made him feel a little embarrassed.

"System, it's almost two years since I activated you when I was five years old?"

"In the past two years, let me say I have completed a dozen tasks?"

"But you can see for yourself these rewards you gave me!"

"Shuriken is proficient in throwing, kunai is proficient in throwing, and Qianben is proficient in throwing."

"Can you still use the size as an argument?"

"Doesn't your conscience feel hurt?"

"That's all, what I can't stand the most is, is there any nail throwing proficiency, pencil throwing proficiency, in the eyes of your system, everything can be thrown?"

Ye Feng sat down on the ground, and kept complaining in his mind.

in fact.

It's really not that Yefeng looked down on Wuwukai and Kirabi.


This system allowed Ye Feng to master so many hidden weapon throwing techniques.

Is it possible that during the Fourth World War, Yefeng could send a shuriken of the right size to Datongmu Silly Baitian eight hundred miles away?

Isn't this funny?

"System, you don’t know what I’m most lacking right now. I’m not in good physique. The efficiency of refining chakras is very low. The number of chakras that can be stored in the meridians is even more limited. If you don’t help me solve this problem, I estimate this year Still can't go to school!"

Ye Feng sighed.

The first test for admission to the Ninja School is Chakra.

Although physical ninjas like Xiaoli and McKee who cannot use ninjutsu can also enter school smoothly.


Even if you are a ninja, you have to have a chakra, right?

And Yefeng's aptitude in Chakra is really terrible.

For example.

If a normal ninja consumes 10 points of stamina, 1 point of chakra can be extracted.

Night wind needs to consume at least 1,000 points!

and so.

With Ye Feng's current physique, if you forcefully practice Chakra, you will easily hollow out your body.

In addition.

The meridians of the night wind are also very narrow.


The number of chakras he can store is dozens of times less than normal.

in other words.

Even if Ye Feng risked his body to be hollowed out, he stored a chakra.


It is possible that Chakra will have bottomed out when a substitute technique is used up.

With a physique like this, it is almost impossible for Ye Feng to become a ninja if you don't hang up.

Not to say how good it is to be a ninja.

But in Konoha Village.

If you can't become a ninja, there is no chance to leave the village.

Can't leave the village.

Yefeng’s check-in location can only be limited to the area of ​​Konoha Village.

But if you always sign in at Konoha Village.

The ghost knew that he would be proficient in throwing something in the future.

and so.

Ye Feng still had to find a way to become a ninja.

"Please stay calm and not irritable for the host. The sign-in location is based on the luck of heaven and earth. This system only helps the host open the lock of luck and realize rewards. It cannot create rewards out of thin air."

After listening to the explanation of the system.

Ye Feng showed a very disdainful look.


You guy called the super sign-in system is just a rewarded porter?

I believe you a ghost!

He calmed down for a while.

Ye Feng is ready to go home.

But at this moment.

The pit cargo system has released a new sign-in task.


"Please go to the fifth boulder on the left front of the Moonlight Falls in the No. 23 Forest of Konoha Village immediately to sign in!"

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