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All Realms Sign-in from Hokage

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The night wind travels through the heavens and all realms. Binding a sign-in system can become stronger.

Since then. In many weird places of the heavens and the world, there will be a handsome boy haunting him.

Uchiha Madara: I heard that Ye Feng’s eyes are called reincarnation eyes. Although I don’t know where they came from, they are by no means weaker than the old man’s reincarnation eyes.

Morgana: Speaking of which, you may not believe it. Since the queen, I have known Yefeng, I have begun to reform the metaphysics.

Warring States: After encountering the night breeze, I finally understood a truth. If the hard work is useful, what more geniuses do?

Ai Ran Soyousuke: I thought that no one could stand on the cloud from the beginning, until I saw Ye Feng’s knife, I didn’t know that I was really wrong.

Teacher Saitama: Huh? Who are you? Why can you block my punch?

My name is Yefeng. Ride the wind and waves. My principle is simple. I will cut anyone who prevents me from signing in.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:ARSIFH
Alternate Title:诸天:从火影开始签到
Weekly Rank:#186
Monthly Rank:#170
All Time Rank:#411
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Naruto,
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25 Comments on “All Realms Sign-in from Hokage
  1. I really like those fan fic mc that telling other a hint about the future.or past event or stories that will make other felt mystery. But as for this..why ask if you already know the answer..

  2. I don't really remember the whole name but it's something about bloodline. Dude gets reincarnated and bulma hops to naruto for some reason and the dude's stepmom is bulma if I'm right.

  3. The author basically combined 2 different movies; Avengers and another Chinese one, but it’s not Journey to the West.

  4. Avengers world and league of legends..because in LOL lena = leona LOL, morgana = morgana LOL, keisha = kayle, qilin = caitlyn(?), xiao zhan = xiao zhan,....etc (don't know other chinese name please translate it if someone know)

  5. "But after you have cultivated the Chakra Extraction technique to great success, you can also refine it while fighting" *This wisdom words from uncle feng every one please remenber it.

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