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Money, company, ability, sign-in everything.

Entertainment, competition, finance, all are fun.

Xu Ang, who has an all-round sign-in system, wanted to fly up to the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun. A small hand pulled him down. The owner of the small hand said to him in a milky voice, “Pigeon hug!”

Xu Ang: “…”

Hit your sister as early as possible, otherwise you will be reluctant to hit her as she grows and becomes cuter.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:AIOS
Alternate Title:全能签到
Author:Watch out for the gun to go off
Weekly Rank:#904
Monthly Rank:#1121
All Time Rank:#1420
Tags:Adultery, Artifact Crafting, Beautiful Female Lead, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Business Management, Businessmen, Caring Protagonist, Celebrities, Childcare, Cute Children, e-Sports, Entertainment, Familial Love, Family Business, Famous Protagonist, Harem, Incest, Jack of All Trades, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Movies, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Racism, Second Chance, Sudden Wealth, System, Younger Sisters,
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90 Comments on “All-in-one Sign
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  1. Honestly despite the nationalism and typical urban trope etc. It's still an okay novel, especially his little sister is so cute it remind me of my past interaction with my own sister. The flaw however, is his mother. A mary sue, spineless, thrifty, always worried for no reason etc. Always tolerate her relative bullying her own daughter because they are her relative to the point that the MC is also angry about this.

  2. what's more annoying about his mother is, despite knowing she lacks education, she always want to have higher position than MC (as a mother, not in a bad way but it's too much for me) in term of his decision. always criticize everytime he is spending on something expensive despite i understand the reason of her doing this.

  3. Ah f**k. I definitely can't do that. The first her mother let her relatives' son bully Xiaoying, my interest for this novel went out like a smoke. You telling that this will happen more in the future is a downer. Dropped!

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