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All Heavens and Myriad Realms System

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“I miss the feudal era very much.” Chen Muyang once said to his friends.

When a friend asked him the reason, Chen Muyang said yearningly: “Because of polygamy in the feudal era, think about it, you can have many wives, you can sleep in different ways every day, and you can sleep together.”

“Cut!” The friends despised them, but their yearning was no less than that of Chen Muyang.

One day, the legendary system merged with Chen Muyang, giving him the ability to travel through the heavens and the world. Chen Muyang’s claws stretched out to countless goddesses in the heavens and the world!

“My, all beauties are mine!”

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Short Title:AHMRS
Alternate Title:诸天万界女神收集系统/诸天万界系统
Author:sad sadness you don't understand
Weekly Rank:#362
Monthly Rank:#241
All Time Rank:#2983
Tags:Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Netori, Polygamy, Sexual Cultivation Technique, System, Threesome, World Hopping,
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49 Comments on “All Heavens and Myriad Realms System
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  1. the best part of this novel is that the MC will legally marry the girls. yes, different from other harem MCs who only date and then fxxk.

  2. Finally finish, it's a novel with a men with system go arround so many world film,anime,book, etc, more of this film are ghost story world, a little marvel, etc he have a BIG harem, little to little de 1 at more 120+ i don't calculate, he shameless literally hypnotising and suggesting girl for having relation speedy and use these cheat he have for Loyalty 100% with sex after

  3. I don't like the fact that Mc have work for others,like the emperor and even through he is an immortal he sill respectfully call the emperor as his majesty.and he sill work for the emperor did the author forgot mc is an immortal,immortal working for a mortal

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