Raised his hand again, and pointed it as a sword, cutting out from top to bottom—


A chaotic sword light came brilliantly, cutting through the void and piercing the nether world.

A sword fell on Venerable Sky Crystal.

Before he had time to dodge, he saw that Jian Guang had left Netherworld and was coming in mighty force.


A sword cut out, and the void exploded.

Venerable Sky Crystal's complexion turned pale, and he staggered and knelt down on the ground, spurting out blood, and his vitality dropped by 10%.

With such power, the surrounding superpowers of the God Star Realm were stunned.

One sword wiped out one tenth of Venerable Sky Crystal's divine power, and his vitality was greatly reduced.

Doesn't it mean that Su Qi only needs ten swords to kill a strong man who has turned to the peak of the star realm?

It's rare to be able to do this in the three-turn God Star Realm, right?

It should be known that the attack speed of the beings in the divine realm is so fast, it is normal to attack thousands of times in one breath.

Ten swords beheaded a super powerhouse in the star realm?

All the gods and star realms were silent and did not dare to speak.

Even the individual superpowers present who had stepped into the three-turn God Star Realm had serious eyes, secretly guessing which old monster this was...


Venerable Tianjing knelt down on the ground, his vitality severely injured.

But he didn't show any anger. Instead, he tried his best to get up and bowed deeply to Su Qi.

"Thank you..."

"Be merciful!"

First update~

Chapter 387

Venerable Tianjing is very scared now.

Only he knew how long he had been hovering on the verge of death at that moment.

It's obviously just an ordinary sword light, it doesn't sense any aura of law, and it doesn't have much divine power, it seems that it hasn't reached the Divine Star Realm yet.

But the power contained in it is extremely terrifying, as if it can annihilate everything, transcend all laws and rules, and surpass the entire universe.




In front of this force, the God Star Realm was as small as an ant, and he couldn't even think of resisting.

The gap is too big!

The last time he had this feeling was hundreds of millions of years ago, when he went to the Eternal Sword Palace to meet a great celestial being in the God Realm not long after he broke through to the God Star Realm.

That great power in the realm of the gods, with one look, seemed to see through everything in him, and a single sentence could trigger the turmoil of the laws of the universe, the sword qi crisscrossed, and the laws descended.

That is the authority of the Lord of Laws!

It is the top power that all the superpowers in the God Star Realm need to look up to.

But now, Venerable Tianjing realized it in horror.

Although the amount of this power is small, its quality is almost more exaggerated than that of the Great Heavenly Venerable of the God Realm...

"What the **** is this..."

Venerable Sky Crystal was terrified.

He didn't dare to think too much, and respectfully bowed down in front of Su Qi, thanking him for his grace of not killing.

He was completely shocked, and even the pride and self-esteem of being a superpower in the God Star Realm had been completely abandoned.

With such a gesture, all the superpowers in the Divine Star Realm around were taken aback, and a turbulent wave arose in their hearts.

What the **** is going on here?

What kind of medicine did Venerable Sky Crystal take wrongly to become so...flattering?

Even if he was bruised by one move, he wouldn't be able to perform such a great gift, would he?

It's almost the same attitude as when facing the Great Heavenly Venerable of the God Realm...

But they don't know that those who have never faced it directly can't imagine what level of power it is!

"This time it's just a small punishment and a big warning, don't say it was unpredictable."

Su Qi glanced at him and spoke lightly.

The expression on his face didn't change at all, as if it wasn't a big deal to casually injure a super strong man in the Star Realm with a sword.

Such a posture once again attracted Venerable Tianjing to bow to the ground and thank him again and again.

The other gods and stars were stunned, and the group was in a mess. At the same time, they were secretly guessing the origin of this mysterious strong man who suddenly appeared...

But in fact, Su Qi's heart is also bleeding!

"Half of the black sword's annihilation power was consumed, and it only severely injured him. The God Star Realm is indeed much stronger than the God Beginning Realm..."

His mind sank into the roulette world, and he glanced at the mysterious black sword inserted in the void island, feeling helpless.

All in all, he is just a new **** who has not yet completed the initial state of God, so how can he have the qualifications to fight against the superpowers of the God Star Realm?

The general God Star Realm is okay, and he is not afraid to make a full shot with his spiritual will.

But in the face of those special races that are extremely good at spiritual will, or simply immune to spiritual attacks, Su Qi has no good solution.

You can only use your hole card—the power of the black sword.

This mysterious black sword is Su Qi's two great treasures for protecting Dao.


Its power of annihilation, death upon touch, is extremely domineering.

If it wasn't for Su Qi's active control just now, Venerable Sky Crystal would not have been as simple as a heavy injury, but would have been completely annihilated and turned into ashes!

The Divine Star Realm couldn't resist it at all.

It's a pity that the amount is too small, Su Qi's current state is too low, and he can't push it a few times.

He originally thought that as long as he broke through the divine realm, he should be able to move the sword a little bit.

Unfortunately, it turned out that he still underestimated the black sword.

As so far the only mysterious treasure that can rival his Heavenly Roulette, this black sword obviously comes from the same dimension, and it is the supreme thing that he is far away from touching now.

However, although it cannot be activated, it is still very good as a hole card to save life.

At least seeing the fate of Venerable Sky Crystal now, all the super powers in the God Star Realm dare not have any wrong thoughts anymore.

"It's time to hurry up."

Afterwards, Su Qi raised his head and looked at a large piece of golden rune inheritance in the void.

His eyes lit up with clock-like divine lines, and the perception of countless laws of time reverberated and collided in his mind, and finally formed a brand new mystery.

This is the secret of time deceleration!

Any one of the mysteries of time is not weaker than a complete top law when taken apart, and its power is extremely powerful.

Su Qi has gradually mastered the complete time deceleration mystery, and perfected it step by step...

Finally, another three months later.


In the originally silent void, a brilliant golden beam of light suddenly lit up, soaring straight into the sky, shaking the entire inheritance tower.


"What's wrong?"

"This volatility..."

All the superpowers in the God Star Realm were awakened by this sudden shock.

Puzzled in their hearts, they couldn't help but look up, only to see that the golden beam of light emanated from the figure at the front.

They froze for a moment, then immediately reacted.

This is-

Did you succeed in cultivating the secret method?

At this moment, everyone's expressions were complicated.

But Su Qi was in a happy mood.

"After more than half a year, I finally succeeded in cultivating the first layer of the secret method of the "Time Book" inheritance."

"My current progress in the law of time is enough to break through the God Star Realm!"

He stood up, and the rich power of the law of time surrounded him, transforming into huge time wheels one after another, reflecting each other, and each of them washed out a powerful power of time.

The first type of secret method, practiced successfully!

Su Qi can now be regarded as a formal entry, and he is the fastest entry and the highest realm among this group of inheritors.

"The next step should be to go to the second floor."

Su Qi raised his head and looked towards the void.

Sure enough, this golden beam of light is not just a special effect, it also has the function of sending the inheritors to the second floor.


In an instant, Su Qi disappeared on the first floor, and went to the second floor of the inheritance tower to receive a higher level of inheritance.

The rest of the superpowers in the God Star Realm on the first floor were silent, and their expressions were a little dazed.


Is there any hope?

"Can not give up!"

Isaac was the first to wake up, his gaze was firmer than ever, his eyes filled with terrifying will, and he was trying to comprehend the first secret method.

He has also begun to control the time deceleration mystery, but the progress is worrying, and now he can slow down by 20 times...

But it's also a good start, isn't it?

Even if he can't catch up with Su Qi, he may miss the inheritance of the peak, but this inheritance guides him to step on the line of time, and this feeling will not disappear!

If he can't get the "Time Book", he will get a formal introduction to the law of time, which is a great harvest, and he can still look for other time inheritances in the future.

In the final analysis, for most of the Divine Star Realm, this systematic guidance is the most important.

Otherwise, they can only rely on themselves to realize it, and the ghost knows that it will take a year of the monkey to get started...

"Opportunities are hard to come by and should not be wasted."

The other superpowers of the God Star Realm also gradually came to their senses, looked away, and stopped thinking about it, but started to improve their own time law with the help of the precious peak inheritance.

And Su Qi has entered a new world...

Second update~

Chapter 388: Golden Spiral Divine Fruit

The second floor of the inheritance tower

This is a completely different starry sky from the first floor. It is no longer surrounded by darkness and nothingness, but a colorful starry sky shrouded in hazy aurora.