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David became a pioneer in the Tiran Kingdom and acquired his own territory, becoming a village chief under the kingdom’s rule.

Although his land was located in a somewhat remote and harsh environment where crops were difficult to grow, and the village was only inhabited by him, David believed these difficulties could be overcome.

David declared, “My territory is open to all realms and dimensions. I won’t go looking for you; you come to me!”

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Short Title:AoEFS
Alternate Title:从零开始的帝国时代
Weekly Rank:#38
Monthly Rank:#68
All Time Rank:#6012
Tags:Alchemy, Archery, Aristocracy, Beasts, Blacksmith, Crossover, Elemental Magic, Elves, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Farming, Gods, Harem, Hunters, Industrialization, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Magic, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Reincarnation, Religions, Romantic Subplot, Summoning Magic, Unlimited Flow, Weak to Strong, Wizards, World Hopping, World Travel,
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  1. In a harsh and unforgiving world, the life of the weak is a testament to resilience and the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Amidst challenges that threaten to overwhelm, those who are considered weak find strength in their ability to endure. Every day presents a new battle for survival, as they navigate treacherous terrain and face daunting obstacles. The world may be relentless in its demands, but the weak rise to the occasion, drawing upon their inner reserves of courage and determination. HERE IS A SERIES OF TALE CALLED "WHEN A WEAK FINDS STRENGTH ...." https://www.pocketnovel.com/novel/45f37a1e94ef02434ecd76ad1e62eb387b20ac47

  2. It's decent actually. My problem in this novel is the mc is underestimating his power or territory. He can literally woop the asses of his enemies since he have 3 super soldier and bunch of hot weapons. Also Most of the POV is only in the mc's side we didn't have any opportunity to see other characters or peoples view from outside the village for a kingdom building novel this sucks because we cant see what other people from the outside of his territory think of him. It never leaves the mc's pov

  3. Is there Dou Qi cultivation, for example the ranks of apprentice knight, knight, great knight, earth knight, sky knight or something similar?

  4. I saw a few comments about harem and kings. So today I shall share with you some fun facts about royal families inbreeding. Well when one speaks about inbreeding, one can hardly forget about how the entire Spanish Hasburg royal family was wiped out due to it. Let’s start. From 1516 to 1700, nine out of eleven marriages in the Spanish branch of Habsburgs were incestuous. Charles II of Spain (1661–1700), the last male heir of the vast Spanish Empire, was infertile. He could barely speak and had difficulty eating. He might have controlled enormous swaths of the planet, but his deformations controlled him. Charles II of Spain was so ugly his own wife was afraid of him. Spanish subjects nicknamed him El Hechizado (meaning the ‘the bewitched’). He was a sickly child right from birth. His suffering was not his fault, it was the fault of his family’s desire to maintain a royal bloodline. With his death in 1700, the Spanish Habsburgs died out. And that’s the story of inbreeding and how harems causes problems. THE END! :) The Habsburgs were infamous for their ‘Habsburg jaw’, a medical condition where the lower jaw protrudes forward to such an extent that it is significantly larger than the upper jaw. This protruded jaw makes it difficult to close the mouth.

  5. The West, their religion, does not allow polygamy, and that is how the Chinese make their novels, without polygamy, 1 wife and without lovers. And it is very difficult to find western fantasy harem novels.

  6. What novels are you reading??? I need some of those.Polygamy is so commonly seen in the summaries I’ve read. Concubinage and basically shadow marriages along with illegitimate relationships are dotted throughout many novels and even when the protagonist has a wife, there’s a high likelihood the wife will basically be left aside for a sparkly new shiny female.

  7. In my case it's the other way around, I'm looking for a western fantasy novel with a harem, but I get novels without a harem, with only 1 wife, where mostly the mc just has a wife by the end of the novel. So far I found 3 novels with harem of the more than 13 novels that I read.

  8. The Habsburg jaw wasn’t particularly due to harems. It was the royal families insistence upon a “pure” bloodline that caused the fiasco. Since many major noble families and royal families were intertwined in blood at that point, you’ll basically be marrying someone that is related to you by at least two generations. The thing about harems is that it seems so beautiful at first but there is really little chance you can satisfy three or more people in a marriage. However, harems are just about the most impractical existences. It straight up was only created because of power struggle and desire for power(from nobles) or stability(by the royals). Many concubines may survive but quite a lot of heirs started infighting. These ones are lucky. The more typical concubines are from lower classes or even slaves, whose entire existence is dependent on the masters will. Their children are considered illegitimate. Honestly, concubinage is largely dependent upon the country and time. Sometimes in Ancient China, the concubine may be buried right along with the emperor, forced to become a temple nun, or get great wealth and status. However, the vast majority of concubines were also captured prisoners such as those from other conquered kingdoms and their sole purpose is basically a symbol of status. The only thing I can see harems realistically doing is increasing population but there are generally more male populations compared to females during ancient times so that’s also illogical. The sole purpose of harems are either for sexual lust, increasing chances for children in case of the wife being infertile, or being bored with one person. Basically, the only use of harem is in case the wife cannot bear an heir. Of course, some of the women also have ulterior motives, such as for security, wealth, or power. Many may choose concubinage to stay safe as despite palace intrigue being a real thing. Also, for all the people who cry about reverse harems and read normal harems. I hate both but c’mon, if you’re fine with one then take the other. Otherwise, that’s just hypocrisy :)

  9. I honestly hate both of these. Both treat emotions as crap and human lives as collections, so yeah, I avoid them all

  10. That is already a realistic tena, but the novels are fantasy that have nothing to do with reality, where the mc can live more than 1000 years or forever (If it is a Chinese novel).

  11. Eh? What’s tena, sorry to ask? Again, yes it’s based on a fantasy world but at the same time, it could also aggravate the system of concubinage because the only realistic difference I see is that the concubines may be more frequent for resources and aid but what powerful family is really willing to be a concubine? I vaguely remember a novel that has a female side character refusing to be a part of the harem only to get her family destroyed and the male protagonist saying “that’s what she gets.” Furthermore, it proves my point about harems to a certain degree. Since men and women realistically should have the same status since both of them can become powerful. However, we never, never see a female side character or harem member who once had a reverse harem or is in a relationship(not counting fiancées). I can never remember a female harem member who is considered impure because it’s written from an author who seeks fan service, not realistic propositions. Of course, I admit harems may be aggravated when the strong has weaker reproduction rates but same thing can realistically be said about reverse harem yet that never appears. I do give props that living to 1000 year plus can likely sour any partner to partner marriages and promiscuity is likely to be practiced. Still, I hate it when the protagonist has such immense talent and luck, that despite handling like 5 women(always of the same categories of-cold, mature, youthful, fiery, etc), they can easily surpass the talents of the world. I hate imagining it in my place that I’m a talent and some nobody who had a cheat or unimaginable luck and talent(some train hard but most just get random epiphanies or some bull crap) can destroy me despite training in that category for my entire life. Heh, it’s getting out of the actual topic so yep, I agree both harems and reverse are more likely to be practiced in fantasy worlds.

  12. As I have told you in oriental fantasy, polygamy is well seen because it is a status symbol, for example if you have the title duke, the daughter of Márquez will be the main wife and the daughters of the counts will be the other wives. And it would be well seen. Do not confuse polygamy with concubinage, because polygamy is having several wives, who can come from noble families and their children have the right of inheritance, in return concubinage is only 1 wife from a noble family and the other women from commoner families and their children without the right to inheritance but receive the family name. In western fantasy, polygamy is frowned upon if a powerful king marries the daughter of a duke, the king of another kingdom if he sends his daughter as a lover and the son will not have surnames, it would be frowned upon by other kingdoms and they would mock . In fantasy novels, the mc mostly lives a long time and there is no fight for the throne, unlike historical novels, if the mc has many women, his kingdom can be divided

  13. And the reverse harem does succeed, there is even manhua where the mc is the concubine of an empress who has more than 3000 men in her harem. And in several novels there is always a plot of a kingdom or sect ruled by women and they have their harems. If the mc has System then the mc can enhance the talent of his women, and mostly the author puts very talented women into the harem and makes the typical occult bloodline or special physique. Remember that the fantasy kingdom construction novels the plot that always come to the end is to unify the world and the mc becoming god.

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