The people who entered the main hall along with the Huaiwang were the people of the Huaiwang Mansion. Although they were only present at the 100th, only the emperors were there, and there were as many as 20, and the strength of the prosperity made them as strong as the guardian family. The strength of the Huaiwang House in these years has been amazing enough, but it was only in recent months that they were shocked that the strength that Huaiwang House had shown before was only the tip of the iceberg.

In the past few months, the Huaiwang House has received countless powerful and powerful forces. Today’s power is no longer dare to imagine.

With the Huai County King becoming the King of Huai, the Huaiwang House will naturally become the “Emperor House”, and the momentum of everyone in the Huaiwang House has also undergone tremendous changes. The glow dyes and the night come with them, and the eyes of the two are proudly like the lonely eagle. Because of their current identity, it is not the same. After today, they will be the emperor of the magical world! The entire magical world will be respected by their family!

Standing in front of the imperial chair, Huai Wang sat slowly under the attention of the guardian family, the palace, and the world. Although a hundred years ago, he had already expected that this day must come, but at this moment he boarded the emperor's seat, and the attention of the people, watching the world under his feet, he can decide the life and death of everyone here, outside the hall. The future fate of the entire magical world is also in his hands... He still can't help but breathe, and the blood flows rapidly in the body.

The era of the demon family has ended. From today, this magical demon world is the world of my Huaiwang family! !

Next to him, four dressed royal servants holding gold costumes, approaching the gold crown, stand on the left and right. The Supreme Master of the Royal Family slowly walked out and stood upright, reading out loud:

"The Taizu ancestors dominated the world, and the magical demon was eternal. In other words, the heavens and the catastrophe, the emperor died, and the demon emperor suffered after the embarrassment, and the demon emperor returned to the five elements, leaving no legacy, successor No one, no one in the world. The illusionary demon has no head, and it will be a mess for a long time. Fortunately, the Huaijun King’s heart is in the world, and the talents of the celestial lands are exaggerated. The ability to pull the mountains and the sea is flat, panic and calm, and the sorrows are invisible. The people are impressed, the world is returning to the heart. And the respect of their lives is nothing, as the new king, all the world!"

"The kings are courageous and united, and they wear new kings together; the people are guarded by the great powers, and they are respected as destiny; the ministers are careful to help, and the magical demon..."


A long bell-and-drum came from the outside of the temple, and the ceremonial voice stopped abruptly. On the side of the body, the voice slammed several times: "Oh, the time has come! New King is crowned!"

When you are awkward, you will sacrifice the gods to worship the heavens in the afternoon. After passing through this process, Huaiwang will officially become the new generation of kings in this magical world.

Huai Wang stood up proudly, his arms wide open, his eyes overlooking everything in sight. The maid on the side of the body took forward and took off the king of the king, and put on him the emperor of the Golden God, symbolizing the red gold emperor of the Emperor. When you are awkward, you will sacrifice the gods to worship the heavens in the afternoon. After passing through this process, Huaiwang will officially become the new generation of kings in this magical world.

All the people in the Emperor Hall are leaving the house, kneeling down and worshiping: "See Huai Di! Huai Di Tiandi Tongshou, Sun and Moon with the light!"

Those who are qualified to appear in this hall of the demon, are the most top figures in the demon world. Looking at their prostitutes, it is equivalent to seeing the entire magical world are succumbing to the feet. Waiting for the whole day, the head of Huaiwang has been swaying for a whole hundred years, enjoying everything at the moment and enjoying the grace of the emperor at the moment! As his eyes drifted leisurely, he saw the only discordant place in the hall... The entire Emperor's Hall, only the two seats did not bow down, one for the Yun family, one for the family.

"Boldly admire the smoke, Yunguanghong!" The anger of the ceremonies also sounded at this time: "The new emperor is crowned, you still don't go down fast!"

Although this ceremonial instrument is also a fantasy demon king, but usually give him a hundred courage, but also dare not blame Yun Guanghong and Mu Feiyan. But today can be different from the past... Yunjia and Mujiaben are hostile to each other and Huaiwangfu. After the demon burial, these few months, Yunjia Mujia is even more "stained" after the Huaiwang killed the demon, now even It is a fool who should understand that after the Huai Wang is enthroned, it will inevitably not be able to accommodate Yunjia and Mujia, but with the influence of Huaiwang, Yunjia and Mujia are opponents. Therefore, this ceremonial shouting is full of enthusiasm, but also afraid that his voice is small. The momentum is weak and the Huaiwang is dissatisfied.

The atmosphere suddenly condensed, and all eyes suddenly turned to the seats of Yunjia and Mujia. The world, the Su family, and the Yanjia are all dewy, and my heart sighs.

"Why should I worship!!" Yun Guanghong suddenly stood up, and a thunderous roar blew in everyone's ear, making everyone scared. Yun Guanghong suddenly broke out of the momentum, and it was a small master of ceremonies that he could bear. He shook his whole body, stepped back and took a step back, and his lips groaned, but he couldn’t say a word.

"Cloud Light Hung!" He Lian screamed, his fingers clouded with anger, face with anger, but in the depths of his eyes, he was ridiculed and sneered: "The new emperor is crowned, you make this distinction and despise the new emperor. The are going to rebel!"

"Rebel?" Yun Xiaohong sneered: "Beat you still have a face in this demon emperor's hall, in the face of the world's heroes to say these two words! Rebellion... Who is rebelling!"

"Of course you are rebelling!" Jiufangkui got up and pointed to Yunguanghongda. After the demon was buried, the Huai Wang was enthroned. In the future, it was the world of Huai Di. Yun Jiaben gained power in the post-demony ceremony four months ago. Today, it is not enough to worry about it, and it has been "self-seeking dead road". Naturally, it is the time to fall into the well, and it is the time to show loyalty to Huai Di: "Yun Guanghong, you are the master of the family of the guardian family, when you are the guardian of the magical demon emperor! Today, the new emperor is enthroned, but you are in this hall. on……"

“Shut up!” Jiufang Kui’s words did not speak, and he was interrupted by Yun Guanghong’s anger: “I’m cloudless, but I’m not able to take a shameless thief to teach! I’m the same as the Taizu Emperor. Magical demon. If there is no Taizu demon, there will be no Yunjia of the eternal years! My Yunjia always regards the demon king as the destiny, for the glory! Forever, there has never been a moment of dissent! 哼...he What is Huaiwang counted? What qualifications make me Yunjia to protect allegiance! You are the same as the guardian, but the thief after the dead demon is regarded as the new king... You simply let the ancestors of the ancestors Huangquan shame! !"

"Yunguanghong! Hello big courage!!" Zhong Wang jumped out, a look of anger and anger, even the whole body sighed: "After the death of the demon, you are three times five times filthy after the new emperor poisoned hands to kill the demon! However, after the demon was clearly killed in Jinwuleiyan Valley, and the opening of the Jinwuleiyan Valley seal, the new emperor was clearly in the demon city, countless people saw it! Everyone knows that once you enter Jinwuleiyan Valley, unless the seal is closed, otherwise There is no way out! You are so filthy, it is simply not broken, ridiculous!"

"The new emperor is a large number of liberals, and I will never care about you. I have to preside over the imperialism of your Yun family to preside over the imperial city! And you Yunyunhong, so I don’t know how to lift it up, I don’t know how to be good, in this sacred and solemn emperor Not only insulted the new emperor, but also dared to be in the face of everyone, to say this ridiculous, no one to believe the filthy words! This is not only a crime against the king, but also does not put all of us in the eyes!"

Zhong Wang said, his face was already angry and white. He shook hands to Huai Wang and said: "Huai Di, you have tolerance for the Yun family, but some people are bullying too much! Xiao Wang is a courtier, it is really watching Don't go down! Please order the Huai Emperor to take the rebellious person!"

Huaiwang slowly raised his hand, shook his head slightly, sighed a little, and his face showed a little helplessness: "The cloud master, you have prejudice and misunderstanding of this emperor, this emperor knows well. But you filthy this emperor After the poisonous hand killed the demon, it was the slogan of the world. Today, it is the day when the emperor is enthroned. It should have been smashed in the world, and it is not appropriate to be angry. Today, it is still not with you. After the emperor, if you are so offended again... even if you are the lord of the cloud family, it is the son of the demon king Yun Hai, the emperor will never be light!!"

Yun Guanghong refused to worship, and the new emperor, but also publicly "stained" the new emperor is the person who killed the demon... each one is enough to be sentenced to death. However, the disposal of Huaiwang is extremely generous. Of course, this is not the way he is so broad-minded. It is not that he does not want to set up Yunhong, and puts the whole cloud home to death. It is just that Yunjia just revived his reputation four years ago because of Yunche, and he was very popular. Nowadays, Yunjia’s reputation in the magical world is far better than any period in the past ten thousand years. He first entered the throne, and before he was completely stabilized, it was not a wise act to start the cloud house on the bright side - even if the cloud family took the initiative.

And this move can also be full of magnanimity, against the cloud family.

And Yun Guanghong will buy his account. He smiled and suddenly flew up and fell in the middle of the main hall. The purple light flashed on his hand. A seven-foot sword was caught in the palm of his hand. He pointed to Huaiwang: "You don't have to wait until that day, I am cloudless. Hong is here today, for the sake of blood splashing the demon palace!"

Yun Guanghong’s move made everyone horrified, and the entire demon palace suddenly became a mess. Including Huaiwang, they never dreamed of it. Yun Guanghong, who has always been calm and wise, has made such a move. He Lian and others screamed in unison: "Yun Guanghong! You...what do you want!!"

"Cloud master, don't be impulsive!!" Su Xiangnan and Yan Zijing shouted. Su Xiangnan quickly condensed Xuan Chengyin, and tried hard to persuade: "Cloud master! Immediately accept the sword! Even after the demon and the son of the son is really harmed by the king of Huai... You have to live your life, there is a day of hate This is not a smart move... It shouldn’t be what you are doing with Yunhong!”

For Su Xiangnan's voice, Yun Guanghong turned a deaf ear and did not respond. By his side, Mu Yurou stood side by side with him, and the whole body was chilly. The chill in his eyes was cold and biting, and his voice was filled with the hatred of her life. "Huai Wang! You killed me. The son... Today, my couple will fight for their lives, but also your blood debts!!" Mobile users please visit

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