Although the speed of Yunche is fast, it is far too far from the speed of the night star. The distance between the two sides is rapidly approaching, and the time of more than ten interest rates has been drawn to within a hundred feet. Yun Che holds tight phoenix snow, his teeth are biting, his mind is sharply turned, and he thinks about the method of separation. At this time, he suddenly feels that the breath that locks himself is suddenly interrupted, and even the sense of danger disappears. .

Yun Che quickly turned his head and discovered that a white and elegant figure slowly descended from the sky, blocking the front of the night star, a strong gas field, and his strong breath and the road tough. .

That is... Ji Qianrou! ?

Suddenly, Yun’s heart suddenly settled down a lot. He exhaled and speeded up again, heading straight ahead.

"Hey, little cold, so rushed, is it going to go? Just when people are free, do you want people to help?" Ji Qianrou licked his fingers, staring at the peach eyes, smiling at the night star Cold, the invisible gas field released by him is completely sealed off the road of the night star, and can no longer go further.

As soon as I saw Ji Qianrou appear, the night star cold felt bad. With Ji Qianrou's heart, he could never have no purpose, and it was so coincidental, and it is very likely that he had already secretly peeked at everything. The night star chills down and said: "Ji Qianrou, let go immediately, don't break me good things."

"Ah, oh, cold and cold is so fierce." Ji Qianrou was aggrieved and frightened, but immediately the peach face was brilliantly opened: "But the cold and cold look is really cute, people can't help but want to touch Touching... Little cold, put your face out and make your home feel good."

"You..." The night star was shaking all over the body, and the footsteps could not help but step back. Then he gritted his teeth: "Ji Qianrou, I have long felt that someone has been staring somewhere, it is you. You I am a holy land, do not need nonsense! You also know who I am going to chase, immediately let go, count my night star owe you a favor! Otherwise ... oh! You and Phoenix Shenzong did not have much friendship, I can't make it because of a sacred door that is about to fall and I become a deadly enemy!"

"Phoenix Shenzong?" Ji Qianrou's eyes turned, and then the flowers trembled and laughed: "You said the little girl of Phoenix Shenzong? That little girl is very flattering, but her life and death, and people but there is no A little bit of relationship, people just think that you and Xiao Chechu are chasing the fun, so I can't help but jump out and add a little bit of difficulty to your catching game. It will be more fun!"

"Cloud Che?" The night star's brows are condensed, full of puzzles. Ji Qianrou in front of him suddenly forcibly stopped him because it was not because of Feng Xueyu, but because of Yun Che.

Although the night star is cold, there is a tyrant in the body, but it is never an opponent of Ji Qianrou. If he wants to entangle, he can't even escape from his hands. He sighed: "What good is that Yunche gave you? Don't even give a life to a windless boy who is less than 20 years old! It's ridiculous."

"Selling life? Xiao Hanhan said wrong." Ji Qianrou swayed his fingers: "The people said, just want to join the game between Xiao Han Han and Xiao Che Che, only ten hours away from the world, if The game is over so soon, then the next time you can't play, it's boring. Hey-"

Ji Qianrou raised his right hand, between the white fingers, I do not know when to pick up a fascinating red petals, his fingers fretting, suddenly, the petals are lifted by the light wind, fluttering to the night star When there is less than a mile away from the night star, the speed suddenly increases, and it flies away in a flash, and draws a red line in the space for a long time.

The night star's cold head shifted, and the red color almost flew over his throat. The chill of the moment caused his heart to suddenly stop. His face tried to stay calm and gloomy: "Do you want to kill me?"

"Oh, the words of Xiaohanhan are so scary. How can people be willing to kill Xiaohanhan?" Ji Qianrou eagerly shook his head and denied it... He definitely has the ability to kill the night star, and in this world, he can kill Nothing to worry about. However, Ji Qianrou knows very well that the body of the night star must have the soul mark left by the sun and the moon, the **** of the night, and the death of the night star, the memory of the night before his death and the picture he saw. The Metroma is uploaded to the night spirit and let him know who killed the night star.

Although Ji Qianrou is arrogant and arrogant, it is not so unscrupulous to provoke the killing of Tianjun. And the death of the night star cold, the whole thing is not personal grievances, but the grievances of the entire Sun and Moon Palace and the Supreme Sea Hall.

"However, if Xiaohanhan is not obedient, as an elder, a small lesson is supposed to be, Xiao Hanhan said it is not, uh." Ji Qianrou smiled.

The night star was cold and the fists were close, almost blowing the lungs. The prey has just been in sight, and he can immediately win the body and blood of Feng Xueyu... especially the blood of Feng Xueyu, which is a great help to help him become the owner of the future continent. thing. And just... This Ji Qianrou is dying and jumping out!

"Ji Qianrou, I usually respect you as an elder, so I always give you three points of courtesy, you can't... give your face a shame!" Lu Ding Ji Qianrou is unlikely to kill him, the night star is cold and the mood is also All of a sudden became very tough, and wanted to overwhelm him with the identity and power of his holy land.

"Ah..." Ji Qianrou will be scared again, he still smiles: "The perfect face of people, but the most important thing in this life, but it must be. But, Xiao Hanhan Give Bilian... people don’t want it."


The night star Han Gang said a word, suddenly a flash of light, suddenly shot, the two groups of bright light shining, direct attack Ji Qianrou.

"Sun and Moon Cage!!"

The night star is cold, and it is the strongest blockade of the Sun and Moon Palace. It is bound to force his action to be blocked by Ji Qianrou.

In the face of the sudden attack of the night star, Ji Qianrou's look is unchanged, even the graceful and charming arc of the mouth has no slight change, only his **** sway gently, two rose petals are fluttering The drifting to the left and right.

Ping! Ping!

When the sun and the moon with a powerful blockade power touched the two petals, they burst directly like soap bubbles, bringing the storm that surged into two weeks. In the middle of the two storms, Ji Qianrou did not even pick up the hair ends and the clothes corners. His five fingers extended, and each finger flashed with different colors of light, which looked extraordinarily beautiful. He picked up his peach eyes and smiled and said: "Small cold is really not awkward, and that family can teach you a little less."

"Ji Qianrou, don't think I am afraid of you! I have to see, how can you take me today!"

The night star is cold and gloomy, and the sun and the moon are spread out in the hands. The whole body is flashing, and the powerful mysterious power is like a tsunami.

"Yin and Yang disillusioned!...dead!!"

One white, one black and two groups of Xuanguang were released from the sun and the moon, and they were intertwined in the air. They were in the shape of two instruments and flew directly to Ji Qianrou. Wherever they went, the space was distorted.

In the face of the horrible killings, Ji Qianrou is still facing the spring breeze, his wrists are twisted, the five fingers are moving, the colored lights on the fingertips alternate with each other, and the colors are colorful: "Small cold, you must appreciate this beautiful...burial - Flowers - Oh... oh."

As the last note of his lips fell, the color above Jiu Jiu's five fingers shone at the same time, suddenly, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, white, brown... the petals of various colors fluttered out. It was like a sudden burst of colorful flowers and rain.

The force of yin and yang from the bombardment rushed into the rain of the petals of the sky, and then it became smaller and smaller, and it was getting smaller and smaller... When it was a few feet away from Ji Qianrou, it completely disappeared.

The disappearance disappeared without a trace, silent.


The night star has heard the horror of Ji Qianrou many times, but he never played with him. He did not expect his petals to be so terrible! At this time, the wind mixed with the rich floral scent, with a large number of petals flying toward the night star, the night star cold eyes shrink, subconsciously retreat, but he retreated one position, one The strong tearing force of the stock came from the front...Accurately, it was uploaded from every petal! These tearing powers made him basically unable to resist, and he could only watch the petals touch his body.

The first petal fell on his shoulder... It was just a petal, but at that moment, he clearly felt that a mountain was pressed against his shoulder, causing his floating body to sink. And immediately, the second, third, fourth, fifth... more and more petals fell on his body, every single piece, the night star's body is a heavy one, in dozens After the petals, he could not even float, and he fell from the sky.

Even if it landed, the huge oppression still made him unable to stand even, and forced him to kneel down... Finally, the entire upper body was crushed on the chilly ground, and even the head could not be lifted.

"Ji... thousand...soft!!" The night star chilled his head and snarled with a hoarse voice: "I will not let you go, if one day you fall into my hands, I..."

A petal directly attached to the mouth of the night star, so that he can no longer make a sound. Ji Qianrou shook his head, sad and sorrowful: "Young people, it is easy to be impulsive, this time is still dare to be hard, not afraid of people angry, accidentally cut your head... Well, the head is cut, throat The blood sprayed in the tube... Oh... that is the most beautiful and intoxicating scenery in the world."

The petals continued to fall, gradually spreading the ground below. The center position is a pile of flowers that are not too high. Among the flowers, they are completely buried, and the night of the cloak is not exposed.

Ji Qianrou's body slowly floated, and his mouth whispered to himself: "The feeling of owing people is always the most annoying. Now it is still on. I don't know how long the cold will be buried... Hey, if Xiao Che is still caught by Xiao Hanhan, then don’t blame others, giggling..."


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