Yun Che carefully looked at the bone age and mystery of the younger generation of the Five Kingdoms, and my heart burst into sigh. At this time, he has become more and more aware of why the seven countries are arguing for such major events. In the Cangfeng country, no one is willing to mention it, and no one is concerned. It is just like a shameful taboo. Looking at the whole process, although the comprehensive strengths of the 沧澜, 黑煞, Galois, Kwai Shui, and Tianxiang Five Kingdoms are different, the difference is not big. The last ranking is the second one. This is a primary throne. Two and a half steps Wang Xuan, seven days of Tian Xuan, and the last ranking is only higher than the wind, the Tianxiang country in the last five places in the five countries, this one and a half steps Wang Xuan, eight days later, In the middle of a Tian Xuan... This gap is really not big. As long as the air transport is sufficient, each country has the possibility of ranking a second place in a seven-nation war.

But the only windy country, compared with them, is really miserable.

Cangfeng Xuanjie is under the age of twenty-five. In addition to Xia Tiyue, it is basically impossible to find a primary sky.

Half-step Wang Xuan, in these five countries is only the peak of the age of twenty-five, and in the Cangfeng country, it is almost the peak of the entire mysterious world.

Even in Laos and Black Skull countries, there is a throne under the age of twenty-five!

After the Five Kingdoms, there were still Cangfeng and Shenhuang Empires. Feng Feiyan glanced at the seat and said a faint saying: "As you can see, the battle of the Seven Kingdoms, the Cangfeng Kingdom did not know why it was absent. There has never been a slight movement. Hey, the wind is not good at mystery, whether to participate This row of battles will not have any effect on the ranking results. Instead, it can shorten the playing field, but it is best."

There was a burst of laughter in the seats, and everyone knew how lowly and poorly the Cangfeng Kingdom had always been in the ranks of the seven countries. The other six countries are fighting for the glory and glory, and the Cangfeng country... each time to make up the number of seven countries. And by this time, it seems that there is no courage and no skin.

In the arena, there are very few people in Cangfeng, but it is not without. The words from the phoenix elders made them humiliated, but they could only tighten their hands, bite their teeth and endure humiliation, unable to make sounds, and no face to face.

"Hey, Cangfeng kid, you are now turning around with your tail running. It’s your strength, if you really go up... or a lonely person, don’t talk about your face, even the **** is lost... I rely on!"

When Feng Zhanyun’s words were not finished, he saw that the cloud on the side of the body had suddenly leaped, and then several ups and downs, straight into the middle of Phoenix.

"Wait! Who said that there are no warriors in the country!!"

A thunder-like snoring sounded on the field, and when the snoring fell, the last rise and fall of Yun Che’s completion, in the strange eyes of everyone, fell heavily on the Phoenix platform, and there was a sound in the ground. He looked at Feng Fei. His eyes were calm and proud. He raised his right hand and displayed the badge of the war with the words "Cangfeng": "Cangfeng Guoyun Che, come to fight!"


Feng Xueyu screamed out of control.

"Snow, what happened?" Phoenix turned his head in a lightning-like manner and asked strangely.

"No...nothing." Feng Xueyan shook his head, his voice was a little erratic: "Just thinking about things, some distracted, and then suddenly saw a person jump to Phoenix... Some were scared... really nothing."

Although Feng Hengkong still doubts in his heart, he did not ask much. At this time, Feng Xichen of the rear seat stood up and excitedly said: "Father, it is him... he is the cloud!"

"He actually came." Feng Ximing said lowly: "It seems that he is somewhat self-aware, knowing that even if he hides, he can't escape our palms."

"Is it him?" Feng Guankong's eyes are slightly faint, and faintly said: "He really dares to come today, but it is a bit of a force. Don't worry about him first, and it will affect the qualifying war. Since he came, he should I don't think about leaving."

Feng Xueyu listened to their words silently, and his mood was chaotic.

Feng Lingyun...

Cloud Che...

Cloud brother... is Yun Che...

Not Feng Lingyun...

how could this be……

"Where! How is he!!"

In the corner of the auditorium, a person who was dressed and looked very inconspicuous was directly stunned by the moment when he saw the cloud leaping into the Phoenix Terrace. He just finished in his heart, the young man who looked at the 17-year-old boy sitting on his right side stood up, excited and flushed, his arms trembled, and a low-pitched voice: "Boss! You really Come, I know you will come!! I really didn't come... I know you won't come!"

Looking at this boy's appearance, I was so excited that I was mad. He poked the teenager's clothes and asked, "Hey! Little brother, do you know this person? Can you say that you are a person from the Cangfeng Kingdom?"

"Of course I know!" The boy was full of excitement: "He is my boss! I am here to see his game!"

"He is your boss? I rely on it, so smart! He is also my big brother! I came here... um oh oh, just to see his game!"

"Really?" The teenager looked at him suspiciously.

"What's your name?"

"Ling Jie! Cangfeng Guotian Jianshan Villa Lingjie!" Junior proud.

"Ling Jie? Lingyun is who you are?"

"That is my big brother... How do you know the name of my older brother?"

"Of course it was the cloud boss and I mentioned it."

"Do you really know my boss? So smart! What is your name? Who is the country?"

"Oh, my name is smoke, I have no country and no home. I am older than you at a glance. You can call me a big brother, a flower boss, a flower... Any one can do it!"

"Smoke flowers? For the sake of this name!"

"It's not because of my long, handsome, and of course the name is to be exquisite. At least it is much better than your name without technical content."


The emergence of Yun Che, undoubtedly became the focus of the audience in an instant. Before the arrival of the five kings, all of them sounded like a shout. This time, it was full of arguments and sneers... but no cheers.

"Other warriors are flying up. He is actually jumping up... No, he doesn't even have a day."

"You are stupid! He is a person from the Cangfeng Kingdom, hey, Cangfengguo, have you heard that Cangfengguo has been born in Tianxuan under the age of twenty-five? This kid is dead and dying... I remember the previous seven-country qualifying wars. The highest strength of the warriors in the Cangfeng Kingdom is the realm of the earth... even if there has been a spiritual environment, hahahaha, I just want to laugh."

"Wow! Actually, the people of the Cangfeng country are coming? The phoenix gods are not prepared for the seats of the Cangfeng country. Obviously they all disdain the people of the Cangfeng country. This guy actually took the initiative to come up... Hey, Xuan Li is a realm, even I am not as good, this is desperate, don’t want a face!”

"You don't know, in the Cangfeng country, the land under the age of twenty-five is already the most top-ranking existence. I heard that the royal family Xuanfu there, the mentor is also a spiritual realm, the ground can be Become the head of the branch Xuanfu."

"I rely on! Really fake? Then I went to be a general government owner? Hahahaha... Well? Why come up with such a person? Is it that Cangfengguo sent a person this time?"

"Hahahaha... It’s just a laugh. The Cangfeng country is going to go through the game. At least it’s a good idea to get together ten people. The result is that it’s catching up with the team battle... It’s just laughing.”

"It’s coming. There is a windy country, this is the last place, but no one can take it."



The huge stadium is filled with ridiculous laughter and ridicule. In the face of this talented land, but on behalf of the Cangfeng Kingdom to participate in the seven countries of the ranks of the war, the invisible superiority of a "personal person" in the heart of the six kingdoms. They all looked at Yun Che with a slapstick, pity, ridiculous...and even a trialy look.

Such a scene, Yun Che is familiar. At that time, when he was in the ranks of Cangfeng, when he represented Cangfeng Xuanfu, the lowest mysterious power of the audience attracted almost everyone’s contempt and ridicule. Various voices and eyes turned him over and over again. . This time, it seems to be repeating the history of two years ago. However, two years ago, all the taunts did not have any effect on him, and this time it will not affect his half points.

Although there are very few in the arena, it is not without the mysterious people of the Cangfeng Kingdom. Their purpose is to look at the clouds. A month ago, Yun Che left the Cangfeng Imperial City and set off for the Imperial Phoenix Empire. Cang Wanxi announced the mysterious world the next day, and spoke out the news that Yun Ching represented Cangfeng to go to the Seven Kingdoms. . He said to Yun Che at the beginning, if the celestial Xuanyuan knows that Yun Che will go to participate in the seven-nation platoon war, maybe it will suddenly ignite hope... a hope of shame! Because of the cloud, but in the Cangfeng country created one impossible miracle! Almost has become a fabulous figure in the heart of the mysterious people.

By playing in him, you will be able to represent the Cangfeng country with a blockbuster, a shame!

In the past month, many Cangfeng mysterious people have a hope and blood, and Wanli has come to the Imperial Phoenix Empire... although the number of Cangfeng Xuan in the game is still too far and far from the other six countries. But compared to the past, it is more than a few times.

In the face of the sneer and ridicule of the audience, those rare and declining Cangfeng Xuan people looked at Yun Che, some hands punched, secretly gritted, and some sneered, waiting to see them being beaten, and some could not stand, Loudly shouted: "You guys are all shut up! Yun Chuang of my country is not only the first person of the younger generation, but also the first person in the whole mysterious world... although he only has the earth, but he can War Wang Xuan!"

"Dimensions... War King Xuan? Hahahaha!!" The people around him heard the most funny jokes in the world, and all of them laughed and said: "Is this kid going out and forgetting to take medicine? Xuan? Hahahahaha..."

The voice of the singer of the wind is red, his companion pulls him, and shakes his head: "Don't worry about them! When the clouds are clear, they will all shut up... Yun Che! This Be sure to win the glory for me in the face of the world!!"

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