The appearance of King of Thunder Realm has made Ice Phoenix Shenzong facing desperation ... not to mention the fall of a Brahma King!

Qianye Zixiao did not deliberately release Brahma Emperor Willing, but the Ice Phoenix Shenzong, from elders to disciples, were all cold and unable to breathe.

Too much power and level gap, this kind of fear is far from being overcome by will.

"Sect Master ..." Everyone looked at Mu Bingyun.

Although, Chiba Zixiao looked sincere, and his temperament was a little frightening. But none of them knew that every one of his words, every word, no one of Ice Phoenix Divine Sect could refuse.

"I'm only" inviting "me, right?" Mu Bingyun said.

Projections from Eternal Sky Realm can be seen everywhere in Snow Song Realm, Eternal Sky's miserable state, and the terrifying shock of the devil. Does Mu Bingyun wonder why this invitation from Brahma Emperor God Realm is for?

When necessary, use me to restrain Yun Che?

Ha ... Yun Che's feelings for Snow Song Realm are all concentrated on her sister. You too despise my place in his eyes.

However, of course, she would not speak. Facing the fall of the Brahma, she only has to be important enough to keep the sect completely.

"Of course." Qianye Zixiao smiled and said: "The King of Bingyun Realm can rest assured that my king and the next are not malicious. My King Qianding Wanwan must return to the King of Bingyun Realm and Bingyun Realm. Wang Qian ~ 10,000 ~ Do n’t make it difficult to do now. "

His face was still smiling, but his gaze swept the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect behind her in a leisurely way. The word "Ten Thousand" was carrying warnings and threats that were not concealed.

"it is good."

Without hesitation, Mu Bingyun nodded lightly: "As a little median king, it is a great blessing to be invited by Brahma Emperor God Realm, and why I refused."

"Oh," Qianye Zixiao laughed: "The king of Bingyun Realm is really wise and intelligent. Then ... please."

On the side of his body, a silver-shaped black ark with a length of 100 feet is now in the snow. There are several isolated black hordes that can hide the atmosphere to a great extent.

"Sect Master ..." The elders of the Ice Phoenix and the Palace Lord looked at Mu Bingyun, their eyes trembling, and their hearts were sad.

They are all very clear that Mu Bingyun will go there, almost 10% of them may go back and forth. However, they couldn't stop it, they couldn't resist it.

Mu Bingyun didn't leave immediately, but the snow hand nudged, Xue Jijian flew down with cold light and fell into Mu Huan's hand.

"Huazhi," she whispered: "After I left. If you haven't returned to the world for a long time, you will succeed the suzerain and cultivate Feixue and Hanyan, they will all have a dazzling future."

Holding Xueji sword in both hands, Mu Huanzhi's old head was closed, and it was difficult to say: "Yes ... Huanzhi follows the order of the patriarch."

The Ice Phoenix Mingyu, which can symbolize the sovereign of the Sect Master, can open the Minghan Tianchi, and an ice-blue space ring was handed to Mu Huanzhi. Mu Bingyun turned around and stepped on the silver ark very calmly.

As the isolated Xuan array shone on the Xuanzhou, Mu Bingyun's figure and breath disappeared.

Qianye Zixiao smiled and turned her head, her eyes faintly glanced over everyone, like a scorpion ant, and her figure disappeared like an atomization ... Then the Xuanzhou flew up, disappearing into the vast sky with Mu Bingyun.

The enchantment of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect was slowly repaired, but the Zongmen up and down, but was stuck in a long silence.

Mu Huanzhi came to the Ice Phoenix Temple in a heavy mood. He wanted to worship the first patriarch, and begged her to bless Mu Bingyun back safely ... But when he was about to take out Xueji Sword, he suddenly looked round and stayed there all of a sudden.

Xue Jijian disappeared without a shadow, without a shadow!

The silver xuanzhou quickly flew out of the Snow Song Realm and entered the vast star field.

Mu Bingyun stood on the front side of Xuanzhou, and Yu Yan was calm, almost unable to see any confusion. At this moment, she was not surprised.

At that time, with Mu Xuanyin's departure, her heart like ice and snow was more sealed.

Qianye Zixiao walked over, his face still calm and calm, and he controlled all the smiles: "That thunder King of Kings saw me like a guilty rat, and you, the median King of Kings, were so calm and so bold. , People have to look at it a few times. It should be said ... you deserve to be the sister of Xuanyin Realm King. "

Hearing Qianye Zixiao mentioning Mu Xuanyin, Mu Bingyun's eyes condensed coldly, and then he dissipated, saying lightly: "Tangtang Brahma, actually came to invite a small median king in person. Such a big fee Zhouzhang , I ’m not afraid to lose my identity, so why do n’t I just run in vain? "

Qianye Zixiao smiled and said: "The devil people in the Northern Territory are like lunatics, but they never touch the Snow Song Realm. Moreover, Yun Che seemed to be the king of the Ice Cloud Realm from the lower realm to the Eastern God Territory. Two points are enough. "

Mu Bingyun: "..."

"At the right time, any friend may become an enemy, and vice versa. This is my long-standing rule of Brahma Emperor God Realm. And ..." Qianye Zixiao's eyes were slightly shaded: "Advise King Bingyun Realm must cherish your life, if you are unpredictable ... Who will keep Snow Song Realm? "

He was warning Mu Bingyun not to have self-destructive thoughts.

But ... in fact, in Mu Bingyun's heart, Yun Che, who resembled a demon after he returned, hated the heavens and the earth, and fingertips of the Tu Realm, had obviously wiped out all the previous emotions and concerns in the extreme pain and extreme hatred.

Want to use her to restrain Yun Che ... is just wishful thinking of Brahma Emperor God Realm!

No matter Qianye Zixiao or Mu Bingyun, they didn't notice it at all, and they were not far behind, always following a shadow. Her figure is perfectly integrated with the dim star field, as strong as the Tenth Brahma, and she is not aware of its existence.

Chi Wei looked at the silver Xuanzhou from a distance, and Yuemei kept scowling deeply.

After all, she does not have the ability to hide the shadow. The dark concealment that she is best at is also slightly discounted in the Eastern God Territory. This distance is already the limit distance for her to ensure that she will not be noticed. If you move one more point forward, you will be more likely to be discovered.

It is easy for her to defeat Qianye Zixiao, but this tenth Brahma character is obviously very cautious. Mu Bingyun is only an eighth-level prince. There is no threat to him, but he stands within ten steps, and his breath suppresses never leaving her. Obviously, he is not allowed to show any possible omissions.

Forced shots are likely to put Mu Bingyun in danger.

Frowning, her eyes suddenly showed a sudden movement.

and many more……

This breath ...

Is it ... is ... is ...

Her profound energy and eyes suddenly appeared very rare chaos, and her figure slowed down slightly. But her determination was not influenced by the slightest, the dark light of her lightly raised hands condensed, and the trembling beautiful light also shone with a charming and cold magic light.

At this moment, just as Qian Xiao Zi Xiao was slow to speak and Mu Bingyun spoke, a icy blue cold light burst out of the space in front of him.

There is no aura, no slight fluctuations in breath, and the distance is only as short as the distance of three feet equal to nothing for a king of Brahma ...

This cold light appeared so completely out of thin air, like a sudden shot from the void crack.

It was an icy white, blue and bright sword. The moment it emerged from the sky, it was faster than all the meteors in the world.

Even if Mu Bingyun is only an eighth-level god, Qianye Zixiao did not always look down upon her, but he could never treat her

Be prepared for strength.

Thoroughly unprepared, and so close ... The pupil of Chiba Zixiao instantly contracted, but his body and strength were too late to make any response, and even the body protection strength was only working. A trace of it, stabbed at the heart by the sudden ice, and passed through.

It was so terrible that it was impossible to describe it, so that the force of the ice cold, which was the death of all the kings of the Brahma, rushed into his body at the moment when the ice mandala passed through, and he overbearingly sealed his bones, organs, meridians, blood And the profound energy he just wanted to surge.

And he contracted to the extreme pupil, reflecting the light blue ice hair flying ... and a pair of ice blue colors, as if condensing all the cold eyes in the world.

The shrinking pupil suddenly enlarged again at this moment, because he saw the most incredible picture in the world.

He is the Brahma King of Brahma Emperor God Realm, a powerful ninth-level **** master. Even if there is no defense, who can escape his spiritual consciousness?

However, before this cold mountain shot from a very close distance of three feet, he did not notice any figure, any breath, any trace at all.

And this person, how could she ...

And the next moment when Qianye Zixiao was pierced by a sword, a long black silk came through with a thick black awn, gently brushing the body of Qianye Zixiao who was sealed in the half body.


Without the outburst of dark power, the black mangoes on Chang Ling, like countless evil spirits with independent consciousness, rushed into his body at the moment of touching Qianye Zixiao.

How powerful is the Soul of Brahma.

But he was suddenly pierced with a sword, his half body frozen, and his heart and soul were under unprecedented horror and consternation. Suddenly shocked by the Chi Soul Demon Soul, it was almost irresistible. The eyes were suddenly dark, and then the consciousness was completely silent in the endless darkness.


The ice crystals exploded, and the body of Qianye Zixiao flew out in the sky of ice dust, smashed far away, and there was no more movement.

Under the resistance that suddenly struck, Xuanzhou stopped flying, and Chi Hua slowly fell, looking at the blue-haired girl with a snow sword in her hand. In my heart, there are emotions that are too strong and too complicated.

"..." Mu Bingyun didn't seem to perceive the arrival of Chiwei, she looked blankly at her, her sight was dim, her soul was trembling, and her consciousness was collapsing, as if she had suddenly fallen into an unreal dream Among.

The sword in her hand is Xueji sword. In Mu Bingyun's hands, it was only half blooming, but in her fingers, it shone with Hanwei's endless sky.

The vanity of her only emerged, and she belonged to the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect only.

And her back, her breath ... obviously only appeared in the memory that made her think of tears.


She murmured, and with the tremor of her lips, her eyes were completely blurred by tears and fog: "Is ... you ... are you ..."

Four years ago, she personally watched Mu Xuanyin's lifeless ice body sink in the Minghan Tianchi. In these years, every once in a while, she will visit her by the side of Minghan Pool and say a lot to her.

However, in this clearly real world, why is there such a fantasy ...

In the low voice, she slowly raised her hand and wanted to get close to her footsteps, but as soon as she moved, she suddenly turned around in front of her, and the whole person fell in the mist ...

Along with this, her body fell into a icy softness, accompanied by the warmth and peace of mind that had long been forged and lost.

She closed her eyes and buried the whole snow face deeply in the fertile softness. Bingyu soft fragrance filled her five senses and the whole world ... Even if it was a dream, she would also like to indulge in it forever and never wake up again.

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