Eastern God Territory, Snow Song Realm.

When Yun Che just chased Xia Qingyue and entered the divine realm of the early days, Snow Song Realm finally ushered in ... It seems to be an unexpected big disaster.

As the demon master Yun Che's "birth" in the Star Realm, the numerous Star Realms around him are plunged into darkness. Its safety is a sin.

When it was determined that Snow Song Realm would not be attacked by the demon, countless fleeing mysteries from the surrounding Star Realm rushed in, and the surrounding areas of Snow Song Realm, almost all the human cities were overcrowded, all kinds of chaos, small chaos Hengsheng.

But it seems that they are afraid of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect, and there are not many foreign Profounders trying to get close to the center of the Ice Phoenix Realm ... This fear is not entirely due to the strength of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect, but it is the sect that the master of the Devil Yun Che once taught .

When his face was reproduced through Eternal Sky projection, the Eastern God Territory left an extremely terrible shadow on all Eastern God Territory Profounders. This shadow makes the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect invisibly add a bit of darkness to all mysterious hearts.

But in addition to deterrence, it may also bring ...


The snow-white sky was suddenly full of purple thunder, and with a loud noise, hundreds of thunderlights suddenly fell and fell on the boundary of Ice Phoenix Realm.

Under the thunder, the ice phoenix encroached instantly with numerous cracks and a long hissing sound in the tremor, which also severely broke the silence of this snowy area.

Above the distant sky, the witch Cicada looked down, glanced lightly.

It should have come, it really came.

The ice phoenix vibrated and countless ice shadows quickly flew up. Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi flew out of the ice phoenix world first, staring at the uninvited guest who was descending into the distance.

The ability to impact the Ice Phoenix enchantment to such a degree with a flash of lightning is clearly the power of the God Realm!

The flying ice mist slowly dissipated, and eight men were reflected in the falling snow. They were all dark purple, engraved with lightning inscriptions, most of them were blood-stained, with bruises on their faces and hands, and a gloomy look in their gloomy faces.

"Howling God Thunder." Mu Huan whispered in a low voice. He recognized at a glance that what had just bombarded the Ice Phoenix Enchantment was the Thunder Realm's unique Xuan Lei. And when he saw the head of the person clearly, his old eyes shrank sharply, and the last fluke also disappeared.

Thunder King Realm ... Li Daozhi!

"It turns out that King Thunder Realm is here." Mu Bingyun Bingmei coldly said: "I don't seem to have any deep friendship with Snow Thunder Realm and Thunder Realm. If Thunder Realm King comes here to take refuge, just go, Why such a gift! "

"Huh ..." Li Daoju sneered, but the smile was distorted and ugly.

There were a lot of scars engulfed by dark profound energy on his body. Obviously, not long ago, he had dealt with the Divine Lord Demon who was obviously above him, and the result was quite embarrassing.

"Snow Song Realm King," Li Daojie has no cover up, and sullenly said: "Now all the realms in the Eastern Territory have been invaded by the devil, but you, Snow Song Realm, are safe and sound! It seems that Yun Che ... the dark demon, It's really nostalgic! "

There are only eight people on the opposite side, but it is a second-level divine master and seven divine princes! Even if the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect devoted the power of the whole sect, it is almost impossible to have hope of counterbalance.

Mu Huanzhi moved forward and said in as gentle a tone as possible: "Thunder King, Yun Che was indeed a disciple of the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect. But he had been expelled from the sect very early, and the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect had disappeared long ago. Any relationship. "

"In addition ..." Mu Huanzhi slightly let out a deep voice: "My Snow Song Realm is protected by the Moon God Realm, and this matter is known to the Eastern Territories. The King of Thunder Realm is a guest, and I am welcoming myself. If it is for him, The Thunder King has to think twice. "

The Ice Phoenix Divine Sect knows all that the word "Moon God Realm" must not be mentioned in front of Mu Bingyun. However, in the face of Thunder Realm King with fierce approach, he had to use Moon God Realm as a shield.

"Moon God Realm?" Hearing Mu Huan's words, Li

Not only did Dao show no fear, but instead he sneered: "Hehehe ... now there is Moon God Realm! There is no leftover **** that has been blown up by the devil. Why? You do n’t know yet?"

"Wh ... what !?" Mu Huanzhi was taken aback and couldn't believe his ears.

Mu Bingyun raised his eyes violently, his eyes startled.

After all, Snow Song Realm is at the most frontier of Eastern God Territory, and closed early, and did not get the news of this horror.

With a wave of his arm, Li Dao suddenly threw his thunder and lightning around his body, and the power of extinction almost enveloped the entire Ice Phoenix Realm. His eyes were cold and sullenly said: "My son's swordsmanship was death. In the hands of the devil! I was shocked by the Thunder Realm ... and not incompatible with the devil forever! "

"Now, I'm shocked that Leizong was attacked by a demon and suffered heavy losses! Now, it's time for us to collect debts."


As his five fingers spread, Leiguang collided in the raging, and a more terrifying coercion loomed down.

Li Dao's voice shivered slightly. Facing the fierce man who was not afraid of death, he was shocked that Lei Zong's misfortune was more than "heavy." He naturally yelled out that he was deserted and fled. 'S vent to Ice Phoenix Shenzong.

"If you slaughtered the Ice Phoenix Sect, the Northern Devil Lord ..." He grinned and smiled gradually: "It must be very happy!"

"Wait! There must be misunderstandings!" Mu Huan said anxiously: "The first rule of our Ice Phoenix Divine Sect is that when encountering a demon, we must punish ..."

"No need to talk to them!"

Mu Huan ’s words were not falling, Mu Bingyun was already cold, her hands shone coldly, Xue Ji Jian Bing Mang was dazzling: "Li Dao, the Thunder Realm encountered a magic robbery, but you appeared here, it seems, You have chosen to be a dead dog who ran away from death! "

"Bing Yun!" Mu Huan was frightened ... and all called him by the name.

"Now flee to my righteous words of Snow Song Realm, Yaowu Yangwei !? You also deserve to be the upper realm king? It is simply disgraceful!"

At a glance, she saw that the thunder king had come out of hatred after the defeat of the demon. Asking him to sing for the sake of perfection is nothing but shame.

"Hehehe," Li Daoju's face was ugly: "Good one ... Snow Song Realm King!"

Watching Li Daozhi's upcoming lightning breath, Witch Cicada's finger pointed out ... Suddenly, her eyes changed slightly, the dark profound strength just released was quickly recovered, and her figure was hidden deeper behind the snow cloud.

"Ha ha ha ha, well said, such a thing, also worthy of the upper realm king?"

A plain laughter sounded without warning, accompanied by laughter, an invisible coercion that was not strong, but instantly made the cold winds of the snow in the thousands of miles quiet.

Even Lei Yun, who just condensed in the air by Li Dao, had no news in a flash.

Under coercion, Li Dao's face changed suddenly, and he turned sharply ... In the endless snow, a figure was standing quietly. No one knew when he appeared there, or he would always be there.

His face was pure and white, his expression was lightly smiled, and he was wearing a pale gold long coat. The moment he appeared, the endless snowmang was dim.

When the **** pattern on his gold coat reflected Li Dao's eyes, he shook his body, and the sound of the exit was deeply horrified: "Vatican ... Vatican!"

With a shocked exit, he immediately returned to his mind and hurriedly bowed down to bow: "The King of Thunder Realm sternly admired him and met Lord Brahma."

Upon hearing the word "Vatican", Li Dao knew that the seven princes behind him were almost astonished, and they hurriedly bowed.

This person is one of the Brahma Kings of Brahma Emperor God Realm!

His Brahma Emperor Willing, as well as the unique golden pattern of his coat, clearly prove his identity.

Without looking at Li Dao, he slowly moved forward, and in the sight of the ice phobia, he actually gave a slight salute, saying: "In the tenth Brahma Emperor God Realm, Qianye Zixiao, the king is dedicated to the king. Life, come and invite the Snow Song Realm Bingyun Realm King into my Brahma Emperor. "

The voice fell, and before the Ice Phoenix Shenzong responded, his arm suddenly waved back, and a golden handprint flew out of the air.

Snapped! ! !

This is definitely the loudest slap everyone has heard in their lives.

When the golden handprint fan reached Li Dao's face, the earth trembles violently, and thousands of miles of snow were shaken, and then a blizzard covered the sky.

And Li Dao was slammed out for dozens of miles away. The mouth was full of teeth, and the frontal and cheek bones on the right were all shattered. When he stood up tremblingly, his entire left face was covered with blood and flesh, half and half ghosts.

"Hum! I ate in the devil, but came to bully the innocent median star realm?" Chiba Zixiao didn't look back, and laughed lightly: "It's really shameful."

Li Daozhi's eyes were covered with blood, and the whole body was trembling. As soon as he opened his mouth, the blood of the ape mixed with his teeth rushed out of his numb mouth.

"The King of Bingyun Realm is a rude guest that my king wants to invite. You dare to be so rude. This time it is only a small punishment, and there will be another time ..." He looked sideways: "Hmph, get out!"

Li Dao mastered his left face with his hand, suddenly turned around, and even fled away with a crawl, not daring to say a word. The seven gods who were with him also quickly followed him, extremely embarrassed.

Looking back, Qianye Zixiao's face has been re-smiled: "Bingyun Realm King, the meaning of the following has been clearly stated. I also hope that Bingyun Realm King will give a thin face, and then go to Brahma Emperor God Realm."

Above the distant sky, Cicada's clothing breathed in condensation, and it had been the first time to send a voice to Chi Mai: "Master, the situation has changed. The tenth King of the Vatican appeared in Snow Song Realm."

"He wants to take Mu Bingyun away. However, instead of showing offense, he is polite."

In another space, Chi Qiang frowned.

Brahma King of Brahma Emperor God Realm? How could he appear in Snow Song Realm at this time?

Brahma Emperor God Realm is in the south of the Eastern Territory, and Snow Song Realm is in the extreme north of the Eastern Territory. Under the condition that the important dimensional array of Eastern God Territory was destroyed in the first place, a Vatican could escape all eyes and eyes of the demon and appeared in Snow Song Realm at this moment ...

There is only one possibility:

Before the demon's full-scale skyfall broke out, but when he attacked the northern border, the Brahma Emperor God Realm had already sent a Brahma King and quietly approached Snow Song Realm!

At that time, even Eternal Sky God Realm never really paid attention to it, let alone felt the disaster of extinction. Brahma Emperor God Realm has actually taken action.

Qianye Brahma ... This first emperor of the Northern Territory, his sense of smell is really amazing!

At that time, he certainly could not have predicted the situation today. It was extremely cautious to do such preparations.

"Don't shoot." Chi mai smirked.

"Cicada clothing understands." The witch Cicada clothing looked down, his expression quite dignified.

If confronted head-on, she has no fear of this tenth Brahma.

However, Ice Phoenix Shenzong can't bear the spread of their forces during the battle.

"After he takes Mu Bingyun away, I will find a chance to rescue her in the star field," she whispered.

"No," Chi Wei said, "You continue to stay in Snow Song Realm to prevent other accidents. I will take care of this matter myself!"

Put away the voice, Chi Mei's charming eyes condense. She suddenly rejoiced that she was still in the north of the east.

Mu Bingyun, she was the only relative of Mu Xuanyin when she was alive.

Whether it is for Yun Che, or out of selfishness, she can not let her be hurt!