The Black Soul Mountain, which turned into a sea of ​​fire, rang through countless miserable shouts. The countless soul disciples were swallowed up by the sea of ​​fire, and they were burned to ashes in the future. What the whole world can see is only the golden flame, and the poor creatures who mourn and struggle in the flames.

In the terrible golden flames, even though the powerful soul lords must fully resist, their faces are completely changed, looking around, there is no cloud-like figure, only countless disciples such as tablets The humble dead leaves are quickly turned into ashes.

They have no previous determinations, only to be shocked. The dragon soul field has made them lose their lock on the cloud. The bursting flame purgatory is also seriously insulting the sight and breath. How many people have died in the sea of ​​fire, they have no time to look at it, or even dare not think about it, but even more terrible. It’s the ignorance of Lingyun.

"Don't worry about your disciples! Find Lingyun sure to find him!"

"He was so badly injured, this flame field must also be consumed very much... He must be nearby! In any case, he can't let him leave alive!!"

In the boiling golden sea of ​​fire, Yun Che was flying with a small jasmine stick. He was all blood-stained, his mouth was breathing heavily, and his flight speed was extremely slow... This yellow spring ash, which was full of explosion under his anger, was seriously injured. For him, the consumption is imaginable.

After confirming that all the breaths that locked him were blocked, Yun Che’s arms stretched out and quickly summoned the Taikoo Xuanzhou. At the moment when Xuan Zhou appeared, he took Xiaojali into the Xuanzhou and then first. Time travels straight to the West for three hundred miles.

The consumption of Taikoo Xuanzhou in the realm of the gods is extremely large. At the time of the funeral of the gods, the shuttle of just three hundred miles, although creating a miracle, consumed the whole half of the power of Suzaku.

Three hundred miles of instant shuttle, in the lower bound, not only consumes very little, but also can safely escape, but in the realm of the gods, it is completely inadequate. It’s not that Yun Che doesn’t want to go farther, but these three hundred miles is the limit of Taikoo’s Xuanzhou... This shuttle, the power of Suzaku’s jade should also be exhausted.

With the little jasmine left the Taikoo Xuanzhou, and the Taikoo Xuanzhou was taken back at the fastest speed. Now, he can only pray that under the flame of Huang Quan's ashes, no one in the soul sect perceives the temperament of the ancient Xuanzhou and the turbulence of space.

The streamer and thunder are launched, and the atmosphere of themselves and the little jasmine is hidden. Yun Che’s palm is also firmly on the lips of Xiao Jasmine. With the last lesson, this time, no matter how little Jasmine struggles, he will never let go.

There was no breath sweeping in this direction, and Yun’s heart was finally a little bit safe. He dragged his heavy body and carefully and slowly went west by the cover of dark night and thick fog.

"Oh...hey..." The little jasmine, who was holding her lips, twitched her body constantly, and her mouth groaned with dissatisfaction.

"I don't want to die... just give me the truth! Otherwise... I will kill you first!" Yun Chu's teeth, overflowing with hoarse and cold voice. He was fighting for his life and finally won the life of this line.

Little Jasmine had a slap in the face, just about to struggle more strongly, a drop of warm liquid, but at this moment gently drip on her little hand.

One drop...two drops...three drops... Finally, it was condensed into a string, and in the blink of an eye her white back was completely stained with blood.

At the same time, Yun Che’s footsteps were awkward and he stumbled. He slammed his hand on his throat and prevented himself from making any sound. Only the chest and the undulations almost burst.

"..." The struggle of Little Jasmine stopped, and a pair of stars gradually became sluggish, adding a few more points of life that had never been seen before.

In the distance, Jinwu Huohai has been quickly extinguished. The church master, the deputy master and the surviving disciples are as crazy as they are looking for Yun Che in that area. Under the severe injury, the release of such a terrible flame will not only save the mystery, but also greatly increase the injury. Anyone will be sure that the cloud in this state will not be able to go far, and they will be hiding nearby, although their The search scale is expanding, but it will never be thought that Yunche is already three hundred miles away.

Yun Che was able to breathe a few breaths, and finally eased a few points. His palms were firmly pressed against the mouth and nose of Xiao Jasmine. If he is someone else, he will choose to leave it in the Taikoo Xuanzhou, and then he can leave with a shadow of the moon, but Xiao Ja Li... He has already personally taught her to be arrogant, absolutely Suddenly I came out of the Taikoo Xuanzhou!

Get up again, rush to the west, as long as you reach the Western Region of the Black Soul Mountains, it should be safe. But he did not go far, and a strong sense of uneasiness suddenly came from the rear.

It was a terrible atmosphere that was far apart, but made him stiff.

The atmosphere of the king of heaven! !

Lei Qianfeng!

Yun Che's footsteps suddenly stopped, the body was on a dead tree, and no longer dared to move half a point.

"Welcome to the Sovereign!!"

In the distance, on the bright sky reflected by the golden flames that have not been extinguished, there have been several more figures, neat and huge shouts, and Yun Ching has heard clearly.

Lei Qianfeng glanced around, every muscle on his face was violently twitching. After receiving the sound, he was not alone. He was surrounded by the head of the church, Lei Tianqi, behind him, followed by five gods. Elder of the soul.

But each of them has an ugly face, and they have only one eye to see the marginal black body, and the living soul disciples are also gray-faced, most of them with light or heavy burns. .

"These... are all... Lingyun?" When Lei Qianfeng spoke, his lips were sharply stunned, and the blue drums on the forehead were bursting.

"Yes..." headed the main road, facing the terrible breath and gaze of Lei Qianfeng, he was covered with cold sweat.

"That... Lingyun!?"

"Subordinates... Just now, the subordinates have already made Yun Che seriously injured, and immediately they have to hold it, but suddenly... he just lost the trace... The subordinate is searching around, he must not go far, Immediately..."

"Waste!!" The two words of the cold, let all the owners lose their voices and tremble.

And a vast ocean of knowledge has also been overturned, and it is necessary to cover the entire Black Soul Mountains.

Just now, he was still far away with a little jasmine, but Lei Qianfeng arrived. Even though he was stunned by lightning, he did not dare to have any movements. He felt the touch of Lei Qianfeng’s knowledge and firmly fixed the screen. Living in the breath, the whole body did not move, and the little jasmine in my arms suddenly changed at this moment, and the same motion did not move.

For a long time, Lei Qianfeng’s knowledge was recovered. There are many black souls and mysterious beasts. At this time, there are a large number of disciples gathered here. The atmosphere is very mixed, and the fog is blocked. Even though he is a powerful god, he wants to find an unusual atmosphere in such a range and environment. It's not easy... not to mention that there is a ray of light in the clouds.

But immediately, his eyes were slightly picked up, the humiliation of the sect, the vengeance of the murder, and the countless disciples who were slaughtered tonight... The anger reached the extreme, and naturally it would become crazy.

Yun Che is extremely good at concealing, which is what the soul sect knows. Even he couldn't find the scent of Yun Che, and other people naturally couldn't. He suddenly said slowly: "Although Ling Yun suddenly lost the trace, but he must still be in this black soul mountain, right?"

The head of the church glimpsed, and quickly said: "Yes, the lord! And must be nearby. His subordinates determined that he was very wounded. In his state, it is absolutely impossible to escape."

"Okay!" Lei Qianfeng's teeth clenched: "Let him and this Black Soul Mountain... turn into ashes!!"

Hey! !

The black thunder of the thunder burst at the same time with the arms of Lei Qianfeng. The violent violent waves of the thunder and the five elders shook the blood and almost vomited blood. Lei Tianqi shocked: "Zongzhu, do you want to..."

He was only a few words long, and the power of Lei Qianfeng’s rapid condensation was enough to kill him easily. In the face of his terrible face and eyes, Lei Tianqi no longer dared to persuade half a word, and quickly yelled down: "All sixty-four disciples, all evacuated! Fast!!"

Suddenly, the horror of the hood under the cover made all the souls and disciples face like earth. They immediately understood the intention of Lei Qianfeng’s heart-wrenching madness. Under the roar of Lei Tianqi, they rushed out in horror and rushed back to the height of thousands of feet.

The thunder of Lei Qianfeng is getting more and more terrible. This is not only his strength, but also the greatest anger and resentment of a god. He has never been so crazy and wants to kill a man at all costs...even if you bury the entire Black Soul Hill!

In the distance, Yun Che has been witnessed, and the pupils are shrinking.

At this time, if he tries to escape, he will be discovered and will die. In the same place, it will be buried together with the Black Soul Mountain. Rather than saying that Thousand Peaks is crazy enough to be poisonous, it is better to say that Lei Qianfeng’s hatred for him has gone deep into the bone marrow.

"Ling Yun... The king wants you... the smoke is gone!!!!"

In the roar of the roar, Lei Qianfeng’s arm was swung down, and two black and thundering lights were like the thundering dragon, and the roar of the sky shook down.

And the dragon flew to the direction, just the location of Yun Che... because his location is closer to the center of the Black Soul Shandong area. At the moment of the thunder and thunder, the entire black soul of the Shandong domain, and even a large part of the Western Region will be destroyed into the flat.

Because this is the power of the **** king!

The clear pupil of the cloud is rapidly shrinking, but the brontosaurus is rapidly enlarged in the pupil. When the cloud clears the pupil, all the fears have disappeared. Instead, it is a strong haze than the Thunder.

The Thunder Dragon fell, and a smoldering atmosphere enveloped the entire Black Soul Mountains. Little Jasmine looked up slightly, just in the moment when Rayon slammed into her eyes. In her eyes, she suddenly flashed a strange blue light... But at the same moment, Yun Che suddenly rushed out, right The arm ushered in the demise of the world, and it made a strange arc. The world in front, the order was chaotic, and the law suddenly changed.


"Month - Pull - Star - Back!!"

Lei Long Shen Wei died, roaring and horrified, but just touching the moment of the space in front of Yun Che, but suddenly illuminating the light of the flat mirror, suddenly reversing, with all the powers directly hit Lei Qianfeng... and him The soul of the people around you.

"..." The blue light in the little jasmine disappeared, and the lips became a large "O" shape.

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