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The male protagonist, the Venerable Miaofa.
[Sorry, a little private matter, the update is delayed! ! The text has been completed, and the extra update is in progress! Special circumstances copywriting leave, love you (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~]
Remarks for mine clearance: Da Changwen, I am a cultivator, the heroine’s history of struggle with blood and tears growing up in the beatings, non-traditional cultivation, non-traditional cultivation, non-traditional cultivation, not only realm theory, just writing a story against the background of cultivation and fantasy, wearing a fake It is common for teenagers to go overboard and fight monsters, and they love the traditional cultivation of truth, teaching, purpose, principle, and righteousness.
Xiaobai routine essays, Xiaobai routine essays, Xiaobai routine essays, the author has no pattern or ambition, and just wants to try his best to write a story in his heart.
After wearing Bai Yueguang’s stand-in, Bai Yueguang came back.
Qiao Wan has always understood that she is the stand-in for Mu Xiaoxiao, the younger sister of the Kunshan School, and the replacement found by the Kunshan School after Mu Xiaoxiao’s death.
Respected and uncle, brothers and sisters love her only because she looks like Mu Xiaoxiao.
No matter what others say, she is not as brave as Mu Xiaoxiao, as cute as Mu Xiaoxiao, as smart as Mu Xiaoxiao.
The value belonging to Qiao Wan is erased, and Qiao Wan doesn’t care.
The redoubled efforts are to live up to the expectations of the sect.
Until one day, the deceased Mu Xiaoxiao, who was loved by thousands of people, the real junior sister from Kunshan, Mu Xiaoxiao came back and got back everything that originally belonged to her.
Bai Yueguang’s substitute, the counterfeit Qiao Wan was embarrassed, angry, and his mentality collapsed.
In the past so many years, she has been living for others, and now, Qiao Wan only wants to live for herself, live uprightly once, and smash the heads of those stupid dogs.
[New article has been opened: An ancient dog blood abuse article]
Text text:
No system, no golden fingers, carrying a big schoolbag and wearing glasses, just after graduating from the third grade of junior high school, Ning Tao crossed into the world of self-cultivation. The first question in front of me is how to survive in this world of comprehension where the sword light is flying everywhere.
What’s even more pitiful is that her glasses are broken, and looking around, there is no distinction between people and animals 50 meters away.
In order to survive, Ning Tao made a team with Chang Qingjing, a cold and cold Taoist priest who happened to meet on the way.
The teenager’s feelings are sincere and warm. Because of her love, she can be calm and follow her all the way, and carefully fantasize that one day, Chang Qingjing will be able to look back and see her.
But if you like it, you like it, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. The most powerful thing in the world that you can’t ask for is love.
Chang Qingjing fell in love with the little demon fox.
Chang Qingjing fell in love with the little demon fox.
Chang Qingjing lost her mind for the little demon fox and slaughtered 120 people on the right path in Fuchuan Valley.
Adhering to the belief of bringing the misguided middle-2 teenagers back to the right path, Ning Tao thought that after decades of friendship, she can always influence Chang Qingjing, maybe he will regain his senses for a short time.
Then, she died in Fucheon Valley along with those 120 brothers.
It’s a really sad story.
The love and hatred of the teenagers are too strong. Ning Tao, the little sister who just entered the first year of high school, stumbled all the way, paid a heavy price, cried and cried and wanted to go home to find her parents. She misses the fans whirling in circles in the classroom, misses the blackboard newspaper behind, misses the unfinished exam papers, misses the neon lights that gradually light up after school.
And always quiet.
From the inexperienced Taoist priest of the Shushan Sword Sect at the beginning, to the sword fairy with a sword that stuns the world.
He misses Tao Tao, the little girl who was behind him back then.
That was his only gentle old dream in the killing of swords, lights, swords and shadows.
After Ning Tao was reborn, she became a Taoist partner with Chang Qingjing, the Taoist priest of Xianhua Guilin.
On the wedding day, the Daoist Xianhua Guilin watched helplessly, Tao Tao cried and shouted, and ran to the high-rise building without hesitation.
She was wearing a wedding dress, and she ran very fast, getting faster and faster. The corners of her skirt outlined the light of the setting sun, and she jumped down from the tall building.
She thought that she would be able to go home.
Purpose: Do not rely on others, work hard to change your destiny

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Short Title:AWWMS
Alternate Title:穿成白月光替身后
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Tags:Betrayal, Bullying, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Cold Love Interests, Comedic Undertone, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Demons, Depictions of Cruelty, Dragons, Female Protagonist, Friendship, Gore, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, R-15, Reincarnated in Another World, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sect Development, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Title is An ancient blood dog abuse article. Exactly what it says above. Really cpnfused me as well. https://m.shubaow.net/156/156725/

  2. Btw Warning Spoiler chapter 110 "How to send moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a technical task" is an extras chapter that has been misplaced right in smack dab of cliffhanger--i reccomend skipping it just go onto ch111 okay. It's a raw source technicality so can only ignore it unless you like spoilers(゚Д゚*)

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  4. Clearer summary: FL Qiao Wan regains past life memories after returning from a mission and realizes that she's been born into a novel she read before. In the novel, her character was just a female substitute picked up by her master because they thought original MarySue had died, so she develops feelings for novel Male lead who uses her as substitute then dumps her, so she's heartbroken and tries to move. At this point, when she gains memories things have already progressed to the point where the novel's MarySue female lead will return and everyone looks down on her for being a waste substitute. Originally in the novel she would eventually be killed by MarySue suitors after being embarrassed, angry, and mentality collapsed. But Qiao Wan now only wants to live for herself, live uprightly once, and smash the heads of those stupid dogs who get in her way. This is a harsh world of cultivation where our FL Qiao Wan will struggle to survive against all odds and hardships with a little luck and a whole lot of hard work and eventually meet those who like her for who she is!

  5. Thanks for the clear summary. I was planning not to read because of the confusing summary's, but thanks to you. I got it😆..

  6. This story is just bombtastic ah such a good read full of ups and downs and great character growth through blood sweat tears and bittersweet laughter! It's not your typical "goldfinger" faceslapping counterattack female lead okay--it's better than that! Those readers who can't understand are either too young, lack life experience, or don't like this kind of story that delves a little bit deeper than just playing usual shallow tropes. It may seem to start a little slow but that's just laying down the necessary foundation for all that's yet to come ah come on and live and learn and struggle to carve your own way to live without having tour fate easily determined by those stronger in a dog eat dog world!

  7. Thanks because of you Im not give up to read this novel since the bad ratings. This novel is so interesting! Worth to read!

  8. Confusing and frustrating. I hate the weak-willed, martyr and dumb MC. Why not leave the sect? I've read about 50 chapter and she's so dumb. Got her memory about her past life or so and how the sect people treat her bad then killed by her brother in the end but she did not leave or have the intention to leave after it?! And in the first few chapter her master asked her to give her blood to the original heroine, injured by the heroine sidekick but act all strong and all without the intention of leaving the sect. I don't understand and don't want to understand. Stupid stupid stupid! I don't see anything funny on it. I hate it!

  9. Honestly, I doubt you read or understood half of what written plain and clear--this novel makes sense without reading the summary imo. Qiao Wan doesn't have a golden body or whatever to praised and spoiled like the novel's heroine, she has to work harder than everyone else in the sect, but hardly anyone cares bc they all mostly view her as an inferior substitute who has been living off of charity. Qiao Wan herself knows she's lucky to even be in the sect and she still cares about those who have helped take care of her even if she's not as important in most people's eyes--this is the only other home she's known and grown up in after being abandoned as a child. Yes, this female lead has a rational way of thinking and doesn't like to make unnecessary trouble for others--that doesn't make her weak Nor stupid at all. Instead of bashing, I'd simply reccomend you to read other stories with more brainless plots and characters if you don't like stories like this one with some sense of realism.

  10. I mean, realistically if it was me, even if I am grateful with the people at the sect, how lucky I am, etc, I would still leave. Paying gratitude can be done in some other ways. Getting used as a substitute isn't good, she reaped some good things, but she had already paid their helped by acting as a sub for them. I've read more realistic plots with also a rational MC. She doesn't like to cause unnecessary trouble? Staying there is already causing trouble. Because the original and her aren't compatible. Leave and avoid too much trouble. There's more to life than staying in the sect.

  11. "If it was you.." well let's stop right there haha--she's not you. She doesn't wanna run away from home right away just because of some "leads" that popped out in her mind--Realistically, why should anyone leave their home right away just because they don't get along with 1 or 2 people and super bad things haven't happened yet?? <_< Normally people would simply proceed with some caution instead of running away like the sky is falling bc of a prophetic dream or whatnot, at least that's normal to me that there is no need to instantly leave, since she GREW UP from birth in the novel world and didn't just transmigrate into a crucial moment like a random reader. Our Female protagonist was Born into her character, and when she gains some memories of her past life reading the novel--she still retains her personal memories of growing up in the sect and the few people she cares about still matter to her--there is no reason for her to leave her "home" simply because of things that haven't happened in a "novel memory" even if things so far have happened to match some novel points. Who in their right mind would leave their home Right Away Unless circumstances Force them to do so?? And this is what we read on and find out okay

  12. She knows she is going to be USED, HARMED & DISCARDED by the sect. That a lot of sect members actively hate her. That one of them will MURDER her. Any NORMAL person will be leaving the place asap. The female lead negatives: passive, dumb, forgetful, weak, unlikeable (since she seems to have no friends at all despite all that time in the sect). The female lead's positives; hard-working, nice. I like "nice" protagonists but when it is almost the only positive attribute, the character just feels insipid. Even her "master" wants her to damage herself by draining her blood.

  13. If you read the story very will you will understand all the reasons why she couldn't leave. First, she had a lot of enemies she had offended while carrying out her tasks and who would spare her because she was a disciple of one of the respected elders, if she loses that layer of protection her life will be gone. Secondly, she believed her aptitude was very low and she only got where she is through hard work and piles of medicine e and treasures, these things are expensive and she can't get them herself, also the reason why she agreed to donate her blood. The medicine in her blood was very exp3nsive and the master gave her 3 at once. Thirdly, monks believe in karma, as long as the master and brother has done countless things to save her, if she left without repaying it will affect her cultivation As far as I am concerned she is very motivated and hardworking its just a pity that she's a little lacking in talents and gold fingers which makes it boring for some people but more realistic. The morale is simply not giving up when it seems your lack of talent is holding you back and learning not to take revenge at every turn because that might be what your enemy is exactly waiting for

  14. Wow. That cleared things up. It makes sense why she didn't leave immediately. Thanks! Although, I prolly still wouldn't read it because it sounds like a shuangwen novel and a novel that would make your blood boil. Haha.

  15. All the points I've mentioned, aside from why it seems "normal" not to instantly run away, are clearly written in the novel for any reader to read for themselves. No wonder lol derp

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