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After Wearing a Book, I Pampered Five Big Villains

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[Female disguised as a man + group favorite + cool article] Pei Yi transmigrated into a male frequency article. She became a cannon fodder that no relatives recognized!

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Short Title:AWBIPFBV
Alternate Title:穿书后我娇养了五个反派大佬
Author:Ning Hong
Weekly Rank:#4834
Monthly Rank:#3655
All Time Rank:#5367
Tags:Ancient China, Cross-dressing, Female Protagonist, Reverse Harem, System, Transmigration,
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11 Comments on “After Wearing a Book, I Pampered Five Big Villains
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  1. This novel is crazy all five men started as acting to get her attention. But acting became real . They fell in love with her when she had no feelings for any of them . It so Interesting when one by one discover her girl gender.

  2. Guys, I search for a novel that talks about reincarnation in another world , where meteorites fall in abundance, but what is inside the meteorites may be an element or tools, or it can be a monster. And a meteorite fell near the town where the main character rules, and he got a fairy who could bless the crops or something like that.

  3. Kasian MC nya.. Wkwkwk.. Sama rada aneh jg sih baca adu mulut rebutan atensi para cowo.. Hehehe.. Biasanya kan yg lebay adu bacotan kan ciwi2 ya.. 😂

  4. Sh*tty. Don't read. A waste of time investment. Read my review if you want to know why I hate it so much. It's long, but that's how I justify my dislike. The start is kinda hilarious, got real boring around 90+ chapters in for a long time until anything remotely interesting happened. And a very, very, sh*tty ending.

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