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After Wearing a Book, I Pampered Five Big Villains

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[Female disguised as a man + group favorite + cool article] Pei Yi transmigrated into a male frequency article. She became a cannon fodder that no relatives recognized!

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Short Title:AWBIPFBV
Alternate Title:穿书后我娇养了五个反派大佬
Author:Ning Hong
Weekly Rank:#2532
Monthly Rank:#2832
All Time Rank:#5042
Tags:Ancient China, Cross-dressing, Female Protagonist, Matriarchy, Reverse Harem, System, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “After Wearing a Book, I Pampered Five Big Villains
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  1. I'm looking for a novel about a doctor who transmigrates or reincarnates in the ancient era, she has 6 husbands and all 6 are brothers, the era is matriarchal, women took the role of men and vice versa, I need help... I remember I was 2100 chapters I think, I saw a translation with another name but it only has a few chapters, and I don't remember the original name. I think one of its chapters was: "Chapter 1: Her eyebrows are so soft and her eyes shine like the light of the moon" and the protagonist looks like a loli but she is not a loli, the brothers were Liang or something like that, I don't remember very well. good

  2. Does anyone know the title of this novel where the main female character disguises herself as a male and then helps two brothers who later become followers of the MC? Later, the MC and the two brothers go to a military base and join it, the two brothers getting roles in the consumption section and the MC being put into the core of the military base. Then the main male character is respected in this novel, even when the main character passes by, people will kneel but the MC refuses to kneel. That's all I remember, please let me know if you know the title. The setting of this novel is in the past, I forgot if it's cultivation or not.

  3. Voy en el capítulo 377. La historia es graciosa. Ella se disfraza de hombre desde que nació para salvar su vida, tiene un sistema que no le da demasiados dedos dorados. Ella tiene que luchar contra el carisma de la protagonista y la astucia del protagonista. Al principio es despreciada por ser "una manga rota" osea homo, todos la odian a ella y a su familia. Ella reencarna en un cuerpo del mismo nombre. Su familia la ama. La heroína original es ciertamente un pequeño loto blanco odioso intrigante y cruel. Y el héroe original es astuto, sucio y malvado, un psicópata. Me gustó que los ML's no se enamoran de FL solo por que sí, sino que ella se gana su corazón poco a poco sin querer. Me ha gustado mucho la novela.

  4. This novel is crazy all five men started as acting to get her attention. But acting became real . They fell in love with her when she had no feelings for any of them . It so Interesting when one by one discover her girl gender.

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