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After Transmigrating Into a Villain Cannon Fodder Male Zerg

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Novel Summary

After Lu Mo transmigrated into a Zerg novel, he was asked to play a cannon fodder male zerg and to never act OOC.

The original owner was ruthless, had a low IQ, and was very lazy!

Lu Mo executed each request ruthlessly, and after looking at the female’s increasingly numb face, his heart was full of guilt and pain.

I’m really sorry that you met a scum like me!!!

Previously, he had thought the female zerg already had a broken heart and had woken up from his dream; that from then on, he would give up his illusions, face reality, and become a calm and rational zerg. Although Lu Mo’s heart ached, he was still very dedicated to his work and would never be soft hearted.

But when the female zerg rolled around the room while holding a quilt and calling for him, red-faced—Lu Mo couldn’t help but feel a thud in his heart.

What the hell! How could this be!


Ling had never seen such a strange male zerg.

The male said that he hated him, but gave him an egg.

The male cursed him for being weak and useless, but gave him freedom.

The male never said that he loved him, but he never glanced at other females.

Ling was confused and at loss.

His friend slammed the table: Wasn’t this just being tsundere?!

Ling had a sudden realization!

That’s it!

The male master was indeed a very good zerg.

Three years later.

Lu Mo looked at Ling with a despairing expression : “Whatever. Just destroy it, hurry up. ”

So weird! How did his scum setting collapse!!!

Gong who is mistaken for a tsundere X Shou who is really a yandere but doesn’t know it.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:ATVCFMZ
Alternate Title:穿成反派炮灰雄虫后[虫族]
Weekly Rank:#849
Monthly Rank:#716
All Time Rank:#4109
Tags:Aliens, Cute Protagonist, Futuristic Setting, Humanoid Protagonist, Insects, Marriage, Mpreg, Multiple Transported Individuals, Seme Protagonist, Strong Love Interests, System, Transmigration, Tsundere, Yandere,
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  1. Plss does anyone know the titlle of this novel . THIS IS A WORLD HOPPING AND THE FIRST ARC IS SHE WAS THE WIFE OF MALE LEAD But this just a marriage contract ..The mc is just pretend that hi have a boyfriend but hi die because of illness he can't forget her and don't want to have a nother man in her life but by her family want him to get married and then hi finf the male lead that he need a patner that what she told to male lead but that's is alie pllss comment when you know it

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