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After the Soft Sister Differentiated Into A

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As the two famous beauties of the school, not a day goes by without Jin Siming and Yao Jin competing with each other. Although her grades are not as good as Yao Jin’s, in terms of her face and body, Jin Siming will never admit defeat!

Recently she heard that Yao Jin had differentiated into an A-rank Omega. Jin Siming’s heart bloomed with joy when she heard this because, in the hospital’s recent report, it said that she will differentiate into an S-level omega in the future. With this alone, she will finally be above Yao Jin in something!

However, she was only happy for a few days when the tables turned on her.

Because she….actually differentiated into an Alpha.


Although she usually drools over the Alpha’s peerless and perfect bodies, she doesn’t want to become an Alpha herself!

After she was differentiated, not only did her appearance change, but her originally weak and weak temperament has disappeared too. Even the Alphas who used to surround and diligently chase her every day are now all avoiding her.

On the other hand, Yao Jin only becomes more and more charming after she differentiates into an Omega. Even just looking at her back, one can feel her boundless charm. The admirers around her continue to increase every day instead.

She secretly made a decision as she gazed at her former rival’s boundless beauty–

She will drive all of Yao Jin’s admirers away!

However, Yao Jin’s admirers haven’t even been driven away yet when the rumors began to spread in school.

“Shocking development! The relationship between Jin Siming and Yao Jin has been reversed, from former rivals to lovers! Jin Siming has apparently been in love with Yao Jin for a long time and has made a move on her former rival!”

Jin Siming: ????

Yao Jin (leans forward): I’ve heard you have a crush on me?

Jin Siming: That’s your imagination, why would I ever fall for you?

Yao Jin: Oh?

On the campus forum the next day, photos of Jin Siming being pressed down by Yao Jin spread all over the homepage.

Talks big but is actually a quite timid Alpha x hard-working black-bellied Omega

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:ASSDIA
Alternate Title:软妹分化成A之后
Author:Sleepless Night 金夜无眠
Weekly Rank:#7761
Monthly Rank:#4964
All Time Rank:#5980
Tags:Dense Protagonist, Enemies Become Lovers, Omegaverse, Rivalry,
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  1. I'm trying to find an ABO novel again. MC and FL are still in high school, FL has a cold personality an I think she was a student president. There also a popular guys trying to chase FL but she doesn't like him. The MC hasn't differentiated yet, but before she does she is expected to turn into a beta. The FL affected the Mac's differentiation when, MC was changing in the changing rooms and the FL bit her which lead to MC differentiating into an Alpha, whose pheromones are milk-scented. Another scene I remember is where the guy give milk tea to the FL. Another one is where MC is confronted by the guy and forces MC to differentiate at school, which lead to MC to go to the roof and the FL helps MC during the process of differentiation. Another part is where FL couldn't stand the guy's pheromones and so MC cam an help releasing her pheromones, this took place after the guy finished playing basketball.

  2. The FL is a twofaced bully. Not charming and not a lovable character. Using all sorts of dirty tricks & blackmail to get close to the Alpha. Classic slutty vixen persona.

  3. Why do i feel like it's not complete even after reading all the chapters? Even if that is the end, it seems like there's extra chapters missing.

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