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After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

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In the wealthy circle of the third district of the Federal Empire, everyone knows that Su Wan, the daughter of the Su family, has loved Huo Yichang for many years.

The two families are rightly matched, and they were childhood sweethearts, but they got married today, but the groom ran away!

Everyone was sympathetic or waiting to see the joke, but the bride Su Wan was very excited!

As long as this wedding is completed, she will not have to be forced to marry, and she will have an explanation to her grandfather.

As for the groom gone? Then change it!

Then Su Wan bumped into a man at the corner of the corridor.

The man was extremely handsome, with fluffy ears, a big fluffy tail, and a pair of big wet eyes, looking at Su Wan expectantly.

Su Wan immediately decided that it was him!

Pull people and run away, the mastermind registers for marriage, and goes through the wedding cutscene, all in one go!

When Su Wan thought that the bridal chamber could be skipped, it happened that this person exploded.

When she woke up, she found that the person she was crying and hugging her dear last night was actually the first commander of the empire?

Su Wan: Run away, run away!

But one month later, at the opening ceremony of the Imperial University, Su Wan looked at the specially invited Commander, who was specially invited on the podium, wearing a dark blue special military uniform, with an ascetic and cold face, and suddenly fell silent.

Gu Jue: I heard that someone took advantage of my distress and dragged me into marriage, and even comforted me?

Su Wan: I haven’t heard of it, it might be a rumor!

A smaller version of ‘Gu Jue’ jumped out next to him: Ma Ma, haven’t you heard of it?

Su Wan: …

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Short Title:AGRO
Alternate Title:白天被逃婚晚上被奶凶指挥官求抱抱
Author:don suri
Weekly Rank:#148
Monthly Rank:#114
All Time Rank:#1289
Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Broken Engagement, College/University, Complex Family Relationships, Cooking, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Military, Strong Love Interests, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. It is a good story. I don't usually read interstellar stories but this one's good. But One thing I don't like is that when GU Jue transferred Lin Yu. He was forced to leave the ninth team because he still loves Su Wan. I'm not saying that what he did to Chen nuan is alright, I actually thought that it's a bit of a scumbag move that he had relationship with Chen nuan because she still loves Su wan. Then GU Jue and Su wan found out about it so they transferred him. Su Wan even said that he removed Lin Yu as her friend. She forgot their friendship and battles they went through just for that mistake. She felt that he betrayed her trust. But she never once thought that you can't stop what someone feels just because you say it to him. They exercised their power there to transfer him, so his dreams,his hardwork ends there. The author writes it as if it's alright to do that because he didn't what he felt. I felt that Su Wan and GU jue were unprofessional there.

  2. can anyone help me, i'm looking for a novel about a girl from the past who transmigrated to the 70s, this fl is married to a soldier, fl treats soldiers very well, one day fl and soldiers move to the army compound, ml invites a lot of army friends to eat at home, fl is very good at cooking, then fl was invited by a neighbor to help cook because there was going to be a party at his house but this neighbor handed over all the housework to fl, so ml, who knew her, was angry and asked fl to go home and no need to do the housework. does anyone know the title

  3. I am now in chapter 165 and the story is getting boring. His father, his wife, and Suman are completely stupid, and sometimes a series of events happen to make the story drag. Otherwise, it has become somewhat meaningless right now. If the story doesn't change by chapter 200, I'll drop it.

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