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After the Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain

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Novel Summary

In 2121, a terrible pollution disease swept through the world.

“We call it distortion, but perhaps, the history records of later generations will call it an evolution.”

The world experienced involution.

Today, that person’s head split into two. Tomorrow, that flower would grow fangs. The day after that, that fish would climb ashore with its legs…

Lu Yan: And I am merely a mediocre doctor who treats the pollution disease.


Patient A: When I first grew 18 tentacles, I was having a great time eating [beep—] by the seaside. As soon as Dr. Lu came, he cut 17 of them for me. He’s really a brilliant doctor!2

Patient B: I am a poisonous mushroom. My spores are highly toxic and can be parasitic. I gave birth to hundreds of thousands of microspores, which made it worse for my already poor family. Dr. Lu helped me practice family planning when he came. This great kindness will forever be remembered!

Patient C: I have eight mouths. I was a picky eater and only ate meat, so I set up a slaughterhouse for this purpose. But then, Dr. Lu cured my picky eating. This woman of faith is willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of her life in exchange for Dr. Lu’s happiness and well-being in this life.

Lu Yan, the top of the food chain, the eternal god.

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Short Title:GETOP
Alternate Title:全球进化后我站在食物链顶端
Author:Qi Liu
Weekly Rank:#1304
Monthly Rank:#1331
All Time Rank:#6688
Tags:Anti-social Protagonist, Apathetic Protagonist, Apocalypse, Calm Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Doctors, Dragons, Gore, Handsome Male Lead, Healers, Insects, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Military, Mutations, Mysterious Family Background, Older Love Interests, Parasites, Power Couple, Psychopaths, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Time Manipulation, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I build a home on top of xuanwu Economy is one factor Beast taming and good story. Due to economy and industry development it's drag but still maintains it's quality

  2. I rather enjoyed a novel called “Game of the Monarch”. Another one that many like is “I’m the King of Technology “. I personally found the female lead quite annoying after the first arc but it’s still a well written novel.

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