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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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[Group Pet + Double A + Paranoia + Shuang Wen + Chasing Girl Crematorium]

In the group favorite article, Nan Qiao is a female supporting role who has been robbed of the heroine’s halo, and is cast aside by her father, three brothers, grandparents, and friends.

The father wants to break away from her, the three older brothers only dote on the step-sister, and the patriarchal grandparents also dote on the stepmother’s daughter.

The fiance said: “Don’t stalk me, the person I love is Zhizhi.”

Father: “Nan Qiao, can you stop messing around, your sister is your savior.”

Brother: “Nan Qiao, I’m so disappointed in you.”

Second brother: “You actually hit your sister with your own hands, don’t you know that my sister is weak and can’t stand it?”

Third brother: “I didn’t expect you to be so heartless.”

Grandpa and grandma: “Let her get out, our Nan family doesn’t have such unworthy descendants!”

After being reborn, Nan Qiao suddenly came to her senses. Since you all dislike me and abandon me, then this time I won’t let you all go.

He turned around and inherited his grandfather’s billions of property, and was doted on by his seven elder brothers.

The bossy brother, the top-ranking second brother, the professor’s third brother…the buddies are crazily competing for favor.

Just when Nan Qiao was doing well, he was targeted by the top villain BOSS in the original text.

Huo Yichen pinched Nan Qiao’s chin, narrowed his narrow and deep eyes slightly, his eyes were cold and tired, “Why, you want to run away without taking responsibility for teasing me?”

Just when Nan Qiao thought everything was over, her family members were reborn one after another and remembered the memories of her previous life just like her.

The family members who abused her thousands of times begged her to go home with red eyes and frenzied expressions.

“I’m sorry, Jojo, I was wrong”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:AFSCLO
Alternate Title:失宠女配下线后,十个哥哥都疯了
Author:young art
Weekly Rank:#381
Monthly Rank:#854
All Time Rank:#1602
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Rebirth, Second Chance,
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  1. So annoying...this zheng yue, i had a friend like her always asking for money saying she'll return next month but never returned it. She asked for money like I'm her atm. What to do?? Now i just hate this story

  2. Too stupid too stupid !!! What the use for 2 lifetime if your IQ stand still??? Bah! Wish to curse mc to death. Just let other your rebirth qouta.

  3. Supposedly to make Novel Requests you need to join the Discord Group Chat, https://discord.com/invite/R82CHERhuK, and from there go to the Novel Request Section. From there I don't really know the specifics as I had never tried making a request even though I did joined the server.

  4. I'm looking for a novel it is about the girl who was sick since childhood so she started taking mission around different world And starting of the novel is about her to go to find her real family of her father and brothers and ml is her neighbor when se was in the countryside and she has dog like yellow . She started as assistant director in movie her father and brother are really from rich family. Can anyone tell me about the novel name.

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