Mu Shengming went back home.

"Master, breakfast is prepared in the kitchen, have you eaten yet?" The housekeeper saw Mu Shengming coming back from the outside, still dressed in the same clothes as yesterday, and knew that he didn't come back all night last night.

"Well, is my dad awake?" Mu Shengming looked at the much younger housekeeper with a smile in his eyes.

"The old man woke up very early. He was a little uncomfortable. Dr. Jin was there to see him." Guan Jiahui reported.

Mu Shengming frowned subconsciously, and he walked quickly to the house.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?" When Mu Shengming saw his father again, no matter how well he controlled his emotions, he couldn't help being excited.

Compared with his father who knew that his legs were disabled and could not walk, and his hair turned white overnight, he is much younger now.

"Doctor Jin, how is my father?" Mu Shengming asked the doctor next to him.

"The old man has been overworked recently, so that he has dizziness and headache for a short period of time. I suggest that the old man take a lot of rest during this period, and he should also take care of his diet reasonably."

After Dr. Jin explained something, he was escorted away by the housekeeper.

Mu Shengming sat down beside Mr. Mu, looked at his father's gray temples, thought for a while, and asked, "The company is developing a hotel chain project recently?"

When Mr. Mu saw his son suddenly mentioning the company, he was slightly stunned, "The Mu family has always focused on real estate, and now they are opening up new segments of the market, which will be somewhat difficult."

Mu Shengming wanted to tell his father that all this can be left to him and he will handle it, but thinking about the situation he wants to be in, he wonders if he will disappear suddenly and leave a mess, although she is confident The old self can also deal with these problems, but he needs to spend a lot of time learning.

He can't leave a mess behind.

"Dad, Doctor Jin also said that you need to rest more. Most of your affairs can be handed over to Special Assistant Jiang. He has the ability to help you." Special Assistant Jiang is a college student sponsored by Mr. Mu. Working for Mr. Mu, even qualified for the position of assistant, loyal and reliable, with outstanding ability.

"I'll play chess with you when you rest well. It seems like I haven't played chess with you for a long time." Mu Shengming said.

Mr. Mu looked at his son in surprise. Usually, his son was cold and cold, and he rarely opened his mouth to care about him like this.

Although the relationship between the two father and son can't be said to be very good, they seldom communicate, perhaps because there is no hostess at home to coordinate, and they are not warm personalities. They usually only talk about recent situations except for quiet meals.

The sharpness and arrogance on Mu Shengming's body have long been worn away by time, and he can see his father again. He just wants to cherish this opportunity and be filial to his father, instead of the cold and cold relationship between father and son, waiting for his father. After his death, he regretted it secretly.

"Okay, in a few days, you can play a few games with me to see if your chess skills have regressed." Mr. Mu's wrinkled face had a smile on his face. He was obviously very happy with his son's change. .

Mr. Mu looked at his son's haggard face, thinking that he hadn't come back all night, "You didn't come back last night, did you mess around all night?"

If Mu Shengming heard his father’s question in the past, he would have replied coldly that it’s nothing, but now he has enough patience and his mood is no longer naive, “No, I’m going to stay with my girlfriend. gone."

"Girlfriend?" At this moment, Mr. Mu couldn't help being surprised.

He knows the character of this son. The children of other wealthy families have already been in love countless times at this age, or the girls around him change wave after wave. He doesn't want his son to learn those bad behaviors, but For so many years, there has been no woman around his son, so he will be worried, and he also hopes that his son will fall in love soon.

He also didn't ask the woman to be of the same family, nor did he think about letting his son get married in order to make the Mu family stronger. The development of the Mu family has relied on strength, and he also believes that his son will be able to manage the Mu family well in the future.

"Well, I haven't caught up yet. When she agrees to be with me, I'll bring her back to see you." Thinking of Ye Yun, Mu Shengming's dark eyes overflowed with a smile.

"Haven't caught up yet?" Mr. Mu was taken aback, and couldn't help being happy. His son has always been excellent, and it's rare that there are people who look down on him.

Mu Shengming was very frank, "Well, I'm ready to pursue."

The library has a total of six floors, because the upper floors are filled with books that are more out of the way, so every time you go up, there are fewer people and the quieter, it is the kind of quiet that you can almost hear a needle falling on the ground .

At the row of bookshelves for fragrance materials, Mu Shengming saw Ye Yun standing in front of the bookshelves at a glance.

Ye Yun was looking for a book about spices when suddenly she felt someone behind her.

She turned around and found that the tall boy was standing behind her at some point.

She was so frightened that she wanted to step back, but her back was against the bookshelf.

"Scared you?" Mu Shengming wanted to hold Ye Yun, but he withdrew his hand when he met the girl's frightened gaze.

Ye Yun frowned, "How do you know I'm here?" Obviously few people come up to the fifth floor of the library, how did he find it here?

Mu Shengming stared straight at the girl in front of him without humming.

He closed his eyes and tried his best to restrain the crazily beating heart in his chest. No one knew better than him the ecstasy of regaining something lost.

There was a strong impact on his chest, as if something was about to burst out, and he felt that he had come alive.

His voice was gentle, "Is the allergy on your face better?"

Ye Yun's eyes widened because her throat was swollen, her voice seemed to be blocked, and her voice was hoarse, "How do you know I'm allergic?"

When people at school saw her face before, they thought she was being ugly, and then she put on a mask. No one knew that she had a rash all over her face and swollen face because of allergies.

"I've seen symptoms of peanut allergy, very similar to yours."

Mu Shengming took out an ointment from the bag in his hand, "This ointment is very effective for the rash caused by allergies on the face. Apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. As long as you no longer have allergies, the rash will be cured." It will be eliminated soon."

Ye Yun didn't expect that he came to deliver medicine to her.

She shook her head, and didn't take the ointment. Her allergies have been repeated for a while, and the ointment didn't help.

Mu Shengming looked at the red rash on the girl's forehead that couldn't be concealed, his dark eyes were full of distress, he couldn't help reaching out, trying to take off the girl's mask.

In the next second, with a "snap", Mu Shengming's hand was knocked off.

Mu Shengming wasn't angry, he was no longer a boy now, and he didn't have the wantonness and sharpness of his youth.

He approached her and explained softly in a low voice, "I'm sorry, I want to see you, you are wearing a mask all the time, it will be very stuffy, there is no one else here, you don't need to wear a mask."

Ye Yun shook her head, "Don't pick it!"

People in the school looked at her face and avoided her. She also read the comments on the forum, saying that she was extremely ugly. She is a girl, how could she not care about her face?

When she looked in the mirror, she felt ugly and uncomfortable. It's normal for other people to feel like this anyway.

That's why she always wears a mask.

No one would want to see her face like this now.

"Will your face itch?" Mu Shengming asked again in a warm voice.

When she was allergic at the time, he didn't care at all, but now hearing her hoarse and dull voice, the tip of his heart seemed to be pulled, and it hurt so badly.

"En." Ye Yun subconsciously responded.

She suddenly found that the boy in front of her seemed to be a different person. He was not as strong as before, and he didn't look so annoying anymore.

Mu Shengming coaxed her softly, "Can I apply the medicine for you? This ointment has the effect of relieving itching. After you apply it, your face won't be so itchy."

His tone was extremely gentle, and he looked at Ye Yun with dark eyes. After being together for so many years, he clearly understood her character, and girls are very soft.

Seeing the dazed and bewildered look in the girl's eyes, he reached out to her again, "Let me see, I'll apply some medicine for you, and you'll be fine soon."

After the mask was taken off, Ye Yun felt as if she had been dazed by the other party just now.

Mu Shengming held her chin with his slender fingers, seeing the annoyance and shame in her watery eyes, he comforted him, "Don't be afraid, I won't laugh at you, and it's not ugly."

He leaned closer to her face and looked it over carefully.

Because of her fair complexion, the rash on her face was particularly conspicuous, and her face was also a little swollen. Such a delicate face was indeed ruined.

The hot breath of the other party fell on her face, especially when she found that the other party was staring straight at her face, Ye Yun was very uncomfortable, and she wanted to turn her head away.

However, in the next second, hot lips fell on her face.

Warm, soft, and trembling.

Ye Yun's eyes widened, before she could push him away, the other party had already evacuated.

Then, she felt a chill on her face.

"Don't move, it will be fine soon."

Mu Shengming's movements were very gentle, he was worried about hurting Ye Yun, so he just used his fingertips to gently spread the ointment on her face little by little.

There were too many rashes on the girl's face, and it took time to apply them little by little, but Mu Shengming was not impatient at all. Now he has enough patience and tolerance, and is no longer an ignorant teenager. Sharp and angular stabbed her.

Seeing the girl's nervousness, Mu Shengming said, "Usually, the food you eat needs to be checked carefully, even the bowls and chopsticks. If someone puts peanut powder on your bowls and chopsticks, it will be very serious. Hard to notice."

He heard her mention this matter later. After investigating for a while, Mr. Ye discovered that a servant at home had put peanut powder on her bowl. The amount was not much, but it was enough to cause her allergies.

Ye Yun was taken aback for a moment, they had been investigating the food problem before, and they didn't pay attention to whether the dishes and chopsticks were tampered with.

She pursed her lips and thanked: "My father is already investigating, and I will let him pay attention to this issue."

I don't know how long it took, but Ye Yun only felt her palms sweating, she pursed her lips tightly, and heard the other party say in a helpless voice: "Okay, after the medicine is absorbed, you can put on the mask again, otherwise the ointment will disappear." Will be rubbed off by the mask."

"You can go over there and sit and read a book first, no one will come up now." Mu Shengming also tied Ye Yun's messy hair behind his ears.

Ye Yun lowered her eyes, not daring to look at the tenderness in the other person's eyes. She grabbed the mask in her hand and asked, "How do you know no one will come up?"

There was a smile in Mu Shengming's dark eyes, and he didn't tell the girl that he moved the "no entry" sign in the bathroom to the stairs.

There was a row of desks and chairs by the window for people to read, and Ye Yun chose a corner to sit. She glanced at the boy next to him, who was reading the book seriously, and said not to disturb her, really Did not tease her again.

Sensing her gaze, Mu Shengming raised his eyes, and there was a gentle smile in his eyes reflecting the sun.