There was shame in Mu Yao's eyes.

She couldn't tell him that she was changing clothes just now and it was too late to open the door.

Jiang Yan looked at the girl who was hiding behind the door with only her head sticking out. He stared at the pair of white ears on top of the girl's head, and asked softly, "Aren't you going to let me in?"

Mu Yao held the door with her thin white hands, she was a little timid, "Then don't laugh at me." Then, she opened the door completely and let the man in.

Only then did Jiang Yan see clearly the girl who was hiding behind the door just now.

She was wearing a white sleeveless dress, the skirt was a bit short, and it was shorter at the knees, and a circle of white fur was sewn on the skirt, and she wore white fur bracelets on her slender wrists on both sides. Even the slender and delicate ankles were wrapped with white furry anklets.

With those two white furry ears on top of his head, the girl now looks like a cute cat?

Being stared straight at by the man, Mu Yao blushed uncontrollably.

"Today is your birthday, so I..." So after listening to Xu Yan's words, she wanted to give him a little surprise and celebrate for him.

The clothes were given to her by Xu Yan.

She asked Xu Yan how to celebrate her birthday, and she brought her several sets of clothes the next day.

Xu Yan told her, "When I bought the mermaid costume before, I also bought a lot of other cross-dressing clothes, all of which were for you. I originally planned to take many photos of you, but unfortunately I never found the time."

"Xiaoyao, you can choose any outfit to wear on Jiang Yan's birthday, he will absolutely like it."

From Xu Yan's point of view, Mu Yao was already pretty, and if she put on these disguises, it would definitely be a feast for the eyes. She dared to pat her chest to assure that Jiang Yan would definitely appreciate her proposal.

Mu Yao looked at those different outfits, and finally her heart was moved.

So, she chose this cat shape.

Mu Yao unnaturally lowered her head and pulled the hem of her skirt. Following her movements, the small bell tied around her neck rang.

I didn't feel it when I put it on just now, but now Mu Yao feels inexplicably ashamed, and Jiang Yan's eyes on the other side are hot, her chest seems to be carrying a restless little rabbit, her heart is being pounded one after another, It was throbbing.

"Today is your birthday, and I want to celebrate it for you." Mu Yao hid the shyness in her eyes and blinked, "I even asked the hotel to specially prepare a candlelight dinner."

As she spoke, she took the initiative to approach Jiang Yan.

The room was a suite, and there was a long black table in the living room. Jiang Yan glanced at it casually, and saw not only roses, but also lit candles and fried steaks on the clean and clean table. Red wine, and a delicate chocolate cake on the side.

Girls are well prepared.

"Happy birthday." Mu Yao said to Jiang Yan with a smile.

The girl in front of him was like a goblin, Jiang Yan's throat was tight, he reached out and touched the white cat ears on her head, his voice was low and hoarse, "Thank you Yaoyao."

Mu Yao told Jiang Yan to sit down at the dining table, and she went back to get the birthday present she had already prepared.

Jiang Yan looked at a small sapphire blue gift box handed over by the girl. He hooked his lips and said with a smile, "A birthday present for me?"

"Well, open it to see if you like it." Mu Yao looked at him expectantly.

Jiang Yan opened the small gift box, and inside was a watch. The watch with silver steel ring was restrained and extravagant, with a kind of low-key elegance.

Mu Yao reached out to pick up the watch, "I'll help you wear it." She also wanted to coax him.

With dark eyes slightly bright, Jiang Yan stretched out his hand cooperatively.

The girl approached him, standing beside him bent over, holding the watch on his hand with her soft little hands, the white hair on her wrist rubbed against his hand, making the back of his hand itchy.

"All right."

After putting on the watch, Mu Yao took a few glances and felt that she had good eyesight, and this watch was very suitable for Jiang Yan. Because he was going to discuss a project, he was wearing a black slim-fit suit today, and this watch matched his suit very well.

She raised her eyes and asked Jiang Yan, "What do you think?"

"That's right." Jiang Yan opened his thin lips lightly and spit out these two words.

"Is that so?" She thought Jiang Yan would say that he likes it very much and looks good.

"very nice."

The girl squatted halfway at his feet, her jade-colored neck was exposed under her long black hair, she was fair and slender, her heart was trembling at the tip of her heart, she didn't care about whether the watch was good or not.

Hearing this, Mu Yao's black eyes lit up, she put her chin on his knee, and rubbed it affectionately, the bell rang, she looked like a coquettish kitten.

Something seemed to explode in his chest, and the muscles on Jiang Yan's thighs were instantly tense. His slender fingers touched the hairy ears on the top of the girl's head, and said in a hoarse voice, "Yaoyao, get up."

Mu Yao raised her head, the bell tied around her neck rang again, and she felt a little uncomfortable.

Blinking, she pointed to the bell on her neck, and said to Jiang Yan coquettishly, "Can you untie the bell for me?"

Jiang Yan looked at the girl who was squatting at his feet, raised her head, and looked at him with watery eyes, her dark eyes were so thick that ink could drip out, he firmly restrained his desire to pull her into his arms , according to the urge to crush.

He reached out and pulled the girl at his feet up, letting her sit sideways on his lap.

The girl's complexion is milky white, her skirt is white, her bracelets, anklets, and cat ears are all white. Jiang Yan feels that he is holding a little fairy in the form of a milk cat.

Mu Yao voluntarily and consciously brushed her hair aside, and asked Jiang Yan to untie the strap tied around her neck, "I accidentally tied a knot just now, if you can't untie it, you need to use scissors. "

She was too anxious when she heard the doorbell just now, and accidentally tied the tape into a dead knot.

"Well, let me see."

Jiang extended his hand, and his warm fingertips deftly untied the straps. Following his movements, the small bell on the girl's neck rang again.

Jiang Yan's fingertips trembled.

The little bell was tied with a black ribbon, a thin one, wrapped around the girl's jade-colored neck just like that, black and white were distinct, making the girl's complexion whiter and smoother.

Jiang Yan closed his eyes and let go of his hands, puzzled.

Mu Yao wanted to turn around suspiciously, but in the next second, she felt Jiang Yan approaching her, and the scorching breath sprayed on her neck, a little itchy.

"Can't you untie it?" she asked.

Jiang Yan didn't respond, and his cool thin lips directly landed on the back of the girl's neck. He felt that he was extremely shameless, "Well, I can't solve it."

Mu Yao was kissed on the neck, she was a little shy, "Then I'll go find..."

Before she finished speaking, the next second, a pair of black eyes rounded in disbelief, and she exclaimed in a low voice, "Jiang Yan!"

He bites her.

Not painful, but unbearable.

Jiang Yan's force was very light, and he quickly let go of the tender meat in his mouth with just one swipe. He laughed softly, "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold back."

Putting his big hand on the side of the girl's face, he turned her face directly towards him. At this moment, his thin lips fell directly on Mu Yao's small mouth.

What tasted on the tip of his tongue was the sweet fruity aroma, Jiang Yan felt that he liked such a sweet taste.

On Mu Yao's tightly closed eyes, the long eyelashes trembled slightly. She didn't know when she fell on the bed and fell into the soft quilt. She only felt a little dizzy.

Above, the man's pitch-black eyes were so dark that people couldn't see his expression clearly.

Mu Yao's heart seemed to be hanging in the air.

"Can you?" Jiang Yan's voice was low and hoarse.

The cat ears on the top of the girl's head are crooked, and the hem of her skirt was rubbed up for some reason, barely touching her thighs, her little face was flushed, and the corners of her eyes were still wet. She was pitiful, but loved. .

Mu Yao knew the meaning of Jiang Yan's words.

She likes him, and has never resisted the intimacy between the two of them. Feeling the fierceness of the man above him at this moment, she blushed, but responded lightly.

On the dining table, the roses in the bottle were brightly colored and exuded a sweet fragrance of flowers. The candle next to it was more than half burned, and the candle light was shaking slightly, reflecting the two figures not far away.

I don't know how long it took, but the sky outside the window gradually darkened.

There was only faint candlelight left in the room. Gradually, the last candle tears followed the candle holder and fell on the tablecloth, and the whole room fell into darkness.

In the dark, Mu Yao couldn't see the man's face clearly at all, she was limp and had no strength at all, but on the contrary, the man's body was tense, as if it contained infinite explosive power.

One of the fur bracelets on his hand fell off, and the other was pitifully worn on Mu Yao's hand, rubbing against Jiang Yan's back itching.

The small bell around her neck kept ringing, making Mu Yao very uncomfortable. Finally, she bit Jiang Yan's shoulder and snorted softly.

When she woke up again, it was already midnight, and Mu Yao was awakened by thirst.

She slowly opened her eyes and found that her throat was dry and astringent.

"What's the matter?" Next to him, the man's voice was deep and magnetic, which was very clear in the dark night.


Jiang Yan pressed the lamp next to the bedside table, and the warm yellow light came on.

He lifted the quilt, put on his pants casually, and went to pour water for the girl.

The water was still a little warm, Jiang Yan didn't pass the cup to Mu Yao, but directly fed it to her mouth.

Mu Yao took a sip to drink, her dry little mouth was suddenly stained with water color, moist and shiny, very pretty.

"Do you still drink?" The girl drank most of the glass of water, obviously she was very thirsty.

Mu Yao shook her head, she grabbed the quilt and covered her front with her hands, thinking that she was not wearing any clothes at this time, her little face, which was already faint and light pink, turned red again.

"Are you still sleepy? Get up and have something to eat?" He didn't eat all night, and he was worried that the girl would be hungry, so he asked the hotel to prepare a lot of food for her to eat when she woke up.

Mu Yao nodded, she was indeed hungry, and she didn't even take a bite of the carefully prepared candlelight dinner.

Jiang Yan casually took his black shirt and put it on, and then helped her find a water-blue loose cotton skirt in the girl's suitcase. Her cat-dressed skirt had been torn out of shape. Can't wear it at all.

"I will do it myself."

Mu Yao wanted to dress herself, but was hugged by Jiang Yan, "Don't be shy, I've seen and kissed every part of your body." He waited on her and put on the skirt.

Under the light, the girl wearing a light blue cotton dress has a snow-white complexion, red lips and white teeth, and some bright colors on the corners of her eyes. She is too beautiful to be true.

After Jiang Yan called to ask the hotel to deliver the food, he immediately picked up the girl who was lying on the bed.

When she came to the dining table, Mu Yao's eyes fell on the bathtub in front of the large French window. She saw water spilled on the floor beside the bathtub, and the carpet was wet. Thinking of the scene of the two of them in the bathtub before, she felt I can't look directly at the bathtub anymore.

The hotel staff was very fast, and it didn't take long for the food to be delivered.

Jiang Yan put Mu Yao on his lap. He specially ordered blood-enriching chicken soup. After coaxing the girl to drink half a bowl, he personally fed her a lot of meals.

Mu Yao was really hungry, she ate up a whole bowl of rice unconsciously.

"Do you still want to eat?" Jiang Yan took the tissue next to him and wiped the girl's mouth.

Mu Yao shook her head, she lay directly in Jiang Yan's arms, "I'm full."

Jiang Yan stroked the girl's hair. The cat ears on her head had already fallen somewhere, "I'll take you back to sleep?"

"Yeah." Mu Yao closed her eyes and let Jiang Yan pick her up.

When I woke up the next day, the sunlight had already poured into the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the whole room was brightly lit.

Mu Yao only felt that she was weak all over, but she was shy but didn't regret what happened last night.

She got up and found that Jiang Yan was not in the room.

Feeling a cold touch on her wrist, she raised her hand and saw that a red bracelet wrapped with gold thread had been put on her hand at some point.

After carefully looking at it for a while, she recognized that it was the bracelet she had returned to Jiang Yan at the beginning, their engagement token.

At this time, the door was opened.

She looked up and saw that the man was still wearing a black shirt and black trousers, looking cold and alienated. He walked in with long legs and food in his hand.

Seeing the girl sitting on the bed, the coldness in the man's eyes disappeared, and there was a soft light, "Are you awake?"

Mu Yao bit her lip, then raised her hand, touched the jade bracelet on Jiang Yan, and asked, "When did you put it on for me?"

Jiang Yan put down his breakfast and walked to the girl's side.

He hugged her, put his forehead on the girl's forehead, and coaxed softly, "Last night, Yaoyao, we got engaged again, we will get married after you graduate, okay?"

He had to admit that he had played tricks, and wanted to use this to imprison the girl by his side and make her completely his own.

However, if the girl is unwilling, he will not force it, and will only work harder to hold her tight.

The room was very quiet, the rotten sunlight shone down on the room, reflecting the tenderness of the room.

Facing the man's dark eyes, looking at the tension hidden in his eyes, Mu Yao realized for the first time that Jiang Yan would also feel uneasy.

Eyebrows curved.

She hugged the man tightly, her dark eyes were full of starlight, "Okay."

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