There is a women's clothing and shoe store on the fourth floor of the shopping mall. Because it is Sunday and the store is holding activities, there are many customers in the store.

"Does this pair look good?" A female customer picked up a pair of high heels and asked her boyfriend next to her.

"As long as you like it." The boyfriend looked at the phone in his hand without looking up.

"What about this pair?" The female guest picked up another pair of shoes, "Take a look."

The boyfriend raised his head slowly, and his eyes fell on the price tag of the shoes, "Change a pair, it doesn't suit you."

The female guest flattened her mouth and had no choice but to continue to choose.

At this time, a tall man walked in from the outside, and his outstanding appearance immediately attracted the eyes of most people in the shop.

The female guest glanced casually, and her eyes suddenly lit up. this Jiang Yan? She actually ran into the grassroots of their high school before. Is there anyone in the school who doesn't know the hero?

Jiang Yan walked into the shoe store, and the salesperson in the store immediately stepped forward, "Welcome, sir, how can I help you?"

"I want to buy a pair of girls' shoes, about size 36 to 37." Jiang Yan said.

"Come here with me, please."

The sales staff received more customers, so it was natural to see that the handsome man in front of him was dressed unusually, and even his temperament was indescribably extravagant. She took the male customer to the latest shoe section.

"These are the latest models for this season."

Jiang Yan's eyes fell on the pair of exquisite women's shoes, and he carefully selected them.

The female guest over there looked excited. She grabbed her boyfriend's arm and whispered, "Ah, that person is a school girl from my old school. I didn't expect to meet him."

The boyfriend glanced at Jiang Yan, disapproving, "Will you be handsome soon, why are you girls so nympho?"

"No, he is not only handsome, but also rich, especially rich, and he is very good at studying. He has been the first in grade for three years. He is the man of the hour in our school. You don't know, girls used to give him money almost every day. Send love letters, give presents."

The female guest didn't expect that she was so close to the male god, and she was excited, "However, he didn't accept any of them. At that time, someone in our school whispered that he liked boys, but I think Jiang Yan just didn't like those girls. .”

He is actually looking at women's shoes now, is he picking out shoes for his girlfriend?

Seeing Jiang Yan picking up the shoes seriously, and taking a closer look at them, and then looking at her boyfriend next to her with a perfunctory look, the female guest's heart was sour, and she didn't know who Jiang Yan's girlfriend was, which was really enviable.

Finally, Jiang Yan's eyes fell on a pair of light beige soft-soled flat shoes, which were also lace-up shoes, with exquisite and beautiful designs. He picked up the shoes and pressed the soles. They were a bit soft, and girls should be comfortable wearing them. "Put this pair together."

The salesman looked a little excited, "Okay, please wait a moment, sir."

This pair of shoes is a limited edition, with a five-figure price. The commission from selling this pair of shoes alone is enough to be worth a dozen pairs of other shoes she sells.

The female guest watched Jiang Yan carefully pick out the shoes the whole time, and she was amazed at what kind of woman actually picked off Jiang Yan's high-altitude grass.

Jiang Yan quickly returned to the restaurant, and when he opened the door of the box, he saw that the girl was still sitting in the same posture as when he left, staying quietly, like a pitiful little girl. Seeing him come back, the girl raised her head, and her black eyes lit up instantly.

Jiang Yan's heart trembled, and he quickly walked towards the girl.

"You're back so soon." Mu Yao couldn't hide the surprise in her eyes.

She was also worried that Jiang Yan's friend would come to the box suddenly, after all, she was barefoot now and was very embarrassed. Of course she didn't want to give an impolite impression in front of Jiang Yan's friends.

"There is a shoe store downstairs, so it's easy to find." Jiang Yan walked over and knelt down in front of the girl. He took out the shoe box in the bag, opened the lid of the box, and took out the light beige shoes inside.

Mu Yao thinks that Jiang Yan's gaze is very good. This pair of shoes is very similar to her original pair, but the workmanship is more delicate.

"I wear it myself." Mu Yao couldn't help feeling hot when she saw the man's big hands holding her ankles and putting her feet on his knees.

"do not move."

Jiang Yan held her ankle tightly, raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: "Don't be shy, I kissed her before." What Jiang Yan said was that he kissed the back of her instep.

Mu Yao couldn't win the man's palm, so she had to let him alone.

The girl's fair and delicate feet were resting on his knees, and they looked even whiter with his black pants. The toes were round and cute, and she curled up slightly for some reason of embarrassment.

Jiang Yan took the shoes on the side and put them on for the girl. With his slender fingertips, he picked up the thin strap and wrapped it around the girl's slender ankle.

Because of his lack of proficiency, Jiang Yan's movements looked clumsy, but he was extremely serious, and even his brows that were hard and cold were glowing softly.

After a while, Jiang Yan tied a beautiful bow on Mu Yao's slender ankle, and the girl's feet became more delicate and beautiful.

Holding the girl's other foot with his big hand, he untied the thin pink **** her ankle, and slowly took off the shoe. Jiang Yan's dark eyes darkened, and he felt like unwrapping an exquisite gift.

Unable to hold back, Jiang Yan pinched the girl's limp feet.

"Don't make trouble, it's so itchy."

Mu Yao has always been sensitive, especially the soles of her feet. Being pinched by Jiang Yan like this, she was amused to laugh, her eyebrows were curved, her eyes were rolling, and under the light, she looked beautiful and charming with a small smile.

Jiang Yan's eyes were deep, and his throat slid up and down, "Yaoyao, do you like me to help you put on your shoes?"

Mu Yao's long eyelashes trembled, and she replied softly, "Yeah." Although she was shy, she really liked being loved by Jiang Yan in his palm.

"If you like, I can help you put on your shoes for the rest of your life." Jiang Yan's dark eyes rolled with burning passion.

At this time, the box was just opened from the outside.

Before several people had time to walk in, they saw the man squatting on the ground in the box, holding his snow-white slender ankles, and carefully put on the shoes for the pretty girl who looked like a fairy on the sofa.

The next second, they heard the man ask in a hoarse voice: "Yaoyao, when will you re-engage me?"

The few people outside the door were dumbfounded.


Is this still the unruly, cold and condescending Jiang Yan?

Did they go to the wrong box and admit the wrong person?

Before Mu Yao had time to answer Jiang Yan, she saw the door of the private room being opened. She was so ashamed that she wanted to free her foot from the big hand, and whispered: "Your friend is here."

Jiang Yan turned his head to look at the door, only to see several people were already standing there.

"Brother Yan."

A tall and thin man standing in the front hurriedly opened his mouth. He suppressed the shock in his heart and walked in with a playful smile, "Long time no see."

The others followed in and said hello.

There was no trace of embarrassment on Jiang Yanqingjun's face. He continued to help the girl tie up the thin ribbon unhurriedly. After tying a beautiful bow, he leisurely let go of the girl's feet.

He stood up, his trousers were a little wrinkled, but he didn't lose his handsomeness at all, "You are here."

Everyone's eyes only glanced over the girl's feet in a hurry, and they didn't dare to look too much.

"There is a bit of traffic jam on the road. We are late, and we will automatically fine you for drinking later." The tall and thin man is called Lian Wenhao, and the restaurant here is his family's property.

"Let's order first." Jiang Yan took Mu Yao's hand and led her to the table to take a seat.

Everyone watched Jiang Yan help the girl open the chair attentively, and the surprise in their eyes finally showed.

Jiang Yan introduced: "This is my girlfriend, Mu Yao."

Mu Yao?

When they heard Jiang Yan's words, they were shocked again.

If they remembered correctly, they remembered that Jiang Yan had a fiancée named Mu Yao who grew up in the countryside. She heard that she was ugly and ugly, and she was disgusted by him. At that time, they deeply sympathized with Jiang Yan.

But now, looking at the girl sitting next to Jiang Yan, under the light, the girl's skin is whiter than snow, her eyes are bright and her teeth are bright, her long black hair hangs naturally behind her shoulders, she is so beautiful that people can't take their eyes off it.

Thinking of the way Jiang Yan held the girl's feet and gently handed her the shoes just now, they almost gritted their teeth with envy and jealousy.

Damn dirt ugliness! Damn dislike!

What kind of countryside is this? People are raised so delicately, why didn't their parents book such a fiancée for them?

However, no matter how many thoughts people have, they just complain silently in their hearts.

Lian Wenhao asked people to serve the food directly, "I have already asked people to prepare the food in advance, if you want to eat, you can add whatever you want."

Jiang Yan naturally poured a glass of fruit juice for Mu Yao, put it beside her hand, then raised the glass and said to Lian Wenhao, "Congratulations on your engagement in a while."

"Thank you, Brother Yan. I also congratulate Brother Yan for finding someone you like." Lian Wenhao clinked glasses with Jiang Yan.

Having played together for three years in high school, he certainly knew Jiang Yan's character clearly. Such a cold-hearted person, if he didn't like him, how could he be so caring and pampering to his girlfriend? But he still couldn't help but sigh, the proud son of heaven will also have a day of bowing down.

Thin lips curled up, Jiang Yan took a slow look at the girl next to him, the corners of his eyes slightly turned up, the cold light in his dark eyes faded away, his deep voice was full of joy, obviously he was in a good mood.

After the meal, everyone saw Jiang Yan taking care of Mu Yao's meal in a natural way, and they were surprised again. Once a cold-tempered person falls in love, it will be fatal.

The next day, Jiang Yan took Jiang Hao to discuss the contract with the client, and Mu Yao didn't wake up until late.

She glanced at the message sent by Jiang Yan. He couldn't come back to the hotel to accompany her to have lunch, so she asked her to have dinner downstairs in the hotel by herself.

After Mu Yao replied the message, she lay back on the bed.

Today is Jiang Yan's birthday, and she has already prepared a birthday present for him, as well as another special gift.

Thinking of what Xu Yan said before, she covered herself with the quilt, and her face, which was already pink in sleep, turned even redder.

Jiang Yan came back after talking about things in the afternoon. He came to Mu Yao's room and rang the doorbell.

This project requires a large investment, so every step must be very cautious, and every agreement in the contract needs to be carefully discussed, which is why he came here to discuss in person.

After a while, the door hadn't been opened yet, and Jiang Yan rang the doorbell again.

After a while, just when Jiang Yan thought the girl was not in the room and was about to call her with his mobile phone, the door of the room was opened.

In the next second, the girl poked her head out from behind the door, her eyes were full of water, and a pair of white fluffy ears on top of her head were so cute that it made one's heart tremble.

Jiang Yan's hand holding the phone tightened suddenly, as if his heart had been hit hard, and he heard his own voice was very hoarse, "Why did it take so long to open the door?"

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