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After the Divorce, the Boss Dressed As My Dog

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Mu Yao is wearing a book.
When she woke up, she became the dark, stupid, arrogant female supporting role in the book.
The male protagonist is deeply disgusted by the stupid and ignorant fiancée Mu Yao who comes out of the mountains and often jumps in front of him.
Until one day, Mu Yao took the initiative to ask him to dissolve the engagement.
The male protagonist thought that he could get rid of Mu Yao’s troubles from now on, but unexpectedly, he somehow became the ugly and stupid dog beside Mu Yao.
From then on, during the day, the aloof male lead sneered at Mu Yao.
At night, after becoming a stupid dog, the male lead curled up the dog’s body, and was pitifully hugged by Mu Yao in Xiangruan’s arms, looking up at the dog’s head, begging to be petted.
The heroine will be beautiful, and the hero will wear his soul on the dog raised by the heroine after dark

Everyone knows that the hero has a fiancée who grew up in the countryside. She is said to be ugly and ugly, and she is extremely disgusted by the hero.
Until in the box, everyone saw the hero squatting on the ground, holding the snow-white slender ankle, carefully putting on shoes for the girl who looked like a fairy, and asked in a hoarse voice: “Yaoyao, when will you follow me?” Am I re-engaged?”
Dumbfounded guys: “…”
Damn dirt ugliness! Damn dislike!

1. The heroine is ugly in the early stage, beautiful and squeamish in the later stage, sprinkled with sugar, and the text is so sweet that toothache
2. If you don’t like beauties, please click X, you don’t need to love, please don’t hurt ~ everyone is a soft and civilized beauty. Declined to pick up the list!
3. The author’s scarf will be worn outside the episode: Beauty Wushuang

Content tags: rich family sweet text wearing books cool text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Mu Yao ┃ Supporting role: Next book: “The Rabbit Spirit Who Became a Terminally Ill Male Supporting Partner”, “The Overlord Hiding in the Female Supporting Pocket”, click on the author’s column to collect it ┃ Others: Daily update, sweet sweet
One-sentence introduction: After the hero is dressed as a dog, he chases his wife every day at the crematorium

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Short Title:ADBDAMD
Alternate Title:退婚后,大佬穿成我的狗
Author:beauty no frost
Weekly Rank:#3803
Monthly Rank:#3549
All Time Rank:#5355
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Cold Love Interests, Cute Story, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Persistent Love Interests, Pets, Transmigration, Ugly to Beautiful,
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11 Comments on “After the Divorce, the Boss Dressed As My Dog
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  1. if you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading

  2. Not a bad story. Mu Yao (FL) is transmigrated in the book, and is described as ugly and dark skinned. The 1st thing she does is cancel her engagement with Jiang Yan (ML). We discover throughout the story that while the ML is sleeping, he can possess FL's dog, and through this strange events, observe the FL. We also understand that FL is becoming more and more beautiful thanks to the cherries she's eating. FL decides to pursue her career in perfume and change her major in university, she will win competitions. Ml fall in love with FL after spending time observing her, and will be the one to confess. Also regarding FL's family at the beginning (the Mu), turns out it's not her biological family. It will be found out later that her biological father is another person also named Mu. FL's sister is like the FL, not an original character of the story but a transmigrated soul, and she has a system that makes her lucky. It was a good ending. FL will have twins.

  3. Literally show how beautiful the MC is xD hmm, not much face slap going on and the plot is quite predictable. There is also some questions left unanswered. They were sweet tho, wish to see more about the twin

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