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After the Disabled God of War Became My Concubine

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According to a popular legend, the famous God of War of Great Liang, Huo Wujiu, was once captured by an enemy country. He had his meridians severed and both his legs broken before he was thrown into the prison. In order to humiliate him, that incapable ruler of the country gifted him to his cutsleeve brother as a concubine.

General Huo suffered a great deal of humiliation. He laid in wait for three years before he shed his cicada skin and returned to the Great Jing. He treated his crippled legs, and three months later, he led his army to storm the enemy’s capital. He slaughtered the emperor, razed the capital, and finally beheaded that tr*sh of a cutsleeve, displaying his head on the city’s walls for the next three years.

Since then, the world has been united.


A certain university’s history lecturer received a graduation thesis depicting the legend of Huo Wujiu, and he wrote a full page of criticism for the student.

Then he blinked, and he was transmigrated into the body of that cutsleeve prince.

There were lanterns and decorations everywhere. A man came, sending word that the disabled general of the enemy state had already entered the manor in his wedding sedan.

As he looked at the General Huo in front of him, taking in his malicious gaze, his tortured state, clad in a red wedding gown, Jiang Suizhou realised that even legends can come true.

This legend could even cause him to be beheaded in public in the future, with his head hung on the city walls for three years.

Jiang Suizhou’s only option was to take good care of General Huo.

In spite of the hidden arrows of the court’s political agendas and the incapable ruler’s endless attempts to humiliate him, he could only bite the bullet and bear the brunt of it; his only wish was that after three years, he could protect his own head.

Of course, he didn’t dare to even dream of asking this 3 meters tall “concubine” to serve him.

However, before the three years was up, General Huo’s legs recovered on their own.

He didn’t just slaughter the incapable ruler and unite the land under the heavens, but he also climbed into his own bed and pinned him down with a heated gaze, stubbornly wanting to establish his status as a concubine.

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Short Title:ADGWBMC
Alternate Title:残疾战神嫁我为妾后
Author:Liu Gou Hua
Weekly Rank:#2117
Monthly Rank:#1748
All Time Rank:#1272
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Bickering Couple, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Couple Growth, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Disabilities, Forced Marriage, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Nobles, Past Plays a Big Role, Politics, Power Couple, Power Struggle, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sickly Characters, Slow Romance, Smart Couple,
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  1. Cute read! Recommended for anyone looking for easy to digest, non-stressful book. While the novel does involved political scene in ancient China, it's not too deep that it'll be anxiety-inducing or anything.

  2. Recomiendo totalmente, es una novela dulce con un poco de drama, los diálogos son coherentes y la historia también. La pareja en sí es muy dulce y todo tiene un sentido, leo esto cada vez que una novela es demasiado dura o me decepciona, es un lugar seguro.

  3. BenBen was here! /// Anyways, this was a lovely read. The chemistry between the MC and the ML is sweet and to clarify for the comment underneath, the ML is the seme/top/gong(?)/1/etc., /// The writing is good and the plot is interesting and suspensive. The way the MC panicks makes me panicks too because of the good writing and the characters is logical and some plot are also surprising, like the 2 other concubines. Aside from the greatly progressive plot, the moments between the MC and ML, be it the hilarious jealousy, the tearful drama, or the cheesy flirting, they are all a lovely read! (Special mention to eunuch Qiang for being the best wingman) /// If you like to read yaoi, I would greatly recommend it if you have the time. /// Thanks for the great read!

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