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After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight

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Novel Summary

Jin Yanliu, the man with divine facial features, mega-rich, is viral at the age of twenty.

One day, he finds out that he is actually living in a book called “Taking Turns to Dote on.” In the book, his body is the one that someone else’s soul will transmigrate into.

According to the plot, the soul will spend his money, enjoy his fame, and use his beauty—to seduce the four big shots within the story.


It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know, but he’s got to fight back since he knows already!

As a result, Jin Yanliu set his eyes on the four big shots from the text.

The first big shot: His brother who looks mellow and calm on the outside but is actually sick and dark with paranoid and fanatical deviations.

The second big shot: his well-known archrival in the showbiz world.

The third big shot: The cautious leader of his anti-fans and has extreme fighting strength.

The fourth big shot: The tyrannical, cold blooded disabled bigshot who never experienced any warmth.

Jin Yanliu personally groomed them all to be his worst enemies.

After doing so, he set free his inner self, became unbridled with arrogance and squandered money. Soon, he went from the legend of the entertainment industry to the joke. Finally, he jumped into the river, just as the novel had foretold.

Transmigrate! Transmigrate! Better transmigrate fast so that you could receive this mess and be oppressed by these big shots!


Why isn’t he transmigrating?! Why?!

Befuddled, Jin Yanliu was quickly surrounded by the big shots.

They stared at him with red eyes filled with hatred, yet they couldn’t help but yearn for him.

F*ck. A bit too exciting, this is.

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Alternate Title:反穿后我成了四个死对头的白月光
Author:Gong Zi Yu Ge
Weekly Rank:#7914
Monthly Rank:#7742
All Time Rank:#7753
Tags:Acting, Arrogant Characters, Brother Complex, Celebrities, Character Growth, Charismatic Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Enemies Become Lovers, Fanaticism, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Obsessive Love, Psychopaths, Rivalry, Second Chance, Showbiz, Siblings, Sickly Characters, Stoic Characters, System Administrator, Transmigration, Twisted Personality, Unrequited Love, Wealthy Characters, Yandere, Younger Brothers,
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13 Comments on “After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight
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  1. Are you seriously, kenapa kalau ada cerita dgn MC wanita selalu kurang lebih, logikanya berkurang baru saja saya melihat komentar dari acount Kawaii Panda, entah kenapa saja jadi sebuah cerita (juga novel China) berjudul The Lord Is Addicted In Infrastructur. Dan luar biasa, MC (ini pastinya laki-laki) membuat saya luar biasa terpesona. Dia sungguh keren dan sangat OP(Over Power) dan kebetulan ini juga bukan Harem tapi Yaoi. Dan seperti yg dikatakan Kawaii Panda seringnya darah anjing(dogblood) dan aura Mary Sue aneh mereka kadang kala tidak saya pahami.....

  2. Well, it was good for me, I like the MC and ML pairing. The ML is a yandere but well made however, this novel is mostly, a dog blood drama!! If your not into it then skip this. Also, even though MC's attitude pisses me, it is realistic. If you are in his situation, knowing that someone will take over on your body, get the love of your bf, enjoy ur sweat-earned riches, you really couldn't think properly. Btw, 1v1, not a harem. After MC and ML got together, I find it really sweet. The novel is as described but focuses more on MC's less than 6 months time before the transmigration. His goal is to interrupt the things of the future transmigrator by doing silly things The ML is yandere but really patient!! Really have long patience. For the downside,.. MC is really immature and lil psychotic ahaha. He likes to torture the feeling of the MLs around him. Eventually, he realizes that he looks like a scum and stops but does it again and stops. I feel bad when he teases the ML in the chapter in which he has known the ML's feeling. I also feel a little bad to other male characters since the MC accidentally attracts those guys esp, Yan Huihua. Although the MC is good to him, I feel bad whenever MC uses him. Eventually, he choose the ML since just wants to enjoy the remaining life of his and stops to fling with others.

  3. from your description, i decide that I don't want to read any further. It is not that I hate yaoi. I am a hard fujoshi after all, but I don't like this kind of MC. so i will skip this time. I don't even like it because there is too many ML candidate. thanks for telling me this. I can already grasp the story because of you and it is not my cup of tea

  4. I also decide to skip this because of your description of "using" the ML(s) it's just not my type of chara... anyway, I still love the writer and thanking everyone for translating this too~ hope we have more sweet BLs.

  5. I am confused!! After reading ur description, i developed a love-hate feeling towards mc and now i don't know whether to try it or not😭😂

  6. The name of the novel where the protagonist is Ye tyani and lives in Blue star continent and is the young master of a prominent family

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