Some bank staff came to the boss and said that if you deposit 100 million in the bank, you can get more than 3 million in interest a year...

 But the boss couldn't save his money, so most of it was used for research, and some was given to the brothers as welfare...

After ending the call, Ou Yan returned the phone to Si Yechen and asked with interest, "The person who bribed me?"

"It's a reward." Si Yechen immediately corrected him, "Brothers who have followed you through life and death must be rewarded."

 “You think I don’t pay enough usually?”

"Of course not." Si Yechen's desire for survival was also very strong, "I am reluctant to pay for it. From now on, you will keep the money you earn by yourself. Leave these to me and I will be responsible for all expenses."

“You have a lot of money?”

“In order for my wife to live a better life, I have to earn more.”

Ou Yan couldn’t help but laugh, and the two looked at each other and smiled.

The other side of the lake villa.

After Song Qiaoying woke up, she came to the living room. The coffee table had been replaced. There were no broken glass shards on the floor, and there was no crying figure. Everything was tidied up, and the servants put new flowers. There was a faint floral fragrance in the air. .

 Everything was beautiful, but Song Qiaoying felt empty in her heart, with a feeling that times had changed.

At this time, Li Yuanfu also came downstairs. When they saw her, they both felt equally heavy.

“I chatted with my elder brother for a long time yesterday, and after taking medicine, I fell asleep for some reason. It’s my fault that I wasn’t with you.”

Although Li Yuanfu was also very sad and angry, he still calmed his wife's emotions at this time. He went up to hug her and said, "I thought the house would be more lively with two daughters, but now the other one has no conscience. It doesn't matter if you don't want it. Just treat it as what you have given before." Feed the dog.”

Song Qiaoying nodded, but her mood was still very low.

“Mom and dad are coming soon, let’s get ready and go to greet them first.”


Song Qiaoying was about to follow him when she saw a servant appearing tremblingly.

 “Mrs. Master…”

 She really didn’t want to come, but the man in the basement cried all night, hoarse...

She really couldn't listen anymore, so she could only bite the bullet and said with sincerity, "That person in the basement, I have a few questions. I think it's better to convey them to the master and his wife... That is, the master and his wife keep saying that a bowl of water is flat, because... Why did you two only take photos with Miss Ouyan when taking family photos, but you forgot about her..."

"Why did Madam secretly give Miss Ouyan an unlimited card when the Fifth Young Master came home, and asked Miss Ouyan to put it away so that Xiao Yusha...don't let the person in the basement see..." The servant was glad that he didn't say anything. Wrong words.

"Why didn't I even take a look at the foot bath bucket she sent back? It was obvious... Zhang Ju reminded me that it can be used with the Chinese medicine bag sent by Miss Ouyan, but I didn't hear it and only used it with the Chinese medicine bag sent by Miss Ouyan. Chinese medicine bag, don’t use hers..."

"And the sky-high-priced skin care products she gave to Madam were bought with her competition bonus. Why didn't Madam pay attention to it and used it to wipe her hands? Why did she have to go through Zhang Ju's reminder again and again before Madam reluctantly used it as a gift? s things…"

"What is Zhang Ju's reminder? What did Zhang Ju remind us?" Song Qiaoying was furious and suddenly realized that it turned out that the old woman Zhang Ju was the reason why they and that **** girl would develop into this situation.

 So this is how the old poisonous woman smeared them behind her back? ? **** it…

 Let her die too easily!

“The stuff that **** girl sent to us was probably put away by Zhang Ju. We asked several times before Zhang Ju pretended to find it.”

"As for why I can't let her see the card I gave to Yan Yan, it's not because I'm afraid that she'll think too much and think we're partial. How much can Yan Yan spend? My biological daughter has finally been found, so I can't give her any money. ?”

"There's also the matter of the family photo. Apparently that **** girl went to be a bridesmaid for a friend and didn't tell us in advance. We wanted to take a photo with her, but it was only after the photographer team came that we found out that she was going to be a bridesmaid. So what can we do? What to do? Let the photographer team come back next time?? Besides, our biological daughter was finally found back, what happened to taking a few photos with her? Is it wrong? "

The servant was trembling with fear. It was none of her business. She just heard the man in the basement crying and crying to himself all night before she wanted to convey this to the master and his wife... She was afraid that the master and his wife would be kept in the dark and be embellished. I still don’t know if it’s been discredited…

 It seems that they have misunderstandings with each other, and Zhang Ju is indispensable for fanning the flames behind their backs.

“I also heard the person in the basement say that even Miss Xueer, who had not stepped through the door, didn’t take her seriously, and the gifts given to her were all leftovers from Miss Ouyan...”

"Who said what was left over?" Song Qiaoying became even more angry, "The quantity Xueer gave to Yanyan was the same as what was given to her. It's just that they have different styles and chose different styles. .”

It was only then that she and Li Yuanfu realized that it must be Zhang Ju. Zhang Ju kept gossiping behind his back, and that **** girl fell for the trick without any instigation...

"There is no need to convey anything she says from now on." Li Yuanfu believes that the matter has reached this point and it is useless to say more. Although he knows that Zhang Ju is instigating all this behind his back, if the person in the basement can be unshakable and determined, then what else can others say? It's useless at all. The main reason is that her own mind is confused first, which will lead to her making mistakes again and again...

"This Zhang Ju..." Song Qiaoying was so angry that she had a headache, and her eyesight went black and white again.

They didn’t expect that the old woman’s thoughts were so vicious. If the servants hadn’t suddenly conveyed the message, they wouldn’t have known that the old woman had slandered her so much in the past six months...

**** it…

The servant came to the basement and conveyed the words of the master and his wife to Li Yusha through a door. Li Yusha's eyes were out of focus, wide open and unbelievable, and tears kept flowing down...

 Did Zhang Ma lie to her? ?

How can it be…

 Every time Zhang Ma talks about these things, she is filled with indignation and gnashes her teeth, as if her parents are really partial to the Pacific Ocean, and Zhang Ma is complaining on her behalf...

 But things have developed to this point, there is no need for her parents to lie to her...

So which side is lying...

 Why did Zhang’s mother make her hate her parents? Why did she want to alienate her relationship with her parents...

 What are the benefits of doing this to Zhang Ma? ?

the other side.

Li Yuanfu held Song Qiaoying's shoulders and came to the grass of the tarmac.

 Song Junlin and Che Suyun were already waiting here.

When Song Qiaoying saw her brother and sister-in-law, she couldn't help but express her feelings, "In the surveillance video sent by Yanyan before, when she was bullied, there was a person who kept calling her boss and fighting for her. He wished he could suffer for her... What else does Yanyan have? Is it her identity? Why is there a younger brother following her? Should we find someone to investigate this matter? Or should we wait for Yanyan to come back and ask her?" (End of Chapter)