Hearing this, Ou Yan raised her lips slightly and said, "It's me."

"Boss, why is it you? Why is Mr. Si's cell phone with you?" Dahei was obviously a little scared. "I haven't revealed anything in the past two days. I haven't said anything about your whereabouts in the UK..."

Ou Yan found that this guy had a strong desire to survive and said with great interest, "Oh...really?"

"Of course..." Dahei felt even more guilty when he heard the boss's tone, "I, I, I remembered, before you went to England, it was Si Shaofei who wanted to invite the brothers to dinner. Everyone went there, and I was the only one It would be too boring not to go. Mr. Si will think that I am trying to be a big star and don’t take him seriously..."

Ou Yan became even more interested when he heard this, "So you went?"

"Yes...but that red envelope and the car key are not for me. It was Mr. Si who said that the Chinese New Year is coming soon. This is his intention. He also said that his family must take it. If he doesn't take it, he will not give him face. I I'm thinking that you and Mr. Si are both a family. How can any family member not give face to his family? Besides, they have all taken the two whites and three greens..."

 He quickly pulled the others into the water.

“Master Si also said that in case of danger, the speed of the sports car cannot be caught up by others, and the bulletproof function can be turned on. Brothers, this is to better protect you..."

“So you all took it?” Ou Yan didn’t know about this yet, “What about the red envelope?”

"The red envelope is the New Year's red envelope that Master Si gave to the brothers. It's not just a few of us, but everyone under his command has a share. Those who are far abroad and on missions. Master Si has prepared a copy for them and asked us to go back and hand it over to them. ...Master Si said, brothers will be loyal to you through life and death, and this loyalty deserves recognition, so..."

 “How many did you take?” Ouyan’s tone seemed to want to chop off their hands.

Dahei was so frightened that he said in a panic, "It's a blank check, just fill it in..."

Blank cheque? Fill it in casually?

Hearing this, Ou Yan glanced at Si Yechen, quite generous? ?

Dahei was afraid that the boss would be angry, so he hurriedly explained, "We are the people brought out by the boss, so we will definitely not spend extravagant amounts of money. We will all pay the same amount, only two thousand yuan..."

 “So it’s still a bit conscientious??”

Ouyan’s tone made Dahei even more frightened, “Boss, you listen to my quibbles, ah no, you listen to my explanation…”

"anything else?"


 “That’s it, gone??”

"Oh, I also remembered another thing..." Dahei heard the boss's tone that he came to settle accounts with him, so he hurriedly told the truth, not daring to hide it any more.

"Also, last Christmas, Mr. Si gave each of his brothers a supermarket shopping card with a face value of 10,000 yuan. You can use it at any supermarket owned by Si... Everyone accepted it... I don't accept it. It’s too boring... Mr. Si will think that I don’t give him face..."

 “Is it difficult for you to say so?”

"No, I struggled for a long time, and I had no choice but to accept it..." Dahei trembled a little when he said this, and hurriedly expressed his loyalty to Ouyan, "Boss, although we accepted a lot of things from Mr. Si, our children are yours. Man, death is your soul, we will definitely not betray you, and we haven’t revealed a word that shouldn’t be revealed.”

Ouyan deliberately did not respond.

Dahei then added, "What if, I mean what if, if you have a quarrel after marriage, or if Mr. Si dares to bully you, brothers will cheat on you and fight when they should, and you will definitely not show mercy. You will be Our boss will always be our boss, and we will always stand by your side." "He heard it." Ou Yan suddenly said leisurely, "He looks a little bad now..."

"..." When Dahei heard this, his heart couldn't bear it anymore. He could only say, "Hey, boss, what did you say? The signal here is not good, I will call you later..."

“Oh, my phone is broken when I call this number later.”

 When Dahei heard this, he became even more desperate.

“Your mobile phone, which is as hard as a brick and as powerful as a J-20, can actually break? How did it break?”

He felt that the boss was teasing him. The boss just wanted him to come to Si Yechen, but he was afraid and he didn't dare...

"No matter how hard the bricks are, they will fall apart if you fall from the 18th floor, let alone experience an explosion..."

 “So scary?”

 A few hours ago, the boss called Si Yechen on his cell phone and just asked him to send more people to protect the people in Hushu and not let the bad guys take advantage of them. He did not tell him what she and Ah Heng had gone through in detail...

 Speaking of this, Dahei suddenly felt a little jealous that Ah Heng could go through life and death with the boss, and his tone couldn't help but be sour.

 “Boss, why did you transfer Ahenna back? What will I do in the future?”

"Just follow Si Yechen." Ouyan said calmly, "Anyway, we are all a family to you, just like everyone else."

"No, boss, I lied to him... How can he and I be a family? We are the closest relatives. Oh wow, boss, can you rest assured that Ah Heng is doing things like that? Look at how stupid he looks when he smiles. She looks cute, but at first glance she is not as reliable as me..."

“I think the silly and cute look is quite cute. What’s more, he has good on-the-spot reaction skills.”

 “That’s not good for me either! Boss…”

“In a year or two, Si Yechen will introduce you to someone. If you leave, there will always be someone by my side.”

"Don't... Even if Mr. Si introduces me to a charming and beautiful woman, I don't want it. I will follow you, boss, for the rest of my life. Oh, boss, don't chase me away. I will receive it right away." Return all the gifts to Mr. Si..."

Ou Yan couldn't help but laugh when she saw that he was so scared, "Okay, I'm calling you to ask you, how's it going at Hushu?"

"Everything is fine! But we were a little late and let Gao escape! Boss, it's -3 degrees below zero here, and my brothers and I are all guarding outside..." His tone was arrogant, hoping that the boss would open the net. On the one hand, after all, the boss does not value merit but hard work. In such a cold weather, they are all freezing outside.

 “Let people take turns guarding it, you don’t need to watch it 24 hours a day.”

"The Chinese New Year is coming soon, some brothers have gone home, and there are relatively few manpower..." Dahei hurriedly expressed his loyalty, "But I am different, boss. I am an orphan. I can follow you to do things 365 days a year. Like some people... Same..."

Ou Yan heard the implication, "Okay, don't step on others, that's it, hang up."

Dahei heard the ending sound of beeping, but he didn't expect that the boss wouldn't argue with him? ? Is the boss tacitly approving him to accept the gift from Mr. Si? ? Woohoo, boss still loves them...

Si Shao is the richest man in the world, and the little they take is not as much as Si Shao’s bank interest for one day. (End of chapter)