Cha Suyun knew that Li Yuanfu and Song Qiaoying wanted a bowl of water to be equal in the past, but no matter what they did, the **** girl was never satisfied and always felt that they were partial...

 There is nothing to worry about in the future.

"I'll do it." Song Qiaoying was embarrassed to let her sister-in-law keep feeding her medicine, so she picked up the bowl and drank the medicine in one go, and then asked, "Has the news been released?"

Che Suyun nodded and said, "Well, he has been released. As long as Gao doesn't show up for a day, his biological daughter will be hungry for a day, and the injuries on her body will be delayed for an extra day... As long as he has some conscience, he will show up in these two days. body."

"If he has this daughter in his heart, why didn't he take her with him today? If not, then is it useless for us to let the news out? Can't we lure him into taking the bait?" Song Qiaoying was slightly worried.


"If they didn't have this daughter in their hearts, they wouldn't have stayed anonymously in our house for more than ten years to grow up with our daughter. For this reason, he will show up sooner or later. As long as he comes, he will be hung up and beaten for at least three days. night…"

 Che Suyun thought to herself that she had to give Yan Yan a break.

At this time, a servant knocked on the bedroom door and asked tremblingly, "Madam, the man in the basement wants to see you... He has been knocking on the door for half an hour. We really have no choice before we come to ask you..."

Song Qiaoying said coldly, "No."

"Yes..." the servant said immediately, "I'll go and convey it right away."

"In addition, no one should pay attention to her in the past two days. There is no need to bring her food or medicine. She will not die if she is left to dry for two or three days."

The servant did not expect the madam to be so domineering when she was cold, so she bowed and retreated after receiving the order.

"Her knees were broken by glass shards. Although her winter clothes were thick, her skin was somewhat damaged. Now it depends on what her biological father does. If it's too late, don't blame us."

Che Suyun's voice was a little calm and gentle. When she said this, she picked up the bowl, stood up and said, "You should also take a good rest, don't think about it, things are over, people have to look forward, parents will be there tomorrow." That’s it, if they see you looking listless, they’ll feel bad.”

When Song Qiaoying heard her talking about her parents, she couldn't help but worry, "It would be very heartbreaking if my parents knew all the things that **** girl had done."

 I’m just afraid that the old man’s body won’t be able to bear it…

 After all, even she fainted from anger, let alone her elderly parents...

"There's nothing we can do about it." Che Suyun said calmly, "It's better to know earlier than later. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. At most, we can invite the family doctor over tomorrow and then tell our parents the truth. Okay, don't even think about it. Come on, take a break now."

 There are still so many things that require energy to deal with...

Song Qiaoying nodded and looked at the dark sky outside, feeling as heavy as the sky outside.


 Ou Yan’s plane encountered turbulence and bumped a few times.

She slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying on the bed of the airplane. This was a bedroom. Si Yechen was sitting on the single sofa next to the bed and sleeping. As soon as she stood up, Si Yechen opened his eyes and asked, "Are you awake? Are you having a nightmare?"

 “No, I’m a little thirsty.”

Si Yechen immediately poured her a glass of water and brought it over, "Before I got on the plane just now, my mother called me and wanted to say a few words to you. I told her that you were asleep and would fly home in a while. She would be there tomorrow. , she said to wait until you arrive."

Our mother? ? go home? ?

Ou Yan looked at him and found that he said these words more smoothly every time. He took a few sips from the water glass.

"Our elder brother also called just now to care about you. I said you are doing well. Compared with before, this little storm is just a small storm for you." Si Yechen took the cup she had finished drinking and put it aside. He sat next to her again, touched her head and said lovingly, "He also said that the executive's family ran away and left his daughter at your house without taking him away."

"He must feel that after Li Yusha has been in this family for so many years, even if her family members are angry with her and hate her, at least they will not kill her. Leaving her crying at home may be beneficial to the development of things... At most, she I'm just kicking her out of the house, I won't really want her to die..."

Ou Yan immediately exposed the Gao Gao's thoughts and analyzed in a low voice, "But if Zhang Ma dies, he will definitely take action, but I don't know who his next target will be. There are so many people in the Li family, thinking about it 24 hours a day." It’s so difficult to protect them.”

 Dozens of servants, some are going back to their hometowns for the New Year, some are going on a trip, and some are staying at the Li family...

The important employees of the group also come from all over the world. I don’t know where they will go during the New Year...

 The relatives and friends on her father’s side and the relatives and friends on her mother’s side, including several brothers and their partners, and even the people around her...

 They are all likely to become targets of senior executives...

"The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and there will be more relatives and friends coming to visit. Especially since our parents want to announce your identity, there will definitely be many people coming to see you. What's more, in order to let the entire circle know your existence, our parents, I may also take you to some important occasions, which will give the executives many opportunities. If you are hard to guard against, I will send more people to protect the people in Hushu, and send some people to travel with you. Of course, the most important thing is these two days. Just capture the one named Gao."

As soon as Si Yechen finished speaking, his cell phone vibrated. His private jet could not only access the Internet, but also make calls.

At this time, he swiped the screen to answer. After a while, he said to Ouyan, "The gang who committed the hotel murder were found. They are people from another organization. They usually have private contacts with the Ghost Alliance. What do you think their purpose is?" Is it possible to kill you? Is there a possibility that the person named Gao is from this organization? Because Zhang Ju failed, the executive family sent someone to kill you??"

 “It’s possible.” Ouyan did not rule out this possibility.

If executives and Zhang Ju join different organizations and work for different people, there will be more forces to protect each other's lives...

Then it is very likely that they will join different organizations...

"I have asked people to check whether all the things that happened in the past are related to this organization. If so, then everything will make sense, and the identity of Gao can also be confirmed."

When Si Yechen said this, he looked at the sky outside and said warmly, "You have only slept for three hours. If you sleep a little longer, leave these things to me and don't think about it."

"I want to call Dahei." Ouyan was somewhat worried about the situation in the lake villa on the other side.

Si Yechen handed her the phone, and Ouyan just dialed it. Before it rang for a few seconds, Dahei immediately answered, "Young Master Si? Do you want to ask about the whereabouts of the boss? I don't know where the boss is... End of chapter)

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